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  1. Emailed wwe and got a bs standard illiterate response that looks like it’s been knocked up by an outsourced call centre with a we don’t give a damn, we just take your money attitude. Subject Contact Us Form - 08/12/2019 12:27:10 Dear WWE Network Subscriber, Thank you for contacting WWE Network Support. I appreciate the time that you have taken to reach us. We sincerely apologize for all of the inconvenience experience you had with us. We had just a system update and our Technical Team is currently working on those issue. Please check from time to time, it will get back soon. If further assistance is needed, we strongly encourage you to reply to this email, speak with WWE Network Support by calling Toll free 1-833-CALL-WWE (1-833-225-5993) or US direct dial 1-512-225-6300 (available Mondays from 3PM to 12AM ET and Tuesday to Fridays from 2PM-11PM ET), or use our convenient Live Chat feature. Thank you for your patience. Sincerely, WWE Network Support
  2. Think it was on a Macho Man comp I heard wheel of fortune.
  3. I added a three month card on 30th July. It originally gave me 99 days access (to 8th Nov). This was extended to 10th Nov, then 13th, then 18th. Presumed extended due to update issues. However last night it says expires 30th October, so all extended dates have been removed, potentially quashing peoples suggestions that time is being added to subscriptions due to the problems. I’m glad to have ‘continue watching’ back but this is only post update, all pre update lost. I miss the watchlist, viewing history and hidden gems and find it quite tricky to navigate at times. I note WWE ppvs can be sorted by date order on a normal computer but not on iOS or fire stick. Lots of buffering when I started watching takeover this morning.
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