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Wrestling Limerick Thread


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I originally intended to do this a couple of days ago to mark National Limerick Day (May 12th). We might have fun with this one, since it hasn't been done in several years here (as far as I know).






1. I will post the first line of the limerick.

2. Whoever posts after me will copy the first line into their own post and add the second, and so forth.

3. When the limerick reaches it total of five lines, the next poster starts a brand new one.

4. If more than one person has posted a response to the same line, the next poster chooses one of the lines at their discretion.

5. All Limericks should pertain to wrestling and not UKFF members.


Okay, let's do this.


There was once a wrestler called Jake

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What a shit thread FFS?



You're absolutely right I'm so sorry for coming over to your house and forcing you at gun point to read and post in it....oh...wait a minute...


Ohh....wait a minute....


FFS rhymes with Jake and Snake...... You understand now???



CLANG! - Penny dropped

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