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is cena, the hogan of his generation?


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I recently read in a post here, that "if cenas doing, what hogan did for me as kid nothing but good could come from this" or something along these lines.

People used to complain about hogan his whole career, even though he probably introduced then to wrestling. He couldn't wrestle and his promos are cheesy and old.

So what about cena? Back in the day old school fans weren't too keen on hogan and could enjoy something on the same level . But maybe cena can work in japan. Or if he went to tna and turned heel he could revelutioize wrestling. I'm not convinced, even in 93 I don't remember a chrous of boos for hogan, but what do you think?

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Scary/impressive thing is that in terms of being the top guy in the promotion for a continuous period, Cena is pretty much number two behind Hogan at this point. He's been the clear top guy (even when out injured) since the start of 2006, so five and a half years. That's longer than Backlund (who was gone almost immediately after losing the title), longer than Austin (who had five years from getting to the top to retiring, large parts of which he was out for), longer than Bret (who was often second-fiddle).


Shit as the business may be in many ways today, if you look at the fact that Cena has been the number one guy in the entire US for more than five straight years, it's absolutely insane if he doesn't get into the Observer hall of fame on the first ballot.

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