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  1. Just feel reassured that nothing Nationwide did was anywhere near as I-want-to-put-a-rope-around-my-neck cringeworthy as Co-op's take on Show Me The Way to Amarillo.
  2. No. Under no circumstances. No. Mainly because - well mainly because it'll just be a pile of dribbly shit - but also because they'll undoubtedly change it to "Animal: Love Like a Beast". Stinky, corduroy wearing cunts.
  3. My gym plays a breathy twee hipster version of Born To Be Wild. It's one of the worst things I've ever heard, and I'm not to totally convinced it's not a piss take as the one thing it doesn't convey is that the singer feels that they are not only wild, but were born to be so.
  4. Not so much fear, but dismay and/or dispair. We have a big picture of Blackpool in our bathroom, and with young Digby loving the tram museum he's seen loads of footage of Blackpool either there or on YouTube. He wants to go, I want to go, but we can't, and when we finally can, just how different is it going to be? The company that's taken us over are still being horrifically uncommunicative over their plans for us, and I can't shake the feeling that their plans don't actually include us. Redundancy and unemployment is grim at the best of times, but the thought of trying to find a new
  5. And can I stop being a nonce? I hear it's not as acceptable as it once was.
  6. Can the colour scheme be adjusted so that the frame lines between posts are darker/stronger/bolder? Depending on what I'm viewing it on, it can look like one page of continuous text.
  8. I used to be a massive fan of Jack Dee, but then I went to see him live and he was - let's just say "disappointing". After that, my mighty Dee VHS collection barely got a look in.
  9. Are you thinking of the News of the World campaign that couldn't tell the difference between a paedophile and a pediatrician, and resulted in an innocent man's house being targeted?
  10. If you'd skim read Bomber Pat's post like I did, you'd have seen the words "telepathic", "animals" and "digestion". Ergo, shitting (psychic) penguins.
  11. I gave up any sort of support for them when one (which I think may have been Stinson Hunter) decided to stitch up a guy that wasn't interested. A regular tactic was to introduce the "victim" as being of legal age, and then have them reveal their supposedly true age later and see if they were still interested. In this incident, their target was sitting in a cafe waiting to meet up when they sent a text message saying something like "By the way, I'm not 19, I'm only 14. Is this a problem?". The guy said no thanks and went to leave, but as Stinson and camera crew were outside the cafe, they
  12. We're not fighting a losing battle with a mutant super virus, we're losing a battle with common sense. Stop testing and it will go away? Is that how it works? Maybe we should stop AIDS testing too, so that it can also cease to exist.
  13. "Saving our children" should surely focus on prevention, rather than secretly hoping it'll happen so that you can carry out an elaborate (and somewhat sadisto-pornographic) torture and/or execution method that they've dreamed up. I've also noticed that other posts by the Save Our Children fanatics strongly suggest that the sentiment doesn't extend beyond British waters.
  14. I can't help but feel this campaign has become a little bit too enthusiastic.
  15. "Buy your groceries here, or I'll kick your fuckin' ass-da!"
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