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Walkers Mystery Flavours


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I work in a cash and carry, and they really are trying to hype these crisps up like fuck to retailers. If you guess right you're in with a chance of winning 50 grand apparently.


Only thing is, here in Scotland, Jimmy Nae Fucker ever buys Walker's shite promotions. They usually end up out of date and stuck in the canteen.


A is definitely something along the lines of Pringles' sour cream and onion. Not 100% sure about the others.

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These normally wind up in the pound shop pretty sharpish, so I might get someone to bring me some. I sound like a fucking low-rent king, saying that - up on my throne, demanding tributes of pound shop crisps, and Raspberry Ruffles.


"Bring me a Wham Bar, knave!"

You mean the dollar shop?

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