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New Marlowe is great. L’Orange is one of the best producers about at the minute.     

I think my favourite track of him might be the one where he just gives shout outs... Big baby Jesus, I can't wait...

@Chest Rockwell@wandshogun09 All other hip hop fans, the Wu Tang mini series is here. Only watched the first episode, but it’s safe to say, any fan of their music will enjoy this. I’m always unsu

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I listened to a few of the Black Thought tracks off that, haven't got round to that Jay Rock yet but heard good things. 

Been randomly playing the shit out of Big L for some reason the last couple of days. He's never really talked about when the likes of Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Biggie, 2Pac, Nas, Eminem or whoever are getting thrown around in the Hip Hop GOAT discussion but Big L has to be one of my favourite rappers and best lyricists of all time. Some of the shit he came out with was ridiculous and his flow and delivery was usually always on point. 

'Put It On' is probably his best known song and it's always on my playlists. In fact, that whole first album is one of my favourites. 

"And when it comes to getting nookie, I'm not a rookie. I got girls that make that chick Toni Braxton look like Whoopie." 


And here he is putting Jay-Z to shame on the Stretch and Bobbito show in 1995; 

I mean, Jay-Z's solid there but L leaves him in the dust for me. When you open with the line - "I got slugs for snitches, no love for bitches, puttin' thugs in ditches when my trigger finger itches" - Jay-Z was up against it from the off. 

Speaking of Jay-Z, what's up with him and Beyoncé dropping their album the day after Nas' album? Never really even registered with me but I saw a lot made of it on twitter and stuff. Is that Jay-Z vs Nas beef still cooking after all these years? They put that aside ages ago, didn't they? 

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@wandshogun09 For me, he is up there in the top 5 of all time for me. Absolutely love him, maybe only behind Nas for me in my all time favourite MCs.

The funniest, wittiest, tightest motherfucker that ever held a mic. I was trying to think, reading your post,on how and when I first heard him, and I'm pretty sure that with me falling more in love with (proper) hip hop when I was 14/15 it would've been through the intro to Gangstarr 'Full Clip', and then I reckon the first verse of his I head was when I bought Thick by DITC. Not one of his best verses, but it's still solid.

Next would've probably been downloading the 98 freestyle off Napster or Limewire or some shit....

"You was never shit, your mother should've swallowed you" "Mad hoes, ask Beavis I get nothing Butthead" but the absolute killer in this is the bar "So what you acting for, you ain't half this raw, you need to practice more, somebody tell this n***a something before I crack his jaw, You running with boys, I'm running with men, I'll be gripping the mic until I'm hundred and ten, have these n***as like damn it, this n***a done did it again" Fucking YES L!!! Madness

The other thing about him I usually hate all this "I got ice, I fuck bitches" shit, but he was so fucking funny with it, and clearly used hip hop as it was supposed to be used, as storytelling. L really didn't have loads of ice, didn't have "mad hoes", and at about 100 pounds wet, obviously didn't live the street life. But the difference between him, and others doing it, is he wasn't fronting. He was just telling stories. Shame he got killed for something he had nothing to do with, and at a moment when he was about to do something with Rawkus and get a bit of recognition. Every February 15th in my house is Big L day, bless him.

If you haven't seen the Stretch and Bob documentary yet (and why not?) absolutely get on it. Look at how much he was loved

Big him up for using the phrase "H-E-double hockey sticks" which Mauro Ranallo used in commentary on the UK tournament last night as well.

God, so many lines to choose, and songs, but I think for me, my favourite is his verse on DITCs Day One and The Enemy. Seek them out.

I remember at Essential Festival in, I think 2000, DITC performing, and AG (I think again, long time ago) saying "Yo, who came to see AG?" and it went deathly quiet, and someone front row shouted out "Nah fuck that, BIG LLLLLLLLL" and they dropped Ebonics and it went nuts. Still feel a bit bad for AG...


