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Draw a picture of a wrestler in Paint

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Thats brilliant. Even the sublty of the purple (instead of the usual blue) Survivor Series flag in the background. Top marks. Your spot on as well. Fuji started kicking a bit of arse and when Demoliti



One for the WCW fans of old, Unfunny stocky moustachio'd WCW announcer didn't need to be on Nitro other week like Gene-o or Larry Z, no he was the Keith Richards of WCW instead just partying away like a maniac week after week, in fact he was such an animal that he actually went to parties a week ahead of schedule in the town Nitro wasn't even hosted in for another week! the only drawback of this seemingly well paid bender he was on was that he would need to ring in once a week for like 60 seconds and talk to the announcers, for some unexplained reasons he would just make terrible puns about Bobby Heenan that usually involved the word Weasel and then the announcers would abruptly end it, even mild mannered Schiavonne who always laughed out of politeness stopped in the end, the funny thing was you never heard any noises in the background and a suspicious person would think that maybe Slurms McKensie, I mean Lee Marshall was telling porky pies about his hedonistic partying lifestyle.

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