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UFC 193: Rousey vs Holm


Who wins and how?   

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On November 14th the UFC holds their third ever stadium show as they head to Melbourne, Australia with this lot...





Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm - Bantamweight Title

Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Valerie Letourneau - Strawweight Title

Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva

Uriah Hall vs Robert Whittaker

Stefan Struve vs Jared Rosholt



Jake Matthews vs Akbarh Arreola

Kyle Noke vs Peter Sobotta

Anthony Perosh vs Gian Villante

Richie Vaculik vs Danny Martinez



Brendan O'Reilly vs James Moontasri

Richard Walsh vs Steve Kennedy

Dan Kelly vs Steve Montgomery

Ryan Benoit vs Ben Nguyen


It'll be at Etihad Stadium which can hold over 50,000 people. Pretty fucking tidy card as well. Even with losing Bisping this week, this is a very strong lineup.




Rousey vs Holm headlines. Yeah, I know there was a mostly negative reaction to the UFC going with Holm as the next challenger, but it's another chance to see Rousey do her thing.


The only problem I had with this fight being made was that, IMO at least, there was not one but two better options for Rousey (Miesha Tate and Amanda Nunes). Holm is undefeated but she hasn't looked particularly good in her two UFC fights so far. I guess the UFC just wants to get this fight made before Holm drops a loss to someone else because, besides the MMA vs Boxing thing, the only selling point this fight really has is that they're both undefeated.


Still, the official promo for this is perhaps the best they've ever put together...




Once you get past the initial feeling of being underwhelmed by Holm as a challenger, it's not that bad a fight. The way I'm looking at it is, Rousey's smashing all her opponents to bits anyway, so who gives a shit? She'll get to those Tate and Nunes fights next year if she keeps winning anyway.




Holly Holm is a multi-time, multi-weight boxing world champion. She has a boxing record of 33-2-3 and is considered one of the best and most successful female boxers of all-time. Sure, that's not saying a whole lot because the talent pool in women's boxing is far from deep, but it's still a big achievement to be considered one of the best in your field. Especially in a sport as tough as pro boxing.


Away from boxing she's been training at Greg Jackson's MMA gym for years alongside the likes of Jon Jones, Carlos Condit, Andrei Arlovski etc. And she's kept her striking sharp and added kicks, knees and elbows to her overall striking game training under Mike Winkeljohn since she was a teenager.


She's gone on to put together a 9-0 MMA record since her 2011 debut. With 6 of the 9 wins by stoppage.




Ronda Rousey won bronze in judo at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. We've been through this a thousand times. She's built up a perfect MMA record of 12-0 with a 100% finishing rate (or "kill ratio" as Don Frye would say).


• 12 wins.

• 12 finishes.

• 11 of those finishes were in the first round.

• 8 of those finishes came in the first minute.

• Her last 4 fights lasted a combined 2:10!


She also holds the record for the fastest win in a UFC title fight with the 14 second submission over Cat Zingano in February.


She's awesome. And contrary to what the haters say, she hasn't been beating scrubs. Those last four fights (that took a combined 2:10 of her time) were against Bethe Correia (who was undefeated going in), Cat Zingano (who was undefeated going in), Alexis Davis (Black-belt in BJJ and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, hadn't lost in 5 years) and Sara McMann (undefeated going in, Olympic silver medalist in wrestling). Of that four, obviously none were favoured against Rousey but Correia was the only one who I completely gave no chance to. The others all had skills that, going in, I honestly thought could give Ronda some problems. I was very wrong.




I'm looking forward to it. It wasn't my first choice for Ronda's next fight but it'll do. And anyway, with Ronda being a pretty active champion, Tate or Nunes or whoever mightn't be waiting long anyway. If you remember, Ronda was originally supposed to be on the UFC 195 PPV in January, if she smokes Holm in 12 seconds or something mad then I wouldn't be at all surprised if we end up with Rousey vs Tate 3 or Rousey vs Nunes added to 195.




