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US - Virgina - News Reporter and Cameraman Shot Dead on Air


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Has anybody else seen this, it's absolutely crazy. The still image of the shooter is horrific!


There is a video online on Reddit with it happening but I didn't want to post it as it is a bit bad taste to me but should be easy enough to find for those curious.


Absolutely sick.


Update 1: The victims were reporter Alison Parker, 24 and cameraman Adam Ward, 27.


Update 2: This wasn't any riot based report where they got caught in a cross fire etc. This was supposed to be a light morning piece about tourism in the area.


Update 3: The killer (who has now been named as an ex-employee of the tv station; Vester Lee Flanagan) apparently filmed the whole thing on his go-pro (again links are on reddit but I haven't watched it and won't) and actually loaded it to his twitter account (which has obv now been suspended). Sick fuck. 


Update 4: Killer has shot himself. There is supposed to have been a 23-page manifesto sent to the news station last night from the shooter.




Apologies if this didn't warrant it's own thread but I could find the place to put it.

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Jesus Christ, that's absolutely mental. Saw the video too, scary shot doesn't even cover it. The anchor in the studio coming in "ok, I don't know what happened there" as her college runs off screaming as gunshots ring out, how do you react to that.

Will no doubt open up the guns debate with some absolute pearls from gun-nuts about protection and constitutional rights

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The details coming out of this episode could just have easily come off a script for an episode of Black Mirror, with a struggling journalist apparently snapping & shooting dead ex-colleagues on a live broadcast, using social media to give a first-shooter's view of the incident to a worldwide audience, and so on. A horrific incident for all those innocently involved.

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The video from the guys go-pro is one the weirdest videos ive ever seen, horrible.

Agreed completely, a telling insight into the cunts mindset. More interested in getting the right shot than lives he was about to take.


The first time he produces the Pistol to make sure he'll be on aim and 'in shot' with the three victims only a few feet away and not noticing is mind bending!


The eventual darkness and emptying of his mag is harrowing also.

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