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The UKFF Awards 1992


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The UKFF awards only started in 2002. Be interesting (maybe) to see how people would have voted for previous years.


Gone for one a bit earlier and less obvious this time. Thought it was still a memorable year:




Add your pick and a reason for each category. I didn't leave all the categories in - that would be a bit arduous. Just wanna pick one or two, go ahead.


Best Pro-wrestler of 1992:


Best Match of 1992:


Best Event of 1992:


Greatest Moment of 1992:


Funniest Moment of 1992:


Best Tag Team of 1992:


Breakout Star of 1992:


Best Non-Wrestler of 1992:


Worst Pro-wrestler of 1992:


Worst Match of 1992:


Worst Event of 1992:


Biggest Anti-climax of 1992:


Here are my picks:


Best Pro-wrestler of 1992: Ric Flair. Just pips Bret Hart. Virtuoso in the Royal Rumble, brilliant at WM8 and had belters with Bret Hart on house shows. Ultra-watchable every time he was on TV.


Best Match of 1992: Royal Rumble Match. Not sure if it should count but if it does, it's brilliant. Flair is excellent and there are tons of memorable spots that I can remember clear as day 22 (shit, really?) years later. If it doesn't count then I'd go for Hart/Piper from WM8 or Wargames.


Best Event of 1992: WWF Royal Rumble. Probably my favourite PPV ever. Well possibly. New Foundation/Orients is really good, Piper's IC Title win is tons of fun and the Rumble is majestic. Wonderfully booked and featuring one of the best commentaries ever.


Greatest Moment of 1992: The ending to Bret/Bulldog at Wembley. Incredible scenes.


Funniest Moment of 1992: Slaughter's exit from the Royal Rumble. At that point, easily the best and funniest spot I'd ever seen in my life.


Best Tag Team of 1992: Williams and Gordy. They'd been great for a while before this but it was the first time I saw them in the mainstream. proper pro-wrestlers.


Breakout Star of 1992: Shawn Michaels. From that incredible barber shop angle to his IC Title win and then semi-main eventing Survivor Series. Who saw that in him? Not me.


Best Non-Wrestler of 1992: Bobby Heenan. Tough one because Dangerous Alliance were great but Heenan's commentaries on Rumble and WM8 are probably the best ever.


Worst Pro-wrestler of 1992: Pull a name out of a hat. I'll go Nailz. Made even worse by his interviews actually being semi interesting at the time.


Worst Match of 1992: Plenty to choose from. Bushwackers/Beverleys from the Rumble is dire but I fucking hates Nailz/Virgil at Summerslam with a passion. Three minutes of chokes. I'd have been pleased to see Randy Orton after that.


Worst Event of 1992: There were some seriously abysmal WCW undercards while two great top matches saved the otherwise dire SummerSlam but I'd go Survivor Series. They changed the formula and it was absolutely shite. The undercard was crap, the WWF title was an after thought and the main event tag match had one guy we knew nothing about and another who'd been a heel for years and turned without a reason. I couldn't get behind Perfect at that point.


Biggest Anti-climax of 1992: The WrestleMania main event not been Flair vs. Hogan. I know that in hindsight there are reasons but fuck it, this should have been it.

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My choices:


Best Pro-wrestler of 1992: Bret Hart, for delivering enough great performances in the ring to achieve the near-impossible and persuade Vince to pick him as his token non-roid-head guy to build the company around for a bit due to the heat from the Feds.


Best Match of 1992: Bret Hart vs Davey Boy Smith at Wembley Stadium.


Best Event of 1992: Summerslam 1992.


Greatest Moment of 1992: Davey Boy Smith winning the IC title at Wembley Stadium.


Funniest Moment of 1992: Papa Shango's parlor tricks - setting jobbers boots on fire and making black goo trickle down Gene Okerlund and the Ultimate Warrior. Sid Justice getting a face full of shaving foam when he smashed up the Barber Shop.


Best Tag Team of 1992: Steve Williams & Terry Gordy in WCW


Breakout Star of 1992: Shawn Michaels as a singles heel.