Jedrzejczyk vs Letourneau is your co-main event. Again, like the main event, this feels very much like sending a lamb to the slaughter. I can't help but feel like Letourneau's getting fucked up here. And bad.




Joanna Jedrzejczyk is fucking brilliant. She's everything you could want in a fighter. Aggressive, confident, technical, massively skilled, tough, always trying to improve her all around MMA game and she has the x-factor way more than X-Pac, Justin Credible and Albert combined. She doesn't talk like Conor McGregor and she doesn't look like a killer like Cyborg but for some reason this tiny Polish lady has really caught on. Within just four UFC fights she's become one of the most popular and exciting fighters on the roster.


And Joanna is a master at striking. She uses all the weapons and she does it fucking well. Look at what she did to poor Jessica Penne's face in her last fight in June...




She's a scary good striker. And in a division made up of mostly grapplers, I think she's going to reign over the strawweight scene for a long time. Because not only is she hell to deal with on the feet, she's been a nightmare to take down as well. She's basically a 2015 girl version of prime Mirko Cro Cop. Except unlike old Mirko, she won't often knock you out with one shot, she'll just slowly dice you up with precision striking until your face looks like a thrush riddled vagina turned inside out.


Don't get me wrong, Valerie Letourneau isn't a bad fighter. She's decent. She has pretty solid striking herself, good boxing. And she's tough as fuck. She's won fights where her eye has been grotesquely swollen shut and all sorts. But unless I've vastly underestimated her and vastly overestimated Jedrzejczyk, these two are just at different levels in my opinion. And Letourneau is going to have to be way, way better than 'decent' to pull this upset off.




Jedrzejczyk fucked her hand up in her last fight with Penne so you never know how or if that might effect how she approaches this fight. I'd think she'll be fine though. Someone of her experience in Muay Thai and now MMA, she'll be used to fighting through injuries like this.




So there you have it. On paper it's two sacrificial lambs being fed to two dominant champions. But MMA is a fucked up sport sometimes and weird shit happens. I'd be surprised if both Rousey and Jedrzejczyk don't both leave Australia with their gold intact though.


As if that wasn't enough...




Hunt vs Bigfoot 2 is only bloody happening! A rematch of their absolute classic from two years ago.




The first fight was also in Australia. It was December 2013 and it was just a standard Fight Night. Everyone expected Hunt vs Bigfoot to be a fun heavyweight fight. No-one expected it to go past two rounds tops. What we got was, in my opinion, THE greatest heavyweight fight in MMA history.




They went five rounds, back and forth, both dropped and hurt each other more than once, both ended the fight covered in their own and each others' blood. It was unbelievable. And a totally unexpected FOTY candidate at the time. Neither would give an inch, it turned into an all-out war and, to be honest, neither man has looked quite the same since.




It ended in a draw. I can't remember if I agreed with that at the time, on a rewatch I'm pretty sure I had Hunt just edging it but it really didn't matter. A draw just felt right after that fight ended.


If you somehow haven't seen the fight yet, try to find it. Or at least watch this highlight of it;




Here's Hunt and Bigfoot backstage after the fight;




Amazing fight. It's the heavyweight version of Hendo vs Shogun 1. I've said plenty of times on here that Hendo vs Shogun was my favourite MMA fight ever, I'd put Hunt vs Bigfoot neck and neck with it. It's that good. They're like MMA's answer to Gatti vs Ward where you're just in awe watching them trade shots and wondering what's keeping them vertical. The kind of fights that actually make you think the Balboa vs Drago fight scene wasn't so unrealistic after all. Those fights are possible.




Dana was so in love with the fight that a Hunt vs Bigfoot rematch was actually supposed to happen right away, within months of the first fight, but Bigfoot tested positive and that ended that plan. I think I actually prefer it this way though. If they'd gone straight into the rematch right away it would've been almost like overkill to me. Like milking it too soon. Now the first fight has had two years to breathe and both guys are coming off losses and down on their luck. It's a more interesting story now than if they'd just done the immediate rematch for the sake of it.


