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  1. I misread that as "Emmerdale's Seventh Heaven", and imagined something quite different.
  2. Can't believe they pixelated Davey Boy's sublime buttocks. There's no need to make it that family friendly.
  3. I don't remember a culture of people making excuses for Steve Austin's violence toward women, or him trying to downplay it by saying how someone else did something much worse to somebody somewhere.
  4. I've no idea who Rance is, or what he's done. However, you seem very aware, and instead of using this opportunity to speak up against him, you're defending Quack. Double standards indeed.
  5. Ah right. So when you said that he cheated on his wife with a trainee, you actually meant that he cheated on his wife with someone that wasn't a trainee. Yeah, silly me for getting that wrong.
  6. I'm not suggesting that you're wrong, but at around the 6 minute mark in that video, Mike says that he's never been in "that kind of relationship with a trainee". If it's "well publicised" and "everyone knows" that he did, then you've just proven that Mike is being disingenuous.
  7. I definitely had GoBots (or, as they were known at the time, Robo Machines) before I knew what Transformers were. My first was the black train, bought from a toy shop in Hunstanton where big Dave Prowse would later make an apperance.
  8. And their planet is shaped like an apple core, as they built the metal planet around the original organic one.
  9. I've no idea how true or exaggerated it is, but I heard the James Mason dangling story before I even knew who James Mason was. It's a well travelled tale.
  10. Yeah, Rock Lords were were utter shite. Nugget the robot was tolerable, but otherwise I had no desire to own one. GoBots were a bit hit and miss. They had some good designs, but my bugbear with them was that they often did nothing to hide the robot face when it was in vehicle mode other than have it facing downwards.
  11. Non-transforming Transformers? Whoever thought of that needs a gentle re-educating in a dark room with no CCTV.
  12. Does he ...... always talk like ...... William Shatner ..... trying to suppress ..... hiccups? It does come across as somewhat insincere.
  13. So you start with your fingers nicely parallel, playing with correct finger technique, and after using the stretchy thing, you'll twist your fingers and move them against the joint. Brilliant.
  14. My health and fitness is suffering badly from lockdown. Aside from no commuting, I now have no filing cabinet or printer to visit and so barely move out of my chair all day. I was cutting it fine after dropping the boy of at nursery, so had to go straight up the stairs from the road, the stairs to the house, and two flights of stairs to get to the attic where my work station is. I was seeing stars by the time I got to the top and my heart was thumping away.
  15. Shinjuku Incident is great, but it's a drama, not an action film. I'll probably watch Armour of God 3 at some point, but I'll pretend it's not related to the other two, which will be easy as I already pretend Operation Condor isn't the sequel to Armour of God.
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