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  1. I thought his intention was to join the fire service?
  2. This one always gets my vote for stupidest spot. Anything that high impact, where the first thing to hit the mat is your opponents face was never going to end well. The video cuts out just before the ref hesitates to count the 3, because this wasn't even intended as the finish.
  3. I don't know if I want to ruin the magic now. It was hard enough seeing her as the maid in Modern Family.
  4. Golden Voyage is definitely the better of the two, but in fairness to his George Lucas style counting, Seventh Voyage was the first and Harryhausen's work improved so much over the films he made in between. Seventh Voyage does have one of my favourite pieces of human/model interaction though, the sword fight with the Skelton where dents appear in the shield as Sinbad strikes it.
  5. He was over 200 years old. That's good innings, even for a Wookie.
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