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  1. Dick Dale, legendary guitarist, inventor of surf music and blower up of amps has died at 81 after a lengthy period of poor health. Probably best known these days as the bloke that did that tune from Pulp Fiction.
  2. My legs appear briefly in a Lawnmower Deth video.
  3. We were talking about this yesterday as Neverland is currently up for sale. It's a massive, massive property with lakes, pools, a professional quality cinema, a zoo, dance studios, stables, a fire station, it's own railway and God knows what else. It might be going (relatively) cheap, but I'm not surprised there's no takers because the upkeep on the place must be insane.
  4. Sorry, you want me to point out the difference between Twisted Sister and T-Rex?
  5. No, we're taking about glam metal, which is neither hair metal nor glam rock. You can be forgiven slightly though as many ignorant youngsters these days label glam metal bands as hair metal, just because they often had big hair.
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