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Wrestlemania Alternative Card

Jason Mayhem

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Mania is looking good this year... i personally would like to have seen some of the feuds based a little more on physicallity rather than talking, meaning the guys want to kick each others arses when they finally meet... however still looking forward to it.


However, i think they could have put a better card together and I am sure others do too...... so given the corrent roster what would your preferred WM28 card look like??


Here's mine....


Randy Orton V Miz

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Going from the Rumble onwards, I'd have it thus (not in order):


WWE Champion John Cena vs Royal Rumble winner The Rock - Rock goes over


World Heavyweight Champ Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton - Bryan over, rematch with Orton going over at Extreme Rules


Hell in a Cell - Undertaker vs Triple H (no Shawn Michaels) - Taker over


Big Show vs Shaquille O'Neal - Shaq over with shenanigans, Show then feuds with whoever


Jericho vs Punk, same as it's being done now, just without the belt. Jericho over.


Beth vs Kharma for the Divas belt - Kharma over


Intercontinental champ Cody Rhodes vs Goldust - Cody over, Dustin gets at least one ridiculously close near fall for the pop.


Zack Ryder vs Kane, no-DQ walkabout. Zack over with a rollup, bails out before Kane can kill him again.


Team Teddy (Santino, Kofi, Truth, Khali, Brodus Clay & a surprise-returning Mysterio) vs Team Johnny (Otunga, Menry, Christian, Ziggler, Swagger & Del Rio) - team Johnny over, with the finish going: Ricardo gets involved, Teddy gets in and lays him out, Johnny drops Teddy with an Ace Crusher, Santino drops Johnny with a Cobra, Otunga hits the spinebuster for the pin. Beautiful.

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WWE Championship

John Cena © vs The Rock


Hell in a Cell

Undertaker vs Triple H


World Championship Scramble

Daniel Bryan © vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Big Show vs Mark Henry


Team Teddy: CM Punk, Santino, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, Brodus Clay, The Great Khali


Team Johnny: David Otunga, Christian, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger


Falls Count Anywhere

Zack Ryder vs Kane


Divas Championship

Beth Phoenix © w/ Eve & Natalya vs Trish Stratus w/ Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos


Intercontinental Championship

Cody Rhodes © vs Goldust


Inoffensive Opener

Kofi Kingston vs Chris Jericho

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WWE title:

John Cena vs The Rock


Hell In A Cell:

The Undertaker vs Triple H


A Cant Think of Anything to Put in Bold Match:

Randy Orton (heel) vs. CM Punk


Mask vs Vickie (she fucks off if Rey Rey wins):

Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler


WWE World Title:

Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho


Tag Team Match:

Shaq and The Big Show vs Mark Henry and Cody Rhodes


Gimmick Battle Royal:

Don Muraco (with Mr. Fuji) wins it and performs a bit of standup afterwards.


David Arquette Rules Tag Team Match For The Divas Belt:

Steroid Fannys vs LayCool


A You're Dad Dies in The Concrete Crypt Bout:

Kane with Paul Bearer vs Zack Ryder with Zack's Dad


12 Man Tag Team Bout:

Most of the Roster vs. The Other Lot Who Are After A Payday

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I'd have the card mostly as it already is with changes being Zack Ryder vs Kane to end the feud and Beth Phoenix vs Natalya. For the latter I'd have built a slow-burn face turn for Natalya eventually getting her a championship match and subsequent win on the grand stage. But of course with the appalling booking of Divas of Doom leading to a meaningless Natalya face turn a couple of weeks ago (not to mention the awful fart gimmick) that's not likely to happen now.

