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Van Hammer's a bit weird isn't he?


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Certainly not enough to warrant a thread.


There is plenty of mileage in extending the thread to a "Van Hammer appreciation thread" if that's more to your approval. There were many great Hammer moments.


(1) He arm wrestled Maxx Payne on Worldwide that got shown on ITV.

(2) He were in The Flock for a bit.

(3) He had the best match of his (or anybodys) career with Bret Hart on Thunder.


And many, many, many, many more.

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Wow Van Hammer. That's a real blast from the past. My memories of him are on that WCW show that used to be on ITV complete with the "BLAM" popups. What a cool dude though, coming to the ring with the cool as HECK flying-v style guitar, head banging, giving the metal sign. Fucking yes.


He could've been the next Kerry Von Erich :(

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