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UKFF Football Predictions League 2014-15 sign-ups

Fog Dude

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So, the World Cup is now but a distant memory, even though it only finished 2 weeks ago, which means it's time to look forward to the coming season. I promised I'd get this thread up before the Commonwealth Games started, so it's already late. Start as you mean to go on, eh?


Anyway, speaking of Glasgow 2014 - I've actually got tickets, so I'm currently in a hotel in Greenock waiting to go to Ibrox this afternoon. Even though I'm only a stone's throw (or a long goal kick) from Cappielow, I wasn't one of the 928 souls who took in Morton v Spartans yesterday. 


I suspect that most of the entrants this year will be continuing or returning players, so they should all know the rules. Here's how it all finished last time. For curious potential new players, I'll copy and paste some info from last season's sign-up thread: 


First, the fundamentals: most weeks consist of one set of ten matches (the "card"), everybody posts their picks in the thread and you can earn 3 points for an exact score, and 1 point for any other game where you got the correct result. This should mean you can score a maximum of 30 points. In practice, double figures in any single week is considered pretty damn good. Besides that, there are 'double', 'treble' and 'bumper' rounds along the way with more than ten matches to pick. In addition, there are various way of earning bonus points, of which D2D has become the main one for a good few seasons now, and has generally worked well. 



An explanation of D2D follows in a separate post below. I might not be logged in too often this week, so I've cleared some space in my inbox. Hope it's enough. The card for Week 1 will be posted in 10 days' time. 

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Basically, Dare2Disagree ('D2D' for short) was Seph's idea when he ran this, but I've carried it on to make things interesting. Roughly every other week, depending on the number of players, it'll be someone's turn to bet on 'their' team - ideally the club you support, but this obviously isn't possible for the very top teams. It's also first come, first served, which is why you need to send me at least 3 picks (unless you're super quick) as possible D2D teams, in order of preference. And that's all done via PM only so we don't know whose team is whose, however obvious it may be, or which week they'll be called on to make their guess. (e.g. If KJHenley were to play, he'd clearly go for Yeovil, but we'd have to wait until his 'turn' at D2D for that to be confirmed.)

The game in question will be one of the usual 10, so the prediction will be visible to everyone else and ideally made as early as possible so the rest can decide if they'll agree or disagree with the person whose turn it is. If the D2Der is correct, he gets bonus points for everyone who disagreed with him. Exactly how many bonuses was the subject of some discussion at the end of the campaign before last. It now seems settled at 2 points. The incentive for other players to disagree is that if they're wrong, everyone who disagreed gets bonus point(s) instead. The twist is that there are of course 3 possible outcomes to a game, so if the D2Der goes for a home win and the actual result is a draw, anyone who went for an away win will still get the bonus(es) even though they scored 0 from the match as an ordinary fixture.

Sorry I made it sound so complex, don't want to put off potential new players too much. I never used set restrictions on what D2D teams people can ask for, but as of the past few seasons I've felt it was necessary. Your three or more choices may consist of the following:

No more than 1 international team (i.e. you have to select at least two club sides), who must be involved in Euro 2016 or African Nations Cup qualifying;
Any EPL, FL or Conference (National/North/South) club;
any SPFL Highland or Lowland League club;
Any club from the top 3 tiers of the French or German league system;
Any club from the top 2 divisions of any other European league (except 'B' teams); or
Any top-flight club from the rest of the world.

Women's teams are not allowed. Additional caveat : no more than one team from a country that runs their seasons according to a 'summer' calendar. Your first choice may be a team from below the 6th tier in England or a lower Scottish club, but I reserve the right not to use them unless they go on a run in the FA Cup, FA Trophy or Scottish Cup. Right, I think that's your lot. I look forward to a massive level of participation. Good luck everybody! 

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I love that my blind faith in Cardiff helped me not finish last in 2013. I was fairly useless at this and think I must have missed at least 3 weeks with different uni assignments, but I'm in again because its brilliant.

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