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  1. 18 is three sixes, so full HD Satanism all by itself.
  2. "Who's your daddy, Montreal?" Oh fuck, Shawn's gonna die.
  3. It's amazing how such a vibrant personality like Barrymore can take an upbeat song like this, and somehow make it sound morbid.
  4. Nostalgia Nonce


    The last job I didn't get, I'd gotten my hopes up a bit much because when they sent the generic feedback out to all the applicants, all the correct answers to the competency based part were spot on with what I'd put. I got even more excited when they rang and gave me some specific feedback, and mentioned that the generic feedback was actually based on the "model answers" I'd given. And then they said no, but I should try again because if I can show suitable competency, then there's no reason I shouldn't be successful. Bleh.
  5. Nostalgia Nonce


    In the past colleagues who filled in our yearly "annoymous" survey got taken to one side and spoken to about the comments they left, and now they moan about how few people fill it in. This morning I was met with a text message from our central emergency communications whatever saying how there's been a major outage and very few systems are working. I log in and find all of todays schedule abandoned, and they're using MS Teams to discuss workarounds. Fair enough. We then get an email from one of the managers with a method of logging into a basic version of the system that will at least allow us to review the outstanding tasks, and we can then call the suppliers and leave notes, etc. Kind of like coming out of Windows 10 and doing it through 3.1 . Not ideal but at least we can do something. I've just been called on my mobile instead of my direct line by my manager, checking everything's working for me now, as the systems have been back up for almost an hour. I point out I've had no email, and people were still discussing issues in Teams less than ten minutes ago, and apparently he put the announcement out through fucking WhatsApp. I don't have WhatsApp on my phone because I never use it, and it's also not an official way that the company communicates. Considering he knows that there's other members of the team that don't use WhatsApp, why on Earth would he not just send a group email, or put it in Teams? Especially as he's been using Teams all morning (he's literally typing right now!), everyone can see it, and we had an email from the big manager last week saying how all communication must be through fucking Teams!!! I want to kick things and throw stuff about, but I'm working at home so I can't even throw a tantrum properly.
  6. Yep, as discussed here. https://youtu.be/gg8LuvSh_dk
  7. Yeah, but she's Dolly fucking Parton. There's allowances for people like her. She could sweep me off my feet, although I'm not sure I could handle her.
  8. I'd say they're both performance arts. Both are telling stories through their bodies for the entertainment of an audience. Ballet isn't like dancing for fun where you do what you want for your own enjoyment, its movements are specific.
  9. So the current score is six bubbles in isolation. This morning there were seven people wearing masks, not including staff or myself. Five men, two women (both of which were Chinese, to which I wonder if this was influenced by the wearing of masks in cities like HK and Tokyo).
  10. I'd switch the internet off for week or so.
  11. Today I learned that what I thought was a bell tower on top of my primary school is no such thing. It actually houses an air raid siren. Fancy none of the teachers ever telling us that?
  12. NHS Test & Trace rang today (as expected, seeing as they ring every day), as I'm due to receive my day 8 test kit today. Despite knowing beforehand that I'm on day 8, he asked if I'd opted into the early release scheme so that I can end quarantine on day 5. He also asked if - when the test arrives - I intended to take it.
  13. Mike Levy. Some local garbage wrestler / backyarder got Ian to agree to let him appear in a deathmatch with Mickie. She stiffed him a lot, including headbutting him. He headbutted her back, leaving a big lump on her forehead. Ian went nuts as she was just about to start working TV tapings with TNA, and verily they kicked the shit out of him. Nothing came of it, as Levy was offered a second booking to make up for it.
  14. The best Pringles - sadly not seen for a few years now - were olive oil and rosemary. Nerdfact: Pringles are technically a savoury biscuit, as they're made from dough rather than potato slices.
  15. It's certainly an impressive likeness of Lou Ferrigno.
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