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Draw a picture of a wrestler in Paint

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Inspired by a competition on the Mick Foley stand up page to draw a picture of Mick in paint in order to win DVDs I thought it would be interesting to bring the concept to the UKFF.


Heres my attempt at a portrait of everybodies favourite chair shot taking, morbidly obese former legend.




Any comparrisons of that frankly abysmal picture to either Hillbilly Jim or Jum Duggan will be ignored.


Anybody who can do one of Danny Rodd without resorting to drawing a turd with arms must deserve some sort of prize.

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The original thread for this a few years back was amazing. Here are a few I done back then    

Mine too, absolute gold.   My contribution:  

I can see a lot of tomorrow being dedicated to these. Hopefully some of them might be good.

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It's a shame the last time we did this thread a couple of years back has disappeared instead of taking it's rightful place in UKFF Gold. Here's the ones I've still got that I did that time. Guess who they are. Some of them have who they are in the title. So don't fucking cheat and look at that.





















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Those are piss funny. Arn Anderson looks ace. It's a shame Lee's banned, because the one he did of Curt Hennig's death scene is the funniest thing I've ever seen on the internet.


I've just put loads of effort into a topical one.



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