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  1. This doesn't bode well for celebrities being papped from half a mile away with their jugs out.
  2. On today's episode of "I have no idea": After last nights bath he legs it into his bedroom as per usual, and I come in to find him sat on his bed but hiding under his towel. As I sit on the bed next to him, he lets out a massive trump, pokes his face out from the towel and proudly states "I'm Toby MaGuire!" He's also taken his ability to recite things from a single listen to new levels. https://www.tiktok.com/@karen4shaw/video/6950673751243640069?sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6912234133477705222&is_from_webapp=v1&is_copy_url=0
  3. Never realised Harry and William were such big fans of Jill Dando.
  4. Big Brother hall of famer Nikki Graham has died as a result of her anorexia at the age of 38. Apparently she was able to "justify" her food intake to herself by balancing it out with exercise. With the gyms closed, she just stopped eating.
  5. They don't open until 11am, so I'm bereft of a greasy breakfast. Bereft! Got to take my daughter to work in half an hour, so might take the scenic route and get nuggeted.
  6. Vaccinated at 9am, and there's only kebab shops and a KFC nearby. This is bullshit.
  7. I used to work at a bowling alley, and one of the lads there had epilepsy, and also no big toes (amputated, but I never found out why). So one day John* is on his way to the staff room for his lunch break and has a fit, emptying his milkshake into the photocopier in the process. Management made it very clear that they weren't happy with him, and seemed even more unhappy that they couldn't punish him for it. *His real name.
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