And while I'm not for one second expecting it to live up to the first fight, it's Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva! There's only so many ways that fight can go really, isn't there? A KO either way or another war.


I'm thinking Hunt by KO this time, I just think Bigfoot's looking shot these days. But we'll see what happens. All bets are off where these two are concerned.




Hall vs Whittaker should be exciting. This was meant to be Bisping vs Whittaker but with Bisping injured and Hall coming off a huge win, this makes sense. Hall looked tremendous stopping Gegard Mousasi in Japan last week. For one moment at least, Uriah Hall looked every bit the superstar he was being hyped up as coming off TUF. He's been so inconsistent that I'm not confident it'll go anywhere but it was a hell of a finish. A spinning back kick to the temple followed by a flying knee? Is this real life or Street Fighter? One of the best finishes this year by far.


Whittaker's dangerous himself though. Powerful and heavy handed, tough and it's on home soil. He's no pushover. I fancy Hall to win, he's certainly got the tools to, but you can't rely on him from one fight to the next. He'll look like a world beater one fight and a gun-shy flake the next. Interesting matchup though.


I really hope Stefan Struve obliterates Jared Rosholt. It'll be nice to be able to cheer for Struve again. I hated seeing him beat up Nog in Brazil. But I'm fully on Struve's side here. Rosholt is insufferably boring. Seriously, I think a Ryan Bader media scrum may be more exciting than a Jared Rosholt fight. Hopefully Struve will have an answer for Rosholt's grab and stall tactics and he just blasts him out of there. I can't think of a much shitter way to start the PPV main card than seeing Rosholt molesting a giraffe for 15 minutes. No thanks.


I'm not even going to bother talking up the prelims. Can't be arsed. They're nowt special really and this post has already gone on way longer than I meant it to. There's some alright stuff on the prelims, could throw up a couple of lively scraps but the main card is where it's at here.



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Amazing write up wand!


Funnily enough, Holly Holm being such an undeserving and underwhelming challenger has made me more emotionally invested in this fight. I really want Ronda to fucking destroy this chump. She's completely failed to live up to her hype, has been absolutely dreadful in the cage, and even when given the golden ticket against Ronda she's seemingly done her best to give the worst interviews imaginable. I hope she gets battered. She sucks.

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I've got nothing against Holm, she seems a nice enough woman, but I must admit the only interest I have in her as a challenger here is 'how quick can Ronda demolish this one?' That's it.


They'll try to build it up as 'this is the best striker Ronda's ever faced' and it undeniably is, but it's not going to be a boxing match. She is fucked in an MMA match against Ronda. I'm not as down on Holm as most, she hadn't looked good in her two UFC fights but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. She mightn't have shown her best for whatever reason. She might've been jittery against Pennington. She might be the type of fighter who fights up or down to the level of her opposition, maybe she'll perform better against better opponents.


All maybes though. My point is, I wouldn't write her off as shit after just two UFC fights. I would, however, write her off in this particular fight. I would and I am writing her off.


I get that she's a higher level of striker than Ronda or anyone Ronda's fought but that's going on the assumption that Ronda's going to play Holm's game. She won't. People might say 'well, she might want to test her standup'. She'll want to win more. She always talks about seeing each fight as just another piece of her overall legacy. She wants to retire undefeated. She won't jeopardise that by engaging Holm in a fight where she plays to Holm's strengths and maximises the chances of Holm getting lucky or outworking her at distance. At some point this fight hits the ground, and I've yet to see anything from Holm that makes me think she can live with Rousey in the grappling. I do think Rousey can hold her own on the feet with Holm though. Don't get me wrong, in a pure boxing match Holm beats Ronda handily, despite Ronda's improvements. But Ronda can mix everything up and confuse Holm so Holm doesn't know when Ronda's going to grapple or strike. That's huge. I also think it's pretty clear that Ronda is the more powerful puncher, despite the gulf in striking experience between them.


