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The Rik Mayall/ Ad Edmondson Shows One Liner Thread


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Basically I got one response to my question in the Simpsons one-liner thread and it was positive. That's all I needed to do this.


Just pick your fav jokes from the TV shows The Comic Strip Presents..., The Young Ones, Flithy,Rich and Catflap and Bottom, as well as Guest House Paradiso and The New Statesman and put them in here. I will allow Teenage Kicks if anyone can find anything remotely funny in that show.


I will start with my fav joke from Bottom: Burglary


Rik: Right Eddie tie him up!

Eddie: Yeah, give him a taste of his own medicine

Rik: Yeah, then give him a bit of my medicine. You don't know what I got yet!

Eddie: Yeah, tie him up. I can't seem to see the rope anywhere

Rik: Yeah, Can't seem to see the rope anywhere. Scare?

Eddie: Yeah, what about... blue tack?

Rik: Yeah!

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'I just had a great idea!'


'Well, what was the great idea then?'


'To drink that.'

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Bad News was my favourite thing ever.


Colin: All I am asking, Vim, is that you let me sing one number

Vim: Yeah! I know, and I say you can't! OK!

Colin: Well it's just not fair

Vim: Look, this is my band so its fair!

Colin: Well if thats the way it is, its my brothers PA and I say you all can't use it!



Vim: I am bored.

Colin: We'll get a wig then.

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