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DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently #2

The Cum Doctor

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Unless I read neil wrong, we need a second thread now that the old one is in Gold. Unfortunately, this coincides with my want to post my IMDB ratings here, and my explanations for them. It also coincides with me watching ...




There is all sorts of horrible shit in this movie, it's sort of hard to pick moments which made me want to turn off more. And I don't mean in the "eeeewwww" way either. I mean the "oh fuck off with this" way. I will admit that it did shock me in the "eeww" way though. One of the main problems with this in the first half is that the leads are monotonous. Willem Defoe is reduced to a boring bastard when really, he is usually great fun to watch. This doesn't help the fact that he's a horrible cunt in this movie. Defoe as a horrible cunt should be good right ? He just gets worse and worse as the movie goes on, but he's just so boring that you don't give a fuck about him anyways, and the same can be said about the female lead as well.




Minimum score of 1 for any movie seeing as you need to have that, but I did add something for a small child doing a Body Splash from a window ledge at the start.

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Probably the best place for this:


by Danny Dyer and Nick Love, where they grow increasingly furious as the critical shit-canning it received. Hilarious.


Recently I saw Crank 2, it was lots of fun and stupid. Not as good as the first because that was so fresh and original at the time.. But it's more of the same so you'll definitely be entertained by it if you liked the first one.


I've seen a few films recently I can't remember which ones I already mentioned in my last post in the old thread.. Whatever!

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It always infuriated me, so I'm glad you've fixed it now.


EDIT: that Outlaw commentary is unbelievable. I take it the film is shit, right?

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