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Online Charades


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Let's play online charades. It's the same as normal charades, where you say it's a film, video, book or whatever and try and describe it so people guess it. I'll go first.










Someone else's go now.

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A mentally unstable businessman attempts to kill six young competition winners in a bizarre maze while a small orange species try to save them from certain death and return them to their parents in a slightly altered state.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Gold.... finger?



Okay, here's one. Film, one word, three syllables.


First syllable is a lovely chocolate biscuit with a suspect but delicious not-quite-white chocolate coating.


Second and third syllables are another kind of lovely chocolate biscuit, but sold in thin rectangular boxes by Cadburys. You can never have just one, but for the purposes of the charade, it's the singular I'm after.

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