Best Non-Wrestler of 1992: Mr Perfect


Worst Pro-wrestler of 1992: NAILZ!


Worst Match of 1992: Ultimate Warrior vs Papa Shango matches taped for the WWF Home Videos at tv tapings.


Worst Event of 1992: WCW Halloween Havoc 1992.


Biggest Anti-climax of 1992: Ultimate Warrior being fired from WWF just before the Survivor Series, so that we never got to see the Ultimate Maniacs tag team face Ric Flair & Razor Ramon. Ric Flair inexplicably not wrestling in a match at Wembley Stadium - he could easily have faced old rival Roddy Piper, who was also there in a non-wrestling role.

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Mine will be heavily weighted toward WWE as usual:


Best Pro-wrestler of 1992: Bret Hart. The Piper match, the Bulldog match and beating Flair for his first WWE title make it a hugely memorable year for him. Plus, the first singles PPV clash between him and HBK at Survivor Series


Best Match of 1992: I'll probably go with Piper VS Hart (I can hear Carbomb frapping). The Summerslam match was good, but this was brilliant. Piper at his absolute best for me- the moment when he grabs that bell and contemplates using it was such an emotional moment, and the surprise finish involving Bret using his last ounce of energy to outsmart Piper- superb match. The Royal Rumble match- which will probably win this- is a close second. Flair and Heenan made that match something special.


Best Event of 1992: Royal Rumble, purely for the rumble match itself. SummerSlam a close second, but that's probably mainly because of where it took place. Mania wasn't all that looking back. Survivor Series- I don't remember much beyond the Bret/HBK match


Greatest Moment of 1992: Bulldog beating Bret for the IC title at SummerSlam. The top, top moment for a British wrestler in my opinion- certainly in the modern era. 80,000 at Wembley mostly cheering him on, Lennox Lewis leading him to the ring, Diana dressing like a country singer- it all made for a spectacular finish to the show.


Funniest Moment of 1992: "Put that cigarette out!"


Best Tag Team of 1992: Legion of Doom probably. The Rockers, Demolition and Harts had either just broken up or did the previous year, leaving LOD the clear top babyface team. Natural Disasters weren't much kop as face, The Nasties a bit better in that role- or did they turn the following year? Money Inc second in this- cracking heel team. I was infuriated every time they did their deliberate count-out to retain the titles all the time. Bloody good heat.


Breakout Star of 1992: Shawn Michaels. Fantastic transition from the less-liked member of The Rockers to a stand-out cocky little shit with ace entrance music. Started the year wrestling Chico Santana, ended the year main eventing a PPV against the WWE champion, as the IC champion. What a year for him. Managed to have an entertaining heel vs heel match at Summerslam, the first all-baddie match I ever saw.


Best Non-Wrestler of 1992: Heenan, commentary-wise he was probably at his very best this year, Flair being a part of the roster played a large part in this. "It's not a kilt, it's a skirt!"


Worst Pro-wrestler of 1992: Tough on, Gonzalez misses this by a matter of months. Can't think of anyone to be honest, the roster was pretty good at this point I think.


Worst Match of 1992: Can't think of one. Probably one of the undercard matches at Summerslam.


Worst Event of 1992: Well seeing as I only watched the big 4 WWE PPVs, I'll go with Survivor Series by default- only as I can't remember anything on there other than the main event. Oh- Perfect & Savage VS Razor and Flair, yeah? I have little recollection of that match to be honest.


Biggest Anti-climax of 1992: Warrior VS Savage at Summerslam. The match, the result, the aftermatch- it was all crap. I know it was second-fiddle to the IC title match, but it was still the top title and Warrior was still massively over- especially with the UK fans. I wanted him to win that one so badly at the time. In fact, I'll just change my vote to Warrior's run throughout the entire year. It was underwhelming.

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Can't say I've seen anything outside of the WWF pay per views in 1992 so don't have many options to pick from, but heres my list anyway:


Best Pro-wrestler of 1992: Ric Flair and Bret Hart, cant really separate them as both were awesome the whole year.


