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Pobol Y Cwm is shit hot, and easily the best British soap at the mo.


Of all time though, probably 1990's Eastenders for me. Nigel Bates, Clyde, Big Ron, Tricky Dicky, Huw and Lenny, and of course Ethel's dog Willy. Great days, and a golden era.



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Coronation Street for me, there is way loads of funny characters in it and the storylines are much better than any other soap. Eastenders is very annoying at the moment with this stupid fucking annoying little cockhead:


And then you have these bunch of Ali G wannabe morons:




And don't forget these greasy group of tramps:



And then you have this appauling actor and his fuckfaced mother:



Just end it now. End the pain.

Let Phill get drunk, flush Beale's head down the bog again, bring in some decent gangsters (Yeah, proper ones. Not ones who are my age with knives in their tracksuit pockets with their hoods up). Bring back Nick Cotton in his old wheelchair with his Ma. Get rid of all the terrible child actors, bring back all the older ones.

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Eastenders for me.


Emmerdale is far too boring, and Coronation Street has too many old people. I like Norris, whenever I catch a few minutes of the show. Hollyoaks is terrible, and even worse now Jodi Albert left :( Doctors...is that even a soap?


Neighbours and Home & Away, I don't know. I used to watch Neighbours, but I tried to watch recently, and everyone has changed so much, I just can't watch it.

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Eastenders here.


Not going to even attempt at saying its the best soap etc etc but do watch it every week and do enjoy it.


Last few years its been on top form, not sure what the new producer is going to bring to the show and theres going to be changes left, right & centre from what I have seen/heard but do enjoy the show.


Ian's character the last few years (the comedy side) has been brilliant.

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Hollyoaks is terrible, and even worse now Jodi Albert left :(


Jodi Albert left Hollyoaks about 6 years ago!


I think Doctors is pretty good, actually. I like seeing all the guest appearances by people who used to be in The Bill. And the fit nurses.

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EastEnders has been tremendous under Diederick Santer and it's the only soap I stand a chance of watching most nights. Corrie just does absoloutely nothing for me, whereas EastEnders feels like a Snatch Lite at it's best.And it's got Phil Mitchell. And I hear he hits the crack pipe pretty soon. That's got me watching.

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Neighbours has been 90% awful for years, but I still watch it out of habit, as I grew up with the older characters like Lou Carpenter, Paul Robinson, Toadfish and the Kennedys, and couldn't bear not knowing what becomes of them. If they'd kill that lot off in another plane crash, I could mercifully give up on the show.Home and Away's where it's at. A far greater hit-to-miss ratio, with some absolutely stonking storylines like Miles Copeland's invisible friend and the year-long people smuggling case.

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