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Next number 1 babyface


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Tyler Black hes got everything needed



No he doesn't. Seth Rollins is as charismatic as a bowl of Weetabix. I doubt John Cena will be quaking in his boots anytime soon.



Unless someone lends him a tape of "This generations Flair vs Steamboat", obviously. Then the politics will start...

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Alex Riley has a good chance of getting some huge fan support as shown in recent weeks.



But, when the time is right though & I know websites / dirt sheets are reporting Vince is already planning / looking into this, when The Miz goes Face, I think he's charasmatic enough to get the crowd over on his side & behind him, even after all of his 'wrong doings'.


And I could see a Face Miz vs. Heel Del Rio programme looking quite nice, weather it be the Main Event Scene, Sub Main Event feud or just under Cena's next Super feud.


With the right build & story, plus the mic work from both Miz & Del Rio, could turn out to be a cracking feud with hopefully some good matches between the two, well, in theory of course once the Miz Face turn happens.

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Also maybe Tyler Black hes got everything needed imo


Oh fuck off.


My thoughts exactly.


If they pushed Evan Bourne, he could get very popular. He's creative in the ring, has a charm about him but I imagine he's not very good on the mic. He's an underdog too.


I think Zak Ryder will be a big babyface when they finally do something with him (I've not seen Raw yet).

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I really look forward to the return of Skip Sheffield. If they push him as someone who just ploughs through people he could be good. His Lariat was decent and his backpack stunner was pretty good too. They need some powerhouse who just goes through people. Ezekiel Jackson's been booked poorly but they might have had a chance with him. I think Skip would execute it better though. He has a crazed look too.

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I'd love to think Kofi Kingston had a chance at it.


The main reason for this comes from when I watched WrestleMania with a group of mates, several of whom weren't into wrestling at all. It took every one of them about half a second to become massive Kofi fans when he made his entrance, and they popped for everything he did (which admittedly wasn't much, but still). The main reason for this is because he's unique, and he just stands out as someone you'd recognise. He doesn't have the generic moany-rock entrance music, he's got colourful gear, he's got flashy moves - he already has what he needs for casuals and occasional watchers to remember him if they see him anywhere.


His ring work's always decent or better, and his stint on NXT showed he could do stuff on the mic, so he's got those qualities too.


If he got some development to his character - because at the moment he barely even has a character, never mind a developed one - and some kind of sustained interest was taken into elevating him, I'm sure he could be a top babyface - even if it only gets as far as the Mysterio/Savage/Hardy role of 'looks cool and unique, good in the ring'.


Won't happen, though. The Kofi ship has probably sailed. But the fact remains he was the group favourite out of anyone at WrestleMania who debuted after 2001.

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