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Rewrite WrestleMania XX


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In the 'Comments and thoughts that don't require a thread' topic i posed this question;


WWE has had two premiere titles for almost ten years now. Of the guys who have won either of those titles in that time, whom do you think would have still bagged the top title had it remained as solely the WWE title?


After a couple of responses and most believing Benoit would have gone on to win the main belt at some stage but Eddie wouldn't, i got to thinking about that period myself and disagreed, saying this;


I think Eddie is one that probably would have actually. How over he became and his popularity is something I don't think WWE would have ignored and not capitalised on. He was gaining such popularity and support throughout 2003, I reckon he'd have been a good shout to win the 2004 Rumble and bag the title against Triple H at Wrestlemania XX with the feel good ending. With Lesnar-Goldberg still happening after Lesnar cost Goldberg the title against Triple H or still cost him the Rumble after Goldberg eliminated him. And Benoit and Angle facing each other at Mania again or having become a tag team again maybe against Benjamin and Haas or one of them facing Michaels in the inter-promotional dream match.


Hell, maybe with Benoit, Rey, Jericho, other faces and Malenko, etc hitting the ring to congratulate him, and hoist him up on their shoulders in celebration similar to what actually happened and replicating events of ten years earlier.


And i've just seen NEWM post in the same thread the following;


Sorry if somebody already posted this above somewhere but I was having a leaf through the new Wrestlemania magazine they have out at the moment which documents all the previous Manias - their Benoit decision is an interesting one this time around, they've gone for a total wipeout. Anything he was near they've completely obliterated. So, for example, there was no World Title match at Wrestlemania XX, no two-titles match at Mania 2000, etc etc. Thus wiping out the efforts, images and histories of his opponents as well as him.


I'm not saying it's paticularly wrong, but I've noticed previously on the History website how they've always just left it there, and the inclusion of his match on the Elimination Chamber collection made me think they would just go with the "Okay, he was here, we'd just rather not mention it unless we really have to, thanks very much", which personally I think is a more than balanced compromise to satisfy the angrier types that seem desperate to have legacy maintained despite his actions.



As it's WrestleMania season, WrestleMania threads are a necessity so, as Chris Benoit is being written out of WrestleMania history by WWE how would you rewrite WrestleMania XX and the road leading to it with all Chris Benoit involvement eradicated?


Going by what i've said up there the main matches on my resulting card (imagining there was only the WWE title i guess) looks like this:


WWE title match

Triple H vs Eddie Guererro



Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar



Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels

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How much creative freedom are we allowed?, and are we just working with one belt?. I'd like to have Evolution be the ones who helped Vince bury Taker at Survivor Series, then have nearly everything on Takers side play out the same as it did originally back in 2004 before returning at WM20 to take on HHH for the Raw belt (going on last). Obviously though, if there's only one belt then Taker needs to return at, and win the Rumble, which probably wouldn't be as good, and I may end up choosing something else instead.




Lay down some rules!.

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Ok Cleets. For the purposes of creating storylines and build leading to the event lets say that Chris Benoit was abducted by aliens or something following WrestleMania XIX and disappeared off the face of the planet to never be heard of (or referenced) ever again as everyone in WWE also got Men in Black Explosive AMNESIA Rayed of any of his existence.


You can go back as far as Survivor Series if you like (due to any changes you want to make to the Undertaker angle) but start from at the latest The Royal Rumble as obviously that would change drastically without Benoit and where everything really takes shape.


The WWE and World title are both about. But you have creative license to alter that. If you are starting from Royal Rumble the title matches were:


WWE title match


Brock Lesnar vs Hardcore Holly


World Title Last Man Standing Match


Triple H vs Shawn Michaels


With how the actual result of the World title match went you have a decent enough angle to work with there to ditch the World belt if you so wish. And if you always wanted Hardcore Holly to main event WrestleMania (maybe in Benoits place) now's your chance to share your dreams.


So you could theoretically have a logical unification WWE and World title Triple threat of Triple H vs Brock Lesnar vs Shawn Michaels as your main event.

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I'd have actually been tempted to save Eddie's No Way Out title win for Wrestlemania instead, in the main event match. You could've either slotted him in the Triple Threat match, keep the one on one match with Angle or possibly make it four way between all of them, with two Raw guys vs two Smackdown guys being part of the build as well as the fact they detested each other individually. Instead of Brock and Eddie at No Way Out, you could've had Angle and Brock again (Angle was still a face at this point I believe?) with Goldberg still costing Brock the title and leading to that match.

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The main event..



