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I've been watching JCP World Championship Wrestling episodically on the network for a while now and always enjoy the mixture of squash matches and interviews along with the occasional competitive match. 

The September 12th 1987 episode though truly is a hidden gem well worth seeking out. 

Nikita Koloff v Bobby Eaton

Arn Anderson v Barry Windham

The first time Sting is seen on WCW

Absolutely fantastic stuff! 


Thought this would be a good thread for people to share hidden gems be it full shows or matches, recent or historic

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JCP World Championship Wrestling 5th December 1987

Another great show away from the studio this time as all matches/interviews take place from the Miami Beach Convention Centre. Highlights include:

Barry Windham v Larry Zbysco, Ric Flair v Michael Hayes, Barbarian and Warlord as a team as well as great interviews by Sting, Luger, Roadwarriors and Tully & Arn..

Great way to spend 90 mins! 


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JCP World Championship Wrestling 26th December 1987

Another fantastic show filmed in Raleigh, NC.  Feature match is Midnight Express v The Super Powers (Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff) in a great match that I'm sure was their standard house show match but it was great to see.  The crowd is fantastic all night, totally in to everything and not a cringy chant in sight! 

Features matches with Ron Garvin and Mighty Wilbur, Road Warriors, Sting, Michael Hayes, Dr Death, Eddie Gilbert and highlights from the evenings main event, a Bunkhouse Stampede.

Boxing Day 1987  had a top wrestling show on TBS.

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