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  1. I reckon they just won't answer the door and pretend they're not in.
  2. Fuck! I forgot Lemmings! How could I forget Lemmings? The amount of effort we put in trying to deliberately kill them with the traps/contraptions just to see the method of dismemberment.
  3. Turns out that going round a water park at night and stubbing the same toe twice on their concrete steps does indeed take its toll. Supposed to be going to the beach today, which is notorious* for concealed rocks under the water so what's the betting I bash it again? *Slight exaggeration.
  4. Mario Kart was in my draft list and was essentially number 11. One of the things I based my choices on was "How many hours did we spend playing this game?", and Mario Kart definitely scored highly in this, mainly because of the three eras that it became the current hot game in (SNES, N64 and DS).
  5. It's actually two pyramids, representing the hierarchy of power. One is inverted to represent how the masses could end up on top of the rich few, if only they could be arsed.
  6. My boy turns 3 at the end of July, so conversations at the moment are either repetitive, hilarious, or utterly bizarre (such as blurting out "Goodbye, someone else's willy!" whilst undressing him for a bath). We flew into Tenerife today and as we were descending we hit a bit of turbulence. Despite having an impressive vocabulary for a 2 year old, he doesn't know turbulence, and so described the plane as being hit with a "wind wave". I'll be dammed if that's not a far better term for it.
  7. Nope, I did too. I've tried to go for games that made a significant impact when I first played them, and GTA III was a whole new ball game.
  8. They might want to know how much of a financial catastrophe his London buses were though. And saying that he likes "making model buses" when he's responsible for buses that look pretty but aren't much cop is indeed a cunt move.
  9. I'll PM you, as this isn't the place for such convos: I won't pretend that I knew Lionheart well, just enough that we'd say "hello" at the beginning of the night and "see you later" at the end. He was a good hand in the ring though, and always came across as a decent chap backstage.
  10. I'm the same, and I was only a casual gamer back then, which is why I tend not to venture into gaming threads.
  11. Got propositioned by a lady on the way home from the gym tonight. Granted, she was asking for money and was stood in an area known for prostitutes, but it's nice to know I've still got it.
  12. Today I learned that D'lo Brown is a certified public accountant. Nobody does commentary like good ol' JR.
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