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All Star Wrestling at Butlins


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i've just got back into wrestling.


I took my kids to Butlins a couple of weeks back where All Star had a show on.


Terrible running mic work throughout from a Butlins Redocat who didn't know any moves, ie he called the piledriver a tombstone and didn't know what an armbar was.


Was great to see American Avalanche in action who I first knew as The Rapmaster PN News in WCW in 1991.


There was this guy Oliver Grey from NXT and he was a right A*hole.  He signed autographs, but why I do not know. LIttle kids wanted photos and he kept saying 'no' and was just scribbling all over the programme and throwing them back in peoples faces.  He seemed very up his A*se because he was on NXT, I don't know if this is norm but was great to see my first live wrestling in ten years.





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At seashore you will see alot of WAW Guys as we help cover them for Allstar as its local to us. In defence of the camps they are a great training ground and supply alot of work for the lads and its a different ball game to halls in the fact its a captive audience and many might not have seen or are into wrestling.

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I wouldn't really call it commentary, it's more like "is he cheating, boys and girls?"


Takes me back to the old Orig Williams shows. 


"did you see that, referee?!"


My favourite was when I went to one of his WWF 'tribute shows' back in 1999 or so, and they had a fake "Mankind" wrestling "The Rock" (Boston Blackie)

Orig was trying to get the kids to chant 'Mankind, Mankind, Mankind' but was drowned out by the more famous 'Foley, Foley, Foley'

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