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I absolutely love his verse on 'Day One', I was going to put the link to that song in my post but didn't want to overdo it with the videos. That whole track is incredible from the beat (wasn't it originally from 'Young G's' by Biggie/Diddy?) to all the verses, but L's verse in particular kills it. 

I usually hate all this "I got ice, I fuck bitches" shit, but he was so fucking funny with it, and clearly used hip hop as it was supposed to be used, as storytelling.


Absolutely. Usually find that kind of thing off-putting myself but I always saw it as him telling a story and, although a lot of his lines were ruthless and crude, at least he did it with clever punchlines and stuff. He wasn't just droning on about how many 'hoes' he shagged.

This line is from his second verse on that Jay-Z/Stretch and Bobbito video I posted before...

"The bitch type, I dislike. I'm rougher than a fist fight. All chicks ain't shit, ain't no such thing as Miss Right. So we can never be a couple hun, fuck love, all I got for hoes is hard dick and bubblegum".

His album 'Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous' would easily be in my Top 5 hip hop albums ever along with probably 'Illmatic' by Nas, '36 Chambers' by Wu-Tang Clan, 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx' by Raekwon and 'Dah Shinin' by Smif n Wessun. Maybe I'd have one of Biggie's in there in place of something. Point is, Big L's is right up there for me. 

'The Big Picture' was quality as well though. With these being my highlights off that one...

'Platinum Plus' (feat. Big Daddy Kane);

And 'Fall Back' (feat. Kool G Rap);

I wish he lived long enough to do something with Nas. Or Bone Thugs actually, that would've been crazy.

I'll stop now. I could go on forever about Big L. 

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Haven't listened to it yet but just seen this track list for Westside Gunn's new album 'Supereme Blientele'. 

1) Big Homie Arn

2) GOD'S Don't Bleed (feat. Benny & Jadakiss)

3) Dean Malenko

4) Brutus (feat. Benny & Conway)

5) Amherst Station 

6) RVD (feat. Keisha Plum)

7) Elizabeth 

8) MEAN Gene 

9) Stefflon Don 

10) SaBu

11) Brossface Brippler (feat. Benny & Busta Rhymes) 

12) Spanish Jesus (feat. CRIMEAPPLE)

13) The Steiners (feat. Elzhi)

14) Ric Martel (feat. Roc Marciano)

15) Westside 

16) WrestleMania 20 (feat. Anderson. Paak)

17) AA Outro (feat. AA Rashid) 


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It's decent. Some great tracks. I like Westside Gunn. He has a distinct voice and can rap well.. But with him and Conway they can both get a bit oppressive to listen to a whole album. Bleak, slow beats generally, and they're both pretty humourless.

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That's an insanely stacked album, production wise, I'll have to give that a proper spin.

Micall Parknsun and Mr Thing dropped a very strong album yesterday, well worth checking out. Always thought that Parknsun is one of the most consistent, underrated UK rappers out there.

Also, I see Drake released a massive new album. I think he's absolute shit, but Premo has blessed him with a stormer of a beat on Sandras Rose. Not the typical Premo fare, which is nice.

I don't know whether this has ever been mentioned on here before (I might have even mentioned it tbh), and I've seen it a hundred times before, but how good is this? KRS ONE is the absolute don isn't he?


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Just read that 9th Wonder is producing a new Smif n Wessun album. Can't wait for that. 

And while I'm here, someone's knocked this together on YouTube but it's really well done. 

Nas & Jay Z 'Regulate';

Love that. 

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On 7/14/2018 at 8:05 AM, Really Big Shoe said:

These are great






My favourite ones of these are DoctorTeeth as ODB doing Shimmy Shimmy Yah, Swedish Chef,Animal and Beaker as the Beastie Boys doing Whatcha Want, and the Sesame Street Follow That Bird version of Sabotage.

I stuck a playlist on Spotify a couple of days which was assembled by the lady that did this video. 

I'm currently listening to Milo, and thinking I should probably listen to more MF Doom. The Milo song on the playlist is called Sweet Chin Music (The Fisher King's Anthem), and has acouple of wrestling references in it. He's got a really laid back style and I like the way he articulates everything.


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