Best Match of 1992: Royal Rumble match. Such an easy pick and a match I've watched so many times over. Not only is it the best Rumble of all time but Heenan was untouchable on commentary and was his finest performance too.


Best Event of 1992: The Rumble, Mania and Summerslam were all great but I'd pick Mania, mainly because the Flair / Savage match is one of my all time favourites and also the Hart / Piper match was amazing too.


Greatest Moment of 1992: Flair goes over 60 minutes in the Rumble and wins the title.


Funniest Moment of 1992: 'Put that cigarette out!'


Best Tag Team of 1992: The WWF tag division was far weaker in 1992 than previous years (lost the Rockers, Demolition, Hart Foundation and LoD lost their way) so by default I'd go for Money Inc although IRS was always a bit shit


Breakout Star of 1992: Shawn Michaels without a doubt, starts his first year in singles with the hot angle ending The Rockers and ends it as IC champion. Had great matches throughout.


Best Non-Wrestler of 1992: Bobby Heenan. He can make any match watchable for his commentary and always loved his chemistry with Monsoon.


Worst Pro-wrestler of 1992: There was a lot of shite this year but any year Virgil is involved he gets my vote


Worst Match of 1992: Bushwackers / Beverleys at the Rumble is horrible to watch and Jamison makes me want to throw heavy things at my TV. Went way long too. The Taker / Kamala matches were bloody awful too but didn't last overly long.


Worst Event of 1992: Again by default Survivor Series although it wasn't a great anyway, main interest was the seeing the first really high profile match between Hart and Michaels.


Biggest Anti-climax of 1992: The Savage / Warrior match at Summerslam, whilst it was ok it was no where near as good as their Mania 7 match and there was more focus on who's side Perfect was on than the match and the title

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Best Match of 1992: Bret Hart vs Roddy Piper at WrestleMania. I was more invested in the SummerSlam main event, but this one is the better match for me. Cracking build and pitch-perfect on the night.


Greatest Moment of 1992: Bulldog winning the Intercontinental at SummerSlam. Anyone my age who is a wrestling fan got swept up in that summer of '92 wave. We've discussed it on here many a time, the cut-outs in the paper and all that. And it was seeing Davey win the belt that drove it.


Breakout Star of 1992: Shawn Michaels. He just rocketed to the near-top after he went solo.



And it definitely needs


Best angle of 1992: Nailz annihilating the Bossman. Runner-up mentions for Papa Shango making Warrior's hairline piss black goo, and the whole "UNTRUE! UNTRUE!" saga.

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Great thread. 1992 was probably my favourite year as a fan.


Best Pro-wrestler of 1992: Bret Hart. For the reasons everyone else has said. The Piper and Bulldog matches were great of course. But I loved his Survivor Series match that year with Shawn Michaels as well. Wasn't keen on the match with Flair where he won the title but winning the title in itself was the cherry on top of a tremendous year for the Hitman.


Honourable mentions to Stunning Steve Austin (for his TV Title run and class matches with Steamboat and Windham) and Ric Flair (on the strength of the Rumble and Savage WrestleMania matches alone).


Best Match of 1992: War Games! I love the Rumble but this was magic. Such a perfect way bring the whole Dangerous Alliance stuff to a head. Everyone played their part in making the match a ton of fun and there's no dull moment to be found.


Best Event of 1992: I'll go with WrestleMania. The two hit combo of Flair vs Savage and Bret vs Piper takes it above the rest for me. The whole storyline around Flair/Savage/Elizabeth was really well done. Hogan vs Sid wasn't great but at the time I was all over it, Warrior came back. The place looked great as well with the big tent and the long aisle, I like all that stuff.


Greatest Moment of 1992: Ric Flair's Rumble win and post-match promo.


Funniest Moment of 1992: Definitely Mean Gene's "put that cigarette out!"


Best Tag Team of 1992: Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes. Tremendous stuff almost all year from these two. They had top matches with everyone and seemed like the perfect team. I was gutted when Barry turned on Dustin towards the end of the year.