World Heavyweight Title. HHH © w/Ric Flair vs Undertaker


Yeah, same scenario as before. HHH just plays his usual cocky self in the build up to this, but is clearly bricking it every time Takes plays one of his tricks, throw in a "I don't care what you're coming back as Taker, Deadman or Badass, I am the game-uhhhh" style promo and you should be all set. Also Flairs role would be played up quite big in the lead-up (wanting revenge for WM18 or whatever), leading to a spot during the match where after a ref bump Flair gets in the ring and starts beating on Undie, only to have the lights go out, and when they come back on PAUL BEARER is back!, and cracks flair with the urn then chases/waddles after him up the ramp/throught the crowd or something.. The rest is pretty obvious. I think a Deadman return and title win would be a fitting end to WM20, MSG would eat it up.





I'll do the rest of the card tomorrow. Right now I like the idea of Cena beating Lesnar in "Career match/Loser must retire" kinda deal, but I'll probably change my mind by morning time, coming up with something for Goldberg that isn't a match vs Brock is going to be a bitch as well.




Good thread.

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Everything up to (and including) Armageddon 2003 happened the way it did in real life.


Post-Armageddon TV

Following Armageddon 2003, Brock makes an appearance on RAW to promote himself and issue an open challenge to anyone from Raw for his WWE title, claiming there is nobody left for him on Smackdown. At first, a couple of low-carders come out- Brock decimates them. Later that week on Smackdown, Eddie gets in Brock's face- saying he hasn't beat him yet. Brock tells him he is not even in his league yet etc. Brock keeps up his RAW open challenge until Goldberg comes out. Brock calls him a loser after he lost his title at the last PPV, and that he is far superior as he is still champion. Someone (whoever the fuck was GM back then), makes the match for the Rumble. Brock isn't best pleased. Meanwhile Eddie is trying to prove himself as the top guy around to challenge Brock.


Royal Rumble

Triple H bt. Shawn Michaels- handshake afterwards thus turning Trippers face

Brock bt. Goldberg, after Evolution appeared on stage to distract Goldberg. Before the match, Orton taunted Goldberg for losing his title against Triple H and having to go after Brock's title instead- Goldberg grabbed him by the throat (thus explaining the Orton interference).

Kurt Angle wins the Royal Rumble, lastly eliminating Eddie- who was the third or fourth entrant. Crowd were behind Eddie throughout, who showed HBK-like heart and eliminated a lot of guys whilst being fucking knackered.


Post-Rumble TV

Eddie, who impressed everyone by outlasting 20+ superstars to eventually lose to Angle, calls out Brock and challenges him at No Way Out. Brock accepts, it's on. Meanwhile, Brock still does his Raw invitational gimmick- beating off challenges from lower wrestlers and eventually calling himself Raw's true world champion. World Heavyweight Champion Triple H takes exception to this, a feud begins.

Goldberg in the meantime is still taunted by Orton- who has since taken over as leader of Evolution- over his loss at the hands of Brock. He claims Goldberg is not even a legend, so he has no business with him in the ring.

Evolution do not lose the tag titles and went into Wrestlemania as champions. RVD & Booker, who challenged Evoltion for the titles on Raw, argued and blamed each other for the loss. Teasing a Booker heel turn.


No Way Out

Eddie bt. Brock, with help from Triple H

Kurt Angle bt. John Cena & Big Show in a triple threat- Angle's #1 contendership on the line. Angle pinned Cena, after Show knocked him out with Cena's chain and Angle delivered an Angle slam to Show. Show beatdown on Cena afterwards.

Chavo bt. Rey Mysterio for the Cruiserweight title, with help from Chavo Classic


Post-No Way Out TV

Brock is obviously a bit pissed off with Triple H, and the feud boils over. Triple H asks if he finally wants a shot at becoming the main player of Raw, by giving him a shot at his World title at Wrestlemania.

Angle & Eddie have a bit more prepartion for their Mania match than they did in the real Mania 20, as their feud started following the Rumble match.

Orton keeps ducking Goldberg, wanting no part of him, until Goldberg costs Orton the IC title in a match against RVD. Goldberg now has Orton's attention and a match at Mania is signed. Goldberg is outnumbered by Evolution each week, until Foley makes the save. Flair blasts Flar, the usual 'glorified stuntman' schtick, asks him to go and find anyone he wants to challenge him and Big Dave for the tag titles at Mania. Foley chooses The Rock.

Booker T still blames RVD for their shot at tag team gold and is furious that RVD no longer has the tag titles as a priority since he became IC champion. Booker turns nasty on RVD, attacking him visciously. Title match set up for Mania.

