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Hey, I'm doing lots of traveling for the next few weeks and need some podcasts. I listen to the Nerdist, AOW, Stephen Toboloswky, Gamble and Peacock, LAW, Ministry of Slam, Daily Bugle, Michelle Beadle and Grizzley Egg Bear Cafe, to give you a taste of what I like. So anything similar or something you guys listen to religiously, either wrestling, tv or humour related?

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Because it's illegal for bearded white men not to have one, I just launched my first podcast, You Are Haunted. "...writer & Fortean curator, Stuart Millard, shares listener-submitted and defi

On this recommendation, I started listening, and with all the pooing and wanking stories, obviously it became an instant favourite. But I'm really soured on it by recent events. Poppy got removed from

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Lots of great podcasts at Earwolf, including How Did This Get Made which Woyzeck mentions above. I recommend Comedy Bang Bang and Who Charted? especially.




Doug Loves Movies (Live movie discussion and games with comedians and people. John Lithgow was on it once.)

This American Life (Sort of like an American Radio 4. Always interesting and funny)

Smartest Man In The World (Greg Proops does an hour of stand up every week)

Superego (Sketch comedy)

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They're old now, but available everywhere online in all the usual slightly naughty places, the complete Russell Brand Shows from late 05-08. Get the pack, and you're set for fucking ages. Absolutely bursting with piss funny content too. I know he's a pretty polarising figure, but I've also known people who hate him do a complete 180 on him and realise just how bloody ace he is after listening through some of these. Highest recommendation.

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Football Ramble is superb. Football Weekly and ESPN Soccernet are good too, but can be dull and too quick to gloss over stuff.


I need new podcasts myself, preferably something like How Did This Get Made?, that kind of humour. Also film and/or game related. Any ideas?

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My week goes like this. A bit heavy on film and football but the wrestling podcasts are all just the same whinging wankers so don't bother anymore



Guardian Football Weekly 40 odd mins, always fun

TheGame with Gab Marcotti Around 40mins, pisses me off weekly but i still listen..

Monday Night Club around 90mins if there hasn't been a game. Shame they stopped doing Booted.



FilmJunk 2-3 hours. Funniest podcast i listen to.



Cinecast at Row3 can be between 3-4 hours



Guardian Football Weekly Extra!!!!!40 odd mins

The Art Of Wrestling



Guardian FilmWeekly 35minutes

The Film Programme 30mins Can be very dull but some decent interviews

Mark Kermode Film Reviews 90mins

Kick Off 90min- 2 hours



Filmspotting Listen to it more out of routine than actual enjoyment.



Day of rest


The odd others i listen to occasionally

Directors Club


Movie Club Podcast.


It's a full life.

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