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Worst Factions Of All Time.


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Groups I hated/ Still Hate


X Factor, although I like them a bit more now and see some sort of potential if they had been pushed, especially a Credible/ X Pac tag team. At the time they were just an annoying jobber tag team with no direction or individuality


LaResistance - Just hated the look and how boring I personally found them


will think of more

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I always thought the Natural Born Thrillers were the drizzling shits. Only two and a half of them were any good and the shiteness of the others more than cancelled that out.


Good call. RENO!! may be the the worst wrestler I've ever seen, Coach Kevin Nash was quality though.



the beautiful people (madison rayne, velvet sky and lacey von erich edition)



Consider yourself disqualified.

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What is with all the X-Factor hate? Any group that has X-Pac attached to it instantly has great credibility. They actually had some success in winning the Intercontinental, Light-Heavyweight and Cruiserweight championships. They really should have ran more with the Credible/X-Pac tag team as they had good chemistry together.


My nomination for worst faction ever has to be PMS.

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