Shawn Michaels appears on Smackdown and puts over the guys here, congratulates Eddie on his win and says he has a lot of heart like him. He also says that another superstar has a lot of heart, Rey Mysterio, and that he has a lot of respect for him. Chavo comes out and confronts HBK, Michaels delivers sweet chin music. Chavo defends his CW title against Rey, with help from Chavo Classic again, HBK makes the save. HBK cuts a promo saying that he didn't come to Smackdown to be Rey's buddy, he came to see if Rey really was the real deal and wanted to challenge him at Wrestlemania. Mysterio accepts.

Ultimo Dragon, in the meantime, wins a battle gauntlet to become number 1 contender for the CW title. Says it's his dream to wrestle at MSG.


Wrestlemania XX

MAIN EVENT- World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H bt. Brock. Crowd goes nuts, lots of anti-Brock chants as the rumours of his pending departure are flowing.

WWE Title: Eddie bt. Angle.

Randy Orton bt. Goldberg. Steve Austin was the ref, stunnered Orton after the match. Gave a beer to Goldberg, stunner.

World Tag Titles: Ric Flair & Batista bt. Rock N Sock Connection

Shawn Michaels bt. Rey Mysterio in a close bout- where Rey came very close to winning. Handshake after the match, though Rey is angry with himself

Cruiserweight Championship: Chavo Guerrero bt. Ultimo Dragon with help from Chavo Classic. Ultimo doesn't fall over.

US Title: John Cena bt. Big Show. As normal.

IC Title: RVD bt. Booker T.

Undertaker bt. Kane

WWE Tag Titles: Benjamin & Haas bt. Dudley Boyz

Christian bt. Chris Jericho

Women's title: Victoria bt. Molly Holly


That Divas tag match never fucking happened on my watch. My show still has 12 matches. Plus I could alot more time to each match by not having the cruiserweight guntlet and the four-way tag matches, which would've had a lot more time for entrances than my booking sheet.


Edit: I realise in doing this I am ending the Evolution stable (as a four man entity, anyway) months earlier. Never mind, I'm sure we could turn Trippers back heel after he's disposed of Brock.

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Eddie wins the Rumble and comes over to Raw to challenge HHH, amidst a bunch of "you people don't win titles" build-up.



Similar to the feud they did have, only a year earlier. It would involve Michaels coming to Smackdown, probably as a surprise entrant in a multi man match to determine the WrestleMania number one contender at No Way Out. The two of them would then start a one-upmanship feud, and Angle's heel turn would be part of this. He'd break Marty Jannetty's ankle in their match as well. Angle retains at WrestleMania, Michaels goes back to Raw in the draft a couple of weeks later. Angle, needing to take time off for an injury, loses the title to Undertaker on the first Smackdown after WrestleMania.


I'd keep the rest of the card much the same as it was, except Batista and Ric Flair would have the Raw tag titles and there wouldn't be a fatal four way, or if there was, it'd be a number one contender match.


My only issue would be what happens with JBL after WrestleMania. Kicking out the Mexicans was a huge part in establishing that character. I suppose he could feud with Rey Mysterio before going on to win the title from Undertaker in the summer.

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Eddie gets in Brock's face- saying he hasn't beat him yet. Brock tells him he is not even in his league yet etc.



Brock had already beaten Eddy quite easily before, back end of 2002 it would have been.

OK, even easier to book then. Eddie says to Brock that he may have beaten him before but he is a different man to the one he beat over a year ago. Brock laughs it off, saying it was easy then and it would be easy now. Go away little Mexican, let me find a new challenger. Eddie then is motivated to prove to not only himself but also the rest of the world that he is capable of being a worthy challenger to Brock. He comes so close to winning the Royal Rumble after outlasting shedloads of other guys, and on Smackdown is beating the top guys on that show to cement himself as the outright number 1 contender come No Way Out.


Lots of montages of Eddie training hard, how he has overcome his 'demons' (JR would love to throw a voiceover to that one), and who he has beaten recently to earn the shot.

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Can I go with the South Park option and just black Benoit out with a black rectangle like the Prophet Muhammad??


If not, as follows:


WWE Title:

Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle

Guerrero wins for Mania moment


Battle of the 3rd Generation Superstars:

The Rock vs Randy Orton

Before the match, Orton congratulates HHH on his win but questions his compassion after the match, an exhausted HHH tells him he has a bright future and to remember who he is talking to. Orton says he will. Orton wins after RKO number 3.


World Heavyweight Championship:


I imagined that a Mania singles match with these two would have been special - HHH retains. Michaels offers a handshake, HHH rejects it at first but eventually shakes (no huggy embrace or nothing).


Rock cuts Wrestlemania Promo.


