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Paul Orndoff has died


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1 minute ago, Keith Houchen said:

Because it‚Äôs old school wrestling mentality innit? He knows full well there will be folks out there making sure he doesn‚Äôt have to dip into his own pocket. ‚ÄúWho wants to buy Mr Wonderful a coffin‚ÄĚ is pretty high¬†on the Foley scale, but people will do it.¬†

Yeah true

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Someone I seriously underrate, just by omission when thinking about stuff generally. He's historically important, was a great face or heel, had an incredible look, was a genuine draw, was hard as nails and could work his arse off. Sad to see him become a shell of a man. Sleep easy, Mr Wonderful. 

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15 minutes ago, RancidPunx said:

On another board someone mentioned that if you go into the wwe hof, then the least they could do is pay for your funeral.

Where is the precedent for that? Do other non-wrestling hall of fame-type organisations do similar? I know WWE are not the best employers in the world, but unless you die on their watch, why on earth would a ceremonial induction to a hall of fame obligate them to pay for your funeral? 

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Yeah, that's clearly just s stick to beat them with. They pay for rehab which they don't have to do, but I'd say they have a moral obligation to do given the nature of the work historically, but people die. I'm sure if they died "on their watch", it would be different but they've no reason to do it all the time, except PR.

I've no problem with the crowdfunder, if you don't agree, don't contribute, it's easy enough. But it's not WWE's fault it's come to that.

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I guess the point is that if you’ve gotten to the status whereby you are deemed worthy of being in the HOF, then you have most likely contributed to the success of the Industry i.e. you’ve made money for the WWE.


If you have made such a significant contribution then maybe paying for inductees funeral costs is a fair and decent gesture. 

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Hell of a story in this week's Observer.


Orndorff was a fearless street fighter, a top-of-the-food chain worker and one 
of the best athletes in pro wrestling in his generation. Blair, who has an 
autobiography coming out soon, has a large percentage of the book being Orndorff 

They range from his well-known street fight with Tony Atlas in the days of 
Georgia Championship Wrestling, other fights and contests, including one night 
in the Southern territorial days, an era when women would throw themselves at 
the wrestlers. Orndorff, who was a star from the start of his career, with good 
looks and a great body, had access to more than most. One night at a show, in an 
arena that had an office with couch that the wrestlers were allowed into and 
often slept with women fans, he had a contest of how many women they could have 
sex with from the start of the show to the finish, a three-hour time limit. Keep 
in mind that they also had to take time out to wrestle on the show. He won the 
contest, with seven.



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