Basically, I think Holm is toast. I think Ronda's going back to Armbar Ronda for this one. And Holm has no answer for that, IMO. This is a woman who went to a split with Raquel Pennington (record of 5-5 at the time) just eight months ago. She's fucked.

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Ronda Rousey and Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Aussie slang;




It's quite incredible when you think about it, it was only a few years ago when Dana was saying women would "never" fight in the UFC. Now we're in a position where two UFC women's title fights are headlining a fucking stadium show.


I'm off work today so I've been trying to watch a bit more of Joanna Jedrzejczyk's stuff. I was hoping to catch a fair few of her Muay Thai fights but there's actually not that much footage of her Thai career on YouTube.




The couple of her Thai fights I did see were really good but it's her seamless transition to MMA that intrigued me most. She's a UFC champion and it seems like we still know so little about her. This time last year I'd never heard the name Joanna Jedrzejczyk.




You'd never think this skinny little woman is actually one of the scariest fighters in the world right now, would you? She looks more like a Tennis player.


Her accomplishments in combat sports speak for themselves though;


• 5x Muay Thai world champion

• 4x Muay Thai European champion

• 27-2 pro kickboxing record

• 37-3 amateur kickboxing record

• 10-0 MMA record

• First ever Polish UFC champion

• Third European to win a UFC title


She's a killer.






This was Joanna's third MMA fight and it took place in her hometown Olsztyn, Poland



May 18th 2013 - PLMMA 17: Warmia Heroes

So yeah, Jedrzejczyk's 2-0 in her MMA career at this point. Jackson is 4-1.


Jackson's a rough looking little fucker. And she's chosen to wear what appears to be a full wetsuit for some reason.


Lots of close quarters stuff early, with Jedrzejczyk getting the better of it with knees and elbows on the inside. Isn't long before Jackson's going for takedowns. And failing miserably. But she's just sticking to Joanna like glue. As the round comes to a close she looks tired but probably a frustrating round for Joanna there.


Should be Jedrzejczyk's round though. Despite Jackson tying her up the whole round, Jedrzejczyk did all the damage with the elbows and knees and she nullified Jackson's whole takedown game.


Jedrzejczyk more aggressive as the second round starts. Jackson's shooting for takedowns again but JJ hurts her and takes her back, controls her and beats her up from top position.


What I find most impressive is how, this early in her MMA career, she's got such good instincts for defensive grappling. Always managing to maintain dominant positions as Jackson kept trying to roll out.


Last 30 seconds of round two and Jedrzejczyk finally shakes Jackson off and has some space to strike. And she immediately makes the most of it, landing big punches and a headkick at the end of the round.




The corner works on Jackson between rounds and she is FUCKED. She has a massive lump on the side of her head. Look at the poor sod...






She's got a cauliflower face, for fuck's sake. That's some Elephant Man shit.


No surprise that the fight is stopped due to that. Mercifully. Jedrzejczyk wins by TKO. Looking at the replays it was the headkick at the end of round two that caused that grotesque makeover.


Polish Power.

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After mangling Kate Jackson's face, Jedrzejczyk went on to beat Julia Berezikova in Russia and Karla Benitez in Poland, both by decision, to improve to 5-0 in her young MMA career. Next fight for Jedrzejczyk would be in London against one of the most experienced female fighters in the game.




Rosi Sexton was a bit of a pioneer for womens MMA. She's been around forever. Back when womens MMA was just an occasional novelty on a card. Most will know her more for her unsuccessful run in the UFC a couple of years ago but she was a skilled fighter with a ton of experience and knowledge of MMA. She's a brown-belt in BJJ and a black-belt in Tae Kwon Do. And outside the cage she's got a PhD, for fuck's sake. Her Wikipedia page lists her as 'a mathematician, athlete, sports therapist, osteopath, writer and musician'. Not your typical image of a 'cage fighter'.



