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  1. Maybe he's still growing, and he wants to get his money's worth it of them?
  2. Weirdly, that one made me think "Is that all?".
  3. What time was this? I was still at work at around 7:30 last night and the building actually shook, but it was just as a tram was going past so we assumed it had hit something in the track.
  4. Right that's my next album sorted. My lad does great impression of Buck from The Good Dinosaur. Oddly, it's exactly the same sound that he insists the Polar Express makes....
  5. I still dress like this. Form a queue. Alternatively, Bristol bits = tits.
  6. I only learned this year that the genre "dungeon synth" even existed.
  7. Did you notice that John Cena's arse stayed firm and perky throughout his lengthy face run? You could be onto something here. What are your thoughts on Hogan's arse during the Hollywood era?
  8. I'm watching The Serpent & The Rainbow, simply because it's on and I've always had a soft spot for it. I also had a bit of a soft spot for Cathy Tyson in my youth, and she gets them out in this. Except she doesn't. There's a jump cut that's as smooth as changing gear without using the clutch to keep her head out of the shot. All these years, and I never picked up that she was using someone else's nipples.
  9. I think because it's difficult to discuss something so ridiculous as part of a topic where people died. A terrorist attack foiled by someone grabbing the nearest narwhal tusk and impaling them with it is straight out of Monty Python.
  10. Those ten minutes were to a generation, what soggy magazines under bushes were to mine. Porn is just overly attainable now. There's no reward for walking past that bush eleven times until you're certain that nobody can see you, or doing three laps of a newsagents over a mile away from home to make sure everyone's left, and then buying the first one your hand touches (regardless of content) without making eye contact with the shop keeper. Ah, great days.
  11. Did you ever find out if Andy still wanted that fight?
  12. Damn right. Morris looks well sexy there.
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