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John Cena vs. The Rock


Triple Threat, HIAC: The Undertaker vs. HBK vs. Trips


WWE Title: CM Punk vs. Sheamus


World Title: Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton


Tag Titles, Fatal 4 way: Colons vs. Ziggler & Swagger vs. Truth & Kingston vs. Jericho & Miz


Zack Ryder vs. Kane


IC Title: Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show


General Manager at stake:

Rey Misterio, Santino, Big Brodus & Teddy Long vs. Mark Henry, ADR, David Otunga & Johnny Ace



Not too far from the real thing and tried to stick to realistic possibilities coming off the Rumble. I like the idea of a multi man for the tag titles, gets people on the show and they'd half done the build a few weeks ago. Obviously Rey Misterio would be improbable. Would tweak the world title matches because Orton is a better challenger to Bryan and Punk and Sheamus would work well together. I liked the idea of a triple threat for the streak. Even after last week, I still want to see it.

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WWE Championship Match

The Rock Vs John Cena

Winner: Cena after he turns heel (Fuck off if you say its gonna be bad for business)


WWE Divas Title

Beth Phoenix Vs Trish Stratus

Winner: Phoenix


Hell In A Cell w/Special guest referee Mick Foley

Triple H Vs The Undertaker

Winner: The Undertaker


Grudge Match

Chris Jericho Vs Randy Orton

Winner: Orton (would have been nice of creative to mention Orton took Jericho out in October 2010)


Team Johnny Vs Team Long

CM Punk, Santino, R-Truth, Kofi, The Miz, Justin Gabriel & Brodus Clay Vs Wade Barrett, Ziggler, Del Rio, Drew McIntyre, Christian & Mark Henry

Winner: Team Johnny


Intercontinental Championship

Cody Rhodes Vs Goldust

Winner: Rhodes


World Heavyweight Championship

Sheamus Vs Daniel Bryan Vs Big Show

Winner: Sheamus


Street Fight

Kane Vs Zack Ryder

Winner: Zack Ryder

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Heres what I'd go for, with keeping it as realistic as possible....I'll be keeping


Once in a Lifetime - John Cena vs The Rock


WWE Championship - CM Punk vs Chris Jericho


Hell in a Cell - Triple H vs The Undertaker


World Heavyweight Title - Daniel Bryan vs The Big Show vs Sheamus vs Randy Orton


So Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan isn't setting the world alight is it? All of these men have claims for the title before my fantasy booking but here goes. In my timeline Jericho wins the Rumble then Daniel Bryan is running his mouth on Smackdown leading up to Elimination Chamber. The Smackdown EC would see the winner get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania, however the chamber match ends in some screwy circumstances with Bryan sneaking in somehow to try and cost people the match, but Sheamus ends up winning it anyway. So on Smackdown the other guys in the Chamber, Orton, The Big Show, Mark Henry and Christian all go to Teddy to try and get in the title match. So a series of matches ensues, playa. The Big Show batters Mark Henry to qualify, Randy Orton and Christian have another classic and Orton RKO's him qualifying to make it a 4 way dance on the grandest stage of them all.


Intercontinental Title Cody Rhodes vs Goldust


I was positive they were gonna do this, and its pretty self explanatory. Goldust wants one last chance in the spotlight, younger jealous brother tells him he's shit and past it. Maybe throw in Dusty "man, I raised some weird kids" Rhodes and you could have an excellent build up.


NXT Redemption Battle Royal


eh, yeah. What better way to end this glorious season of the worlds best TV show than at Wrestlemania. I can't think of what they'd win, maybe a title shot at some stage or something, but it would give guys a chance at mania and everyone loves Battle Royals? I'll plump for Derrick Bateman as the winner.


Team Long vs Team Laurinitus

Sort of the same as whats happening but i'd keep it to 4 vs 4. Christian gets fired by Long cause of his "One More Match" stuff and he joins team Excitement along with David Otunga, Mark Henry and Drew McIntyre. Teddy Long would have his merry band of rebels still captained by Santino Marella and joined by Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and Booker T for some reason.


The Miz vs John Morrison


yeah, yeah. John has said the door is open for a comeback so why not. The Miz comes out claiming he doesn't have a wrestlemania match, possibly because hes too good and says his wrestlemania moment will be sitting in the ring until he gets an opponent. Cue - John Morrison. Crowd goes wild. He returns, beats the Miz and comes back fresh and rejuvenated.


