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  1. I hadn't noticed until Enter Sandman, but that's possibly because she was locked in the dungeon or bouncing around in the background dressed as a cheerleader.
  2. They've been doing this every Sunday since lockdown started last year. Mad as hatters, the pair of them, but it makes a nice change from all the doom and gloom of 2020.
  3. I had an unhealthy crush on her when I was a teenager, primarily influenced by a picture of her in a "teach yourself guitar" book that after an unhealthy amount of time searching, doesn't appear to exist online. She had wonderful 80s hair. More recently, I've found her to be a manipulative bitch with a questionable approach to bathroom cleanliness.
  4. I was about to go on my lunch break when my manager points out I still have loads of unused holiday, and insists I add 24 hours to my lunch break and come back tomorrow. I agree to this, and as I'm packing up my stuff (in what is now a bay-fronted typical 1930s semi) I notice that the ceiling is damp. So I go upstairs and the bath is overflowing, but very gradually as the taps aren't on, and the plug isn't in. I have a rummage and start to pull a mass of long hair out of the plug, suggesting that the waste pipe is clogged. In comes Susannah Hoffs of The Bangles, who starts to se
  5. The ATM gets a plaque, and Reg doesn't. Oh, how quickly one's star may fall.
  6. Nostalgia Nonce


    I remember that story too, and can specifically remember the picture that accompanied it as it was the first real indicator of just how terrible she looked. If she's bitching about the women and wants to wrestle guys again, then that is the story. For that though, she needed to keep some size and not slim down to her WM-X7 physique. Stick her against some light heavyweights, showing that she can match them in strength and athleticism, whilst bitching about how the women should be able to offer her some competition the way the guys could. This then paves the way for bigger str
  7. If there's one good thing that's come from the Trump debacle, it's that I'm now aware of Laura Coates.
  8. Seconded. There's moments where he outshines Alan, such as....
  9. Yeah, there were photo's of what appeared to be a fat balding Val appearing on an indie show, which he then revealed to be his brother (Vic Venis?), who was doing the same gimmick. I'm now wondering if his "brother" actually exists, and it was fat Val all along.
  10. Boss Man's ineligible. You can't be in two rumbles at the same time.
  11. I always clung on to the slim, slim chance that classic Val would make a surprise appearance in a novelty Battle Royale or special episode of Raw. I think there's now more chance of Crash Holly turning up.
  12. The night before last I dreamed that I was staying in a Travelodge style hotel, and for reasons that never became clear, Richard Madeley managed to blag his way into crashing in my room. Straight away he brings back a group of young folk that he's met, three girls and one guy (who had very shiny dark hair, and might have been Guitar Max from YouTube). Richard reveals that he actually knows one of the girls as she vomited on him once, before gleefully adding the swerve that it happened while they were having a threesome with another girl, Richard wastes no time in whipping her (and possib
  13. https://www.msnbc.com/all-in/watch/chris-99178053752 A pretty good summation of just how serious the "protest" was.
  14. Has Trump actually been seen in person since this happened?
  15. Is it now confirmed that she was shot by police and not another protestor?
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