The Undertaker vs Kane - no change


Hardcore Match:

Mick Foley vs Ric Flair

Pre-match promo with Foley telling people he is going into it like a man alone and wants no help. Flair says the same in a room with pissed off Batista. Flair wins given an assist from a pissed off Batista. After match, Batista is assaulting Foley and Flair gets mad at Big Dave - but eventually they cool off.


Chris Jericho vs Christian - no change


Batista vs Goldberg

Goldberg seals it with the Jackhammer


John Cena vs Big Show - no change



In preparation for this, the No Way Out main events would have been Evolution vs Rock/Foley/Goldberg/HBK (with Orton scoring the pin on The Rock in their only physical interaction of the night) and Angle vs Lesnar, which somehow ended up in a non-finish double pin. Guerrero (Rumble winner) would have already said he'd face the winner of that match which means Triple Threat at Mania. Also, Batista is viewed as latter day "Altered Beast" Batista and Orton is more Modern Day Orton. ie both are good.


The show leads to a HHH/Flair vs Orton/Batista feud and HBK questioning whether he can still hack it. Flair gets taken out of the equation leading to DEGENERATION X REFORMATION OF AMAZINGNES FOR SUMMERSLAM!!!~~~~

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John Cena vs Brock Lesnar:

Lesnar was leaving anyway. It would have been a great way for Cena to run him out of the WWE. And as green as Cena was, it couldnt have been worse than Goldberg vs Lesnar.


Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs. Eddie Guerrero:

If you want to do the feel good ending, just replace Benoit with Guerrero. They could have replaced Lesnar's evil patronising ways about his drug abuse with Triple H cutting promos on him, and you could have played up Shawn Michaels past abuse with Guerrero saying stuff like "you are the path that I'm leading to. I had drug issues, like you, and like you I'm going to carry this company on my back like you have" etc. etc.


Mick Foley and The Rock with Jimmy Snuka vs Randy Orton, Batista and Ric Flair with Cowboy Orton Jr.:

This is the idea Foley suggested and the fuckers never went with it. Orton Jr. and Superfly Snuka were the original corner men at the first WrestleMania. How fitting (Snuka being one of Rock's family and Orton being Randy's Dad) it would have been to do this angle on this PPV? Dont even know why they said no.


Vince vs Hogan:

I'd have waited a year, because everyone said that match was a year to early. WrestleMania XX would have been perfect for this match. But still. Piper does a run in and all that shit.


The Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio - In A Body Slam Challenge Match:

There wasnt enough WrestleMania I references in this PPV for my liking and as you can see from my list, I'm doing my best to rectify this situation. This will be billed as a David vs Goliath type thing. Mysterio will win somehow. I'm sure the road agents will figure that one out.


Victoria vs. Molly:

I'd have changed the stipulation to where instead of shaving the head, the loser would have her pussy shaved. The match would end in a double DQ after Jimmy Hart ran in. Brutus Beefcake would be doing the cutting.


Christian vs. Chris Jericho:

Keep this how it was. Was quite good, what I remember of it.


Clusterfuck Ladder Gimmick thing:

I'd plonk everyone else who didnt have a match in here.


The Undertaker vs Kane:

I'll leave this how it was. It was pretty decent at the time, and it seems a shame to change it. One thing I wanted to see happen though was the druids put Kane in the coffin and one of them lowers his hood to reveal Pete Rose! It would have been a funny little addition to him getting revenge for all those tombstones.


Kurt Angle vs Goldberg:

This was back when Angle could carry anyone to something that resembled world class. This would have been intense as fuck. I'd pay to see this now. Steve Austin is the referee because I cant quite find a place for him on the card.


Gimmick Battle Royal:

You cant have enough nostalgia on a show. Repo Man, Doink, Skinner and the usual lads turn up for the fastest match and the longest enterances in WWE history.

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Victoria vs. Molly:

I'd have changed the stipulation to where instead of shaving the head, the loser would have her pussy shaved. The match would end in a double DQ after Jimmy Hart ran in. Brutus Beefcake would be doing the cutting.


Molly ends up disqualified by special referee Mean Gene for obsessively trying to remove Victoria's tights in order to prove Victoria already sports a shaven haven.


Unfortunately the PPV goes off the air after the amount of time elapsed as Beefpiece struggles to find the appropriate tools and then takes forever to shear off Molly's muff, which he later likens to "Carlito's barnet but made of barbed wire."


Would have made an even better visual than this :



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World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels


WWE Championship Match:

Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerrero


The Undertaker vs. Kane


Kurt Angle vs. Goldberg


The Rock & Mick Foley vs. Evolution


Chris Jericho vs. Christian - Trish Stratus Ref


Money In The Bank w/ whomever


Filler women's contest

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