Dolph Ziggler vs Rey Mysterio


I reckon they'd have a stormer on the grandest stage of the all, so why not. Opener perhaps?

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WWE championship:

John Cena v The Rock


Hell In A Cell/Streak:

The Undertaker v Triple H v Shawn Michaels


World title - Vegan v Viper:

Daniel Bryan v Randy Orton


Hollywood Hornswoggle slaps a crying Miz about backstage, because The Miz didn't make 'Swoggles tea before entering the Gimmick Battle Royal II.


No. 1 contender Ladder match:

CM Punk v Chris Jericho


Gimmick Battle Royal II:

Whoever is alive. Mike Tyson wins, after eliminating The Miz.


Inter-gender match:

Maria Minoninoosounns/Zack Ryder v Eve/Kane


GM Match:

Sheamus/Big Show/Rey Mysterio/Santino/Jerry Lawler v Alberto Del Rio/David Otunga/Dolph Ziggler/Cody Rhodes/???(Lord Tensia)


Tag title match:

Kofi Kingston/R-Truth v Epico/Primo v Mark Henry


Show opens with Ace taking the mic off Lillian and sings 'America The Beautiful'. Otunga on piano.

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Alternate Card. Hmm interesting


Main Event: WWE Vs Hollywood


John Cena vs The Rock


The feud between the two had been built on one being a company man, and the other being a superstar, who had come back to kick arse because he didnt think that today's product was worth very much. The Rock had laid waste to a number of the roster, Rock bottoming the likes of Kane, Mark Henry, Del Rio et al to show that the new WWE wasnt a match on the old WWE.


Cena had risen up against the the hate (The Rock) and was the man to defend the companies honour.


Not wanting to have an end to the feud at Mania, the match ends with a Double DQ/Count Out after the two wrestlers have brawled all across the arena.



US Championship Match

Santino vs Jack Swagger (with Vickie Gurrero)


These two have had a mini feud of recent weeks and a match in between the Main Event's would keep the crowd alive, but not too pumped up. A load of near falls and then some botched interference from Vickie, leads to another Santino win after several near falls for Swagger. a decent 5-8 minute bout here



Hell in a Cell: Steak vs Retirement


Triple H vs The Undertaker


Screw Shawn Michaels. These two old timers come out and knock shit out of each other. Taker wins in the end by Chokeslamming Triple H from the top turnbuckle into the HITC cage and then Rolling him back into the ring for the 3 count and retiring Triple H



Tag Team Turmoil: Miz get's his mania match


Miz and a mystery partner ( Lord Tensai for his redebut), vs Primo and Epico (Tag Champs) and R- Truth and Kofi Kingston.


Miz finally gets his mania match after bigging up finding a partner. The Tag champs have a mandatory defence stipulation and Truth and Kingston work well together. Tag Champs go over as Truth and Miz start brawling. Tensai puts an impressive showing in the bout.



Diva's match


Beth Phoenix vs Maria whateverhernameis


Match ends with Karma led interference, ending the match in a No contest as she lays waste to the two Divas and then much of the rest of the division as they come out to try and stop her


World Heavy Weight Title Match


Sheamus vs D Bryan


Good back and forth match between the two. Sheamus nearly gets the win, but D-Bryan comes back with the Le Bell Lock out of nowhere to retain



GM vs GM match: Survivor Series Style 4 on 4


Team Laurenitis:- Mark Henry, Christian, ADR, Otunga (w/Laurenitis)

Team Long:- Rey Mysterio, The Funkosaurus, Sin Cara (Hunico under the mask if needs be), The Great Khali (W/ Long)

Team Long, gets taken down to 4 vs 2 after ADR and Otunga get eliminated quickly. Henry takes out Sin Cara and Khali in short shrift leaving 2 on 2. Funkosaurus then helps to eliminate Mark Henry, leaving it 2 on one. Rey gets the upper hand vs Christian, but when he goes for the pin, he is pulled off by Laurenitis. Long then squares up to Larenitis and hits him. Funkosaurus turns heel by coming to Laurenitis's aid and finishing off Long. Christian uses the confusion to hit the unprettier on Rey Rey for the three count. Long is fired.



