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Ian_hitmanhart Appreciation Thread


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"I provide gold and you lot dont appreciate it. I sometimes think its only me and Lenny Henry left. "

He's currently suspended, but I was thinking about Ian_hitmanhart a few hours ago when looking for a new Anvil avatar, and in combination with some mutterings about the 2011 Poster awards I thought it was about time we reminded ourselves what a top poster Ian truly is, and the contributions he has made to On Topic this year. Sterling form both with sharp barbs and top discussion, he even made the "Appreciation Thread" genre his own.


Shameless arselicking, but hell, I'll admit that a lot of Ian's posts have what have kept me logging on. It helps that we have similar tastes, of course, but let's recap the greatness Ian has contributed in 2011.


The Appreciation Threads

June 30th

Davey Boy Smith




August 21st

Rick Rude



September 10th




September 20th



Kevin Nash Fashion Thread (much better than that cheap imitation one that sprang up!)


His crowing glory, Bound For Gory.


The most recent masterpiece, Next week's Raw.




Hulk Hogan - the MAN.

Definitely the MAN.


Guess whose chin?

Yes, I am an ARTIST.

INFORMATIVE, not just argumentative.

Remembering Vince on Prodigy.

ROH, big time Charlies.

He's hard as nails...

He has a sensitive side, too.

Sting to WWE? Cena should turn.


No-body is safe

Dead wrestlers.


The overweight.

Mafia bores.


Geordie bints.



And finally

I will go to my grave still laughing at Ian's memory of the climax to SummerSlam 88.


This is the house that Ian built.




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He's currently suspended...

Surely not!? What have I missed?
Paul Parker not allowed to play Mafia.
Aw, that's bullshit. No wonder I hadn't seen it though, Mafia threads?! lol.Cracking tribute by the way. I'll admit that Ian's easily one of my favourite posters here. Suspending him is like WWE suspending Cena.
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He's a good lad is Ian. The best thing he's ever done for me is make me aware of that Video Nasties documentary last year, one of the best documentaries and DVDs dedicated to a film or group of films that I've ever seen. Good all-rounder, too, he (and Pitcos, for that matter) is an underrated off-topic bloke.

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Chin competition aside, this whole Undertaker/Sting thread is one of the most simultaneously brilliant and awful threads that I have ever read. You have several absolute morons reading absolutely everything they can into every piddling detail of a couple of promo videos so that they can to convince themselves, more than anyone else, that it is Sting. On the other hand you have the likes of Ian and Pitcos subtly winding them up with some superb comedy that keeps these idiots coming with their ridiculous theories just so they have more material to work with. It's almost Paul Merton-esque work from them both and several others like Butch, Loki and Cleetus in keeping the comedy flowing instead of outright flaming people (which was probably deserved, in fairness) and having them go away.Then occasionally it segues into some brilliant side-issues such as the Carbomb/Ian argument about Big Daddy V, the chin competition and semi-regular swipes at Ron Simmons and his Daniel Radcliffe / Pete Doherty nonsense that was kicking off in a separate thread at that time.It really is a microcosm of the very best and the worst that the UKFF has to offer. Someone should sit down and do a proper highlights package of it one day (maybe along with the Benoit thread as well) because it really is a great read in so many and various ways.
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