Have to throw out honourable mentions to the Steiners and Williams/Gordy though. Loved their matches in 1992, against each other and just killing jobbers on Saturday afternoons on ITV.


Breakout Star of 1992: Shawn Michaels. Started the year dropping his Rocker mate through a window, finished it as IC champ and challeging Bret Hart for the WWF Title.


Best Non-Wrestler of 1992: Bobby Heenan. Just for his commentary at the Rumble.


Worst Pro-wrestler of 1992: Nailz. Just rotten.


Erik Watts debuted in 92 didn't he? He was turd as well. Even as a 7 year old I thought he was crap and I knew there was something wrong with the world when I saw him submitting the likes of Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton.


Worst Match of 1992: Bushwhackers vs Beverly Brothers from the Royal Rumble. Probably wasn't even that long but it seemed to go on forever. The one shit part on an otherwise brilliant PPV.


Worst Event of 1992: I'll go with Halloween Havoc as well. Just for the 'Spin the wheel, make the deal' bollocks concept. Sting vs Jake was crap. But even then it had the Windham/Rhodes vs Dr Death/Austin match and a good Steamboat vs Pillman opener which saves it from being a total wet fart. 1992 was a good year for quality PPVs really.


Biggest Anti-climax of 1992: Maybe Bulldog. Went from his career high moment at SummerSlam with a huge win in an incredible match, to disappearing from the company two months later. Not knowing the circumstances at the time, to me it was like he just vanished.

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Best Match of 1992: I'll probably go with Piper VS Hart (I can hear Carbomb frapping).


I must admit, whenever I watch that match I usually make a heavily-iced coffee beforehand. :confused:


To be honest (and I know this is ridiculously lazy), my list is pretty much the same as Rick's with the following amendments:


Best match: Yep, it's got to be Bret/Piper, been on about it enough before. Perfect.


Best tag team: Had to be The Rockers - loads of fun, very colourful, and their match with the Orient Express was great.


Funniest moment: I don't expect everyone to agree with this, but it was during Perfect turning face on Flair to announce his return - Flair's face and reaction (like he was going to explode) when Perfect ripped off the "Woooooo!" had me laughing like an idiot.


Biggest Anti-Climax: Tough choice here - but I plumped for Warrior's run. Just a damp squib in comparison to his first. (Dis)honourable mentions go to: the WBF vs. WWF tug o' war match (though looking back, it probably was stupid to expect anything good to come out of it), Rick Martel vs. Shawn Michaels for the stupid bucket spot on Sherri, Hogan vs. Sid, and Perfect's comeback match (although I popped hugely when his entrance music hit).

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Best tag team: Had to be The Rockers - loads of fun, very colourful, and their match with the Orient Express was great.

That was 1991.

Damn my memory.


Alright then: Legion Of Doom. They didn't really have any stand-out matches, but to my young self, all they had to do was show up. Get them on those bikes, and the ultimate bad-assery was complete.

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Best Pro-wrestler of 1992: Bret Hart


Best Match of 1992: Royal Rumble match


Best Event of 1992: Royal Rumble


Greatest Moment of 1992: British Bulldog wins IC title at Wembley stadium


Funniest Moment of 1992: Model Rick Martel with the bucket of water at Summerslam


Best Tag Team of 1992: Money Inc


Breakout Star of 1992: Bret Hart


Best Non-Wrestler of 1992: Rocco the L.O.D puppet..... okay seriously Bobby The Brain


Worst Pro-wrestler of 1992: Nailz


Worst Match of 1992: Virgil vs Yokozuna


Worst Event of 1992: Survivor series


Biggest Anti-climax of 1992 The Ultimate Maniacs

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Best Pro-wrestler of 1992: Seems too boring to toss a coin between Flair and Bret for this year, but... I honestly can't think of any other option. The last truly great Flair year tbh so he gets the dukes.


Best Match of 1992: Vader/Sting at Starrcade. Up on the WWF website fwiw, really think these guys had the best feud of the 90s in terms of matches.


Best Event of 1992: Probably the Royal Rumble. WCW really didn't have a good top-to-bottom card this year at all.


