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  1. My ex's mum was prime Brighthouse fodder. Instead of paying £199 for a PS2 like everyone else, she ended up paying £729 for it. And the only reason she was in there, was because she was still paying off the N64. "But it's only this much extra each week...."
  2. I got stung by a wasp at Blackpool Zoo when I was six. The staff put some antiseptic cream on the sting, and it got recorded in the accident log as "Cause: Animal", which my Mum thought was hilarious and made reference to for probably the next year.
  3. Even I don't give a shit about the dry data on there. As much as I'd like to lounge around in my pants (and having some music on would be a godsend) I'd still prefer to go in to the office as working from home is just going to be an all round ballache.
  4. I got a friend request from "Spongbob". Seems legit.....
  5. Just bog standard DPA covered stuff. People's addresses, bank details, dates of birth. UKFF is blocked, but YouTube and Cracked aren't.
  6. My Sainsbury's was an utter shit show. People have already stopped giving a fuck and were going right up behind people to reach over their shoulders to reach a shelf. The store actually put announcements out over the tannoy telling people to move apart. When I was queuing for the scanners, I was second in line so I stood back and kept my six feet from the lady in front. Some bloke just squeezes past me and into the space between us. "Oh, didn't realise you were queuing", he says. Work is trying to implement some way of working at home, but we'll have to go via cable into the modem because WiFi isn't secure enough, which will mean either a 40 meter ethernet cable, or I have to set up in the living room and banish the family from it so that they can't read the screen over my shoulder. A few months of this are going to create the most miserable office atmosphere imaginable.
  7. Andy Guitar (a suspiciously convenient surname) seems okay, and he teaches a bit of Bruce on day 2, so that'll go down well here. Fender are currently doing three months free access to their online lessons. As it's normally something they charge for, I'd expect it to be decent. https://try.fender.com/play/playthrough/ In all honesty, most of the people offering beginners courses on YouTube irritate the fuck out of me with their bullshit statistics and utterly bizarre claims about why people can't learn the guitar without their secret method.
  8. A full 120 button accordion is seriously fucking hard to learn. The learning curve for a beginner is like the warped wall on Ninja Warrior. That's why there's so many shit accordionists. I tried and failed miserably, and I could already play piano "properly" at this point (having done exams and grades and all that stuff).
  9. Bagpipes as an ensemble and played well sound fantastic. A lone piper that can't keep it in tune and overcompensating with grace notes is just asking to be executed. Personally I hate the clarinet. It just sounds smug.
  10. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=210941466839429&id=100037707313966 A video of the aforementioned Excel Center.
  11. I've never seen Robot Jox, but can remember the sleeve right down to the pictures on the back. Having two sisters meant that I usually got outvoted at the video shop.
  12. Poor lad is traumatised now that McDonald's has closed. Extra Eugene Tooms points for the weird video glitch at the end that makes his head stretch into something slightly unsettling.
  13. Fair play to you, Super Freak isn't really a beginner's piece. Just to clarify, at 0:45 I refer to the "3 on the G" when it should be the E string. It's because the actual note on the third fret is G. Late night brain, and all that.
  14. Well, shit's just got real for me directly. A friend was in Italy just as this was all blowing up. She isolated herself, but now has posted this (auto-translated by Google):
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