Cody Rhodes vs The Big Show: Intercontinental title


Cody makes sure that Big Show has a night to forget as Kane comes along and gives the Show merry hell, because he can. Rhodes retains, sets up a Big Show Kane feud moving forwards



CM Punk vs Jericho: WWE Title


The two proclaimed best in the world, go at it for 15-20 mins with a great opener setting the scene for the rest of the show. Punk wins to send Jericho scuttling back to the rock he came from under.

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Show opens with Ace taking the mic off Lillian and sings 'America The Beautiful'. Otunga on piano.


Tell you what, if the GM tag is on first, that'd be *amazing*. In fact, they've gotta do the intro vid and pyro after that, so it could happen no matter when the match is! Please god let it come to pass.

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Once In A Lifetime:

John Cena vs. The Rock

Obviously. They do all the bits we want. Cena goes over in a clean match with no shenanigans.


WWE Championship:

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

Put it on just before Cena/Rock and after HIAC so to really make the WWE title look big. Punk wins.


Divas Championship:

Beth Phoenix vs. Kharma

The closest Women's wrestling will get to the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. Kharma gets bodyslammed near the end, Beth goes for the finisher, Kharma counters with her own to win.


Hell In A Cell:

Triple H vs. The Undertaker

HBK in front row, a couple of shots of him looking concerned. Bloody to fuck. Taker wins. Both men retire.


World Heavyweight Championship Scramble:

Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry vs. Sheamus vs. Christian vs. Randy Orton

Bryan starts with Sheamus. Henry and Christian follow. A fall or two are exchanged until Christian gets the pin, with Bryan injuring himself on the outside. Christian celebrates in the ring as if the match is over with tears when Orton comes out and kicks his arse for the 3. 45 seconds before the end, Orton clears the ring and Bryan shoves away the medics, rushing in for a roll-up. After getting the pin, Bryan is chased by Orton until the bell rings. YES! YES! YES! WORLD! HEAVYWEIGHT! CHAMPION! WRESTLEMANIA!


World Record Mask Attempt:

Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara

A typical big Lucha match with all the posturing and crowd-rousing that you could possibly need. Keep it fairly short due to their fragility and make it a Lumberjack match with all the low-card scrubs in masks as a cushion for a few big high-flying spots and stretch it out with brawling. Sin Cara wins, passing the torch and handshake afterwards.


Big Show vs. Shaquille O' Neal

Typical Big Show WM match. Gets the big time coverage and a great Wrestlemania moment in the face-off. O'Neal wins.


Falls Count Anywhere:

Zack Ryder vs. Kane

Backstage hardcorefest. Golf Clubs and Garden Hoses aplenty. Ryder wins when Kane tries to kill with a big spot, but takes the bump himself.


United States Championship:

Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger

Santino's massively over. Have him on the card to get the crowd going. Santino wins obviously.


Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny:

Justin Gabriel/Kofi Kingston/R-Truth/Brodus Clay/Mick Foley vs. Wade Barrett/Alberto Del Rio/Dolph Ziggler/Drew McIntyre/David Otunga

Same deal as real life. Johnny wins. Get Foley on the card for a big pop and a hot tag.


Intercontinental Championship:

Bunkhouse Brawl

Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust

The two Rhodes brothers in the match their father made. Have Cody win, while Dusty commentates. BAHSICKLE.


There we go. You've got high flying matches, hardcore brawls and a submission clinic in Punk/Jericho as well as some pure Sports Entertainment (Cena/Rock, Beth/Kharma) and enough stuff to make mainstream media go wild (The Rock, Shaq, World Record Attempt).

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