Best Tag Team of 1992: WCW's tag division was loaded-as-fuck this year though. Steiners, Windham/Rhodes and Gordy/Williams. Miracle Violence Connection by an inch, goddamn I could go for a comp of their matches right now.


Breakout Star of 1992: Michaels is probably the "right" answer here although wasn't this the year that Waltman got "discovered"? A scrawny dude getting a WWF contract solely via wrestling Jerry Lynn in town halls is something to admire.


Best Non-Wrestler of 1992: Paul E Dangerously. I miss the mobile phone as a legit wrestling weapon.


Worst Pro-wrestler of 1992: Erik Watts is legitimately still one of my three least favourite wrestlers of all time, and I seem to remember him being all over those late night WCW broadcasts back in 92 on ITV.


Worst Match of 1992: That Rude/Chono match in WCW where both men appear to have had a contest to see who can neck the most NightNurse beforehand.

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Actual Year-End results from PWI that year:


Wrestler of the Year: Ric Flair.

Tag Team of the Year: Doc and Gordy.

Match of the Year: Bret vs Davey Boy

Feud of the Year: The Moondogs vs Jeff Jarrett & Jerry Lawler

Most Popular: Sting

Most Hated: Ravishing Rick Rude

Most Improved: Razor Ramon

Most Inspirational: Ron Simmons (first black World Heavyweight Champ)

Rookie: Erik Watts

Comeback of the Year: Ultimate Warrior

Manager: Paul E Dangerously

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1992 .


Mostly weighted in favour of the WWF but although I've seen a fair bit of WCW from this year it's not really for me.


Best Pro-wrestler of 1992: Bret Hart. He was outstanding all year long and had at least 2 contenders for match of the year with Piper and Bulldog.


Best Match of 1992: Bret Hart Vs Roddy Piper - WrestleMania 8. This match split all of my friends and I was desperate for Piper to retain. The drama of the match was incredible and both guys working of the crowd was of the very highest level. As good as the Rumble match was in 92, this was better for me.


Best Event of 1992: Wrestlemania 8. It sometimes comes in for some stick but this was the first 'mania I watched live (or as soon as I got the tape off my mate that he'd recorded for me). I still love it today, Flair/Savage, Hogan/Sid (more the post match stuff than the match itself) and Bret/Piper epitomise everything I love about wrestling.


Greatest Moment of 1992: Ultimate Warrior Returns. Blew the roof off not only the stadium but also my living room so it did.


Funniest Moment of 1992: Bobby Heenan's commentary during the Rumble match. He goes back and forth from the furious, excuse making heel announcer to the over the top celebratory heel annoucner several times and it is absolutely goden stuff.

Best Tag Team of 1992: Money Inc. Possibly my favourite heel tag team ever. I remember as a kid I wanted them to get absolutely destroyed in every match. Getting pinned just didn't cut it.


Breakout Star of 1992: Shawn Michaels. Not much to add to what's been said by others. This was the year HBK emerged as the potential top level performer that he very quickly became.


Best Non-Wrestler of 1992: Bobby Heenan. Added so much to so many matches over the course of the eyar. Piper/Bret, the Rumble, Flair/Savage; none of them would have been the same without the fanstastic colour from Heenan.


Worst Pro-wrestler of 1992: El Gigante. Just dobule checked that he was active during 1992 and he was so I'm going for him. The worst wrestler of all time. All that size and not one bit of threat about him.


Worst Match of 1992: Nailz Vs Virgil - Summerslam 1992. Choke after choke after choke. Horrendous


Worst Event of 1992: Starrcade 1992. Battlebowl. Ugh. Liger teamign with Erik Watts. Ugh. WCW in 1992? Ugh. I've never understood the liking for this year in WCW.


Biggest Anti-climax of 1992: Randy Savage Vs Warrior - SummerSlam 1992. I remember me and my mate being convinced one of them had to turn heel (or become a baddie in those days I imagine). Who's side is Flair on? Nobodies? Fuck off. Countout? Fuck off.

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