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Greatest theme to never exist.

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If I ever became disgustingly rich, I'd run a money mark show simply so I could have the Outsiders saunter out to this:

The "hey yo" at the beginning, the opening line being "I'm the definition of half man half drugs" - it just works.

Edit: here's a video that actually includes the "hey yo" :



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Different video.
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Feel the cock hardening, and the hands of the fans get slapped as this plays. The brass is so babyface. Also "You can run, and you can hide". You're being found.   How has a babyface never

Butch has killed the thread stone dead with that one. Its even got a little build up at the start. Sick of You by Gwar would have been my theme if I didnt bottle the training.  

I’ve always thought this Phil Collins song (from the same album coincidentally) wouldn’t look out of place in early 90s WWF. I’m thinking 1993 Owen Hart. Couldn’t find an original instrumental (as I t

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When I was doing some. Backyard stuff with some people, one of them who's actually trained and is a wrestler had a character called the "gangsta masta" that had bad boy for life as his music. 

Mine was Never Been A Right Time To Say Goodbye by Bret Hart. 

I'm getting some deja vu over this thread. There are a few I can think of. One Man Army by the Prodigy and Tom Morello from the Spawn soundtrack. It's a bit post attitude era. 


Bjork's Army Of Me


There's an interesting version featuring Skunk Anansie on the Sucker Punch soundtrack. 

There was one turned up the other day on my discover weekly on Spotify that I hadn't heard which I thought could have been a half decent entrance music.


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For the king amongst men who ever achieved the happy ending on Revenge of Shinobi. There's this version and an electric guitar version on YouTube. It's a great song and I've always thought it would be a great theme for a Hakushi type.



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It's likely because it reminds me of the Four Horsemen theme (which in itself is a knock-off of For the Love of God by Steve Vai, I've always thought), but this would make a cracking theme for a similar group:

You'd need to trim off the first 40ish seconds and/or change the soundbyte at the beginning of course.

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1 hour ago, Carbomb said:

This would be an excellent theme for any dirty bastard gimmick:


I’ve always said that this tune is incredibly close to the one Ken Shamrock used in the WWF...I’m assuming it was the inspiration behind it, great track tbf. 

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