June 7th 2014 - Cage Warriors 69: Super Saturday

Joe Martinez is ring announcing. And Jens Pulver is on commentary with (I think) John Gooden. Jedrzejczyk 5-0, Sexton 13-4 at this point. Sexton's only losses were to Gina Carano (who was much bigger than Sexton), Zoila Gurgel, Alexis Davis (I had it a draw) and Jessica Andrade.


Both patient early but Joanna puts her on her arse with a right hand less than two minutes in. Not a good start at all for Sexton there.


Doesn't take long before Pulver picks up on JJ's potential;


"I'll wait until this fight is over but I'm going on record right now, pound-for-pound the strongest striker I've ever seen...with long hair. This woman's for real. This is not even funny, how hard she is punching. I mean, it is ridiculous." - Jens Pulver


Sexton wants no more of the standup and starts shooting for takedowns, but as we've come to find out, Jedrzejczyk's takedown defence is tight and she stuffs them easily.


"Here's the thing, right now she's worried about takedowns, we're not even seeing her legs. If you're 115lbs, I'm telling you, you do not wanna fight this girl. I don't care who you are, I'm saying it right now. You will not strike with this girl. I've never seen nothing like this. I'm telling you, if she figures out the ground..." - Jens Pulver


And just as they're jizzing over Joanna's striking, in the last minute of the round, she decks Rosi again. And this time it's a heavy knockdown. Sexton is in deep shit and eating hard shots on the ground. Joanna even gets overexcited and throws a kick at her head on the ground but I'm not sure it landed, either way it wasn't picked up on by the ref somehow. Man, Sexton is tough. Her legs are gone but she's still trying for a takedown and taking more punishment for her efforts.


Gooden calls Jedrzejczyk 'Yundretreck' in one of what I think will be many mispronunciations I'm going to hear of her name.


I don't know how but Rosi survives the round. Easily a 10-8 for Double J.


Round two begins and Sexton is now desperately going for takedowns and throws, just anything to make something happen. But JJ's defence is too strong. She's making Rosi miss her strikes by miles and she can't take her down because her sprawl is on point. Sexton can't do anything at all here. She's backing up and...




...Joanna cracks her with a big right hand and it's over.


Very impressive performance against a crafty vet all-rounder.




This win caught the eye of Joe Silva and Jedrzejczyk was soon signed to a UFC contract. Sexton announced her retirement shortly after this fight.

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Fantastic work in here, wand. You should definitely now spend all of your days off keeping me informed.


To echo the love of J Double, her fights are usually uncomfortable to sit through, due to the beating she gives the opponent. It's terrifyingly engrossing.

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Christ those pics of Kate Jackson are a bit sickening, she looks like Sloth from the Goonies. Joanna Jędrzejczyk is fucking scary, she seems more powerful than many of the 115lb men. I am really looking forward to the fights, but they do seem like both are foregone conclusions as to who is going to win. Rousey won't get out of the first round and Letourno is going to end up having her face rearranged. It's still going to be exciting to see it all happen.

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That's the thing, even though they are dominant, Rousey and Jedrzejczyk are the kind of dominant that is still brutal and perversely entertaining. It's not like the way Floyd Mayweather or Demetrious Johnson dominate, which is the height of skill and technique but not always the most enjoyable to watch.




So Jedrzejczyk makes her UFC debut on the prelims of a FOX card. She's 6-0 coming in. Her opponent Juliana Lima is 6-1. This was only the second strawweight fight in UFC history.



July 26th 2014 - UFC on FOX

Mike Goldberg instantly butchers Jedrzejczyk's name, in multiple ways no less. We get;


Yo-anna Yedrechuk


Yo-anna Ejaysheck


Yo-anna Ejeychuk


All before the fight even gets underway. Good old Goldie.


Rogan doesn't do much better, but at least he acknowledges he doesn't have a clue how to say it...


"A name that is almost unpronounceable if you just read the letters. The way it was explained to me...they were saying 'Jencheknik'. Um, we're gonna have to get a consensus on that." - Joe Rogan


Lima comes out all happy dancing to AC/DC's 'TNT'. Oh boy, she has no idea what she's in for, does she?


