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Found 1 result

  1. It's the UKFF official Fantasy Premier League and Football Predictions League thread – now two threads' worth of discussion for the price of one! The crazy mid-season Men's World Cup will shut down the former for a while, but the latter will continue in some form throughout that period. This opening post will be edited regularly throughout the year with the latest information. May the best pickers win! Sign-ups are now closed. One person from the last campaign has not returned, one has rejoined after a long absence and one is participating for the first time. Ten players is a fine number for us to work with for D2Ds and the FPL Cup. Even if you're not playing the predictions game, these links should take you to the forum's two mini-leagues for the Fantasy League competition, as long as you're logged into the EPL official site or app when you click on them. There's no big rules blurb this year, but some small bits of housekeeping were detailed in this post. This line will also include the latest table updates here throughout the season. === Week 9 fixtures To be announced. All games take place on Saturday and kick off at 19:45 unless stated. Start times are listed in BST. [placeholder] === FPL Cup Group Stage matchday 1 GROUP A Fatty Facesitter 7-6 RoryFice Stinky Dad 5-3 TildeGuy~! GROUP B Fog Dude 4-7 MVP RULZ seph 4-3 Shy Dad Cross-pool play ultimo the great 4-5 Vegeta === Week 8 results UEFA Nations League Northern Ireland 2-1 Kosovo Slovenia 2-1 Norway Cyprus 1-0 Greece Czechia 0-4 Portugal Serbia 4-1 Sweden Scotland 2-1 Ireland Austria 1-3 Croatia Denmark 2-0 France Netherlands 1-0 Belgium Wales 0-1 Poland
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