She's blissfully unaware during Buffer's intros as well. All smiley and gesturing to Buffer and, frankly, she seems a bit cocky. Let's see how long that lasts.


Round one sees Lima come out aggressive with strikes and then she spends ages trying for a takedown against the fence. She very briefly gets JJ down but Joanna pops right back to her feet and the ref breaks them up.


That seems to give Joanna a big confidence boost because she immediately steps up the attack from there, cracking Lima with some nasty punches.




"Yadraychex has fought Muay Thai for well over a decade" - Mike Goldberg


Joanna ends the round strong with more strikes as Lima seems to be flagging cardio-wise. Jedrzejczyk's round.


JJ taking over big-time in the second round. She's mixing up head and body attacks beautifully here. Straight punches, loopy punches, left hooks, jabs, body shots and at one point she stuns Lima with a big push kick to the face...




...she's really picking Lima apart now. Aside from the odd leg kick, Lima's offering fuck all back at this point.


"Good round for Yo-anna...Edrejeck" - Mike Goldberg


Third round is more of the same. Total one-way traffic. Lima FINALLY gets a big takedown about halfway through the round. JJ defends a guillotine and gets back to her feet and the fends off Lima's follow up takedown attempts as the round and fight ends.


Dominant win for Jedrzejczyk and the judges agree unanimously as referee Dr Robotnik raises Joanna's hand in victory.




Aside from the first bit of round one and the end of round three, Lima got battered.

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what was peoples thoughts on Chael Sonnen rubbishing Holly Holm's boxing credentials? i kind of see what Sonnen's getting at given that women's boxing is fairly thin across the board but it came off as pretty disrespecful at the same time.

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what was peoples thoughts on Chael Sonnen rubbishing Holly Holm's boxing credentials? i kind of see what Sonnen's getting at given that women's boxing is fairly thin across the board but it came off as pretty disrespecful at the same time.


Sonnen is just a plain embarrassment these days and anything that comes out of his mouth needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. He's desperate to remain relevant and as a result has become even more outspoken than he was during his peak.


It's gotten to the point where I don't even recognise the guy who i basically idoilised at one point. 


In relation to his statement, he's basically full of shit. You can't take anything away from Holm's achievements during her boxing career. 

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what was peoples thoughts on Chael Sonnen rubbishing Holly Holm's boxing credentials? i kind of see what Sonnen's getting at given that women's boxing is fairly thin across the board but it came off as pretty disrespecful at the same time.


The way Sonnen put it was disrespectful, but he does have something of a point. It's a bit like a UK born ice hockey player being talked up because he's played at a high level in the UK. 

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what was peoples thoughts on Chael Sonnen rubbishing Holly Holm's boxing credentials? i kind of see what Sonnen's getting at given that women's boxing is fairly thin across the board but it came off as pretty disrespecful at the same time.


The way Sonnen put it was disrespectful, but he does have something of a point. It's a bit like a UK born ice hockey player being talked up because he's played at a high level in the UK. 



That really isn't the same at all David.


Holm was facing as good an opponent as you could face at the time, irrespective of how shit the opposition may have been. She still boxed as good a competition she could face. If you were a hockey player in the UK, you know you are playing minor league stuff in comparision to the NHL. 

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what was peoples thoughts on Chael Sonnen rubbishing Holly Holm's boxing credentials? i kind of see what Sonnen's getting at given that women's boxing is fairly thin across the board but it came off as pretty disrespecful at the same time.

I read about that. In the same article, Chael was rubbishing Fedor's resume in Pride. Saying his career is defined by his 2-2 record in America.


I like Chael a great deal, but he's become a bit of a relic. When he returned from his suspension in late 2011, he ramped up the trash talk, and was even more animated than he was previously. The problem was that by being so outlandish, it was going to eventually lose its effect. The "character" has clearly peaked. These days he has become a bit tiresome.


Even if he has a point about Holm, it's hard to take what he says seriously.

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