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Football Predictions League 2020-21 sign-ups

Fog Dude

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Well, the fixtures have been released over the past couple of days, so it's time to get the ball rolling on this again following a much quicker turnaround than usual.

Here's a reminder of how it all finished up last season, a little more than three weeks ago.

Continuing and returning players should know what to do but might want to double check the rules below first. I've cleared some space in my inbox.

For anyone else interested, they probably need to pay attention to the next post. 

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The 2020/21 season will begin in 12 days' time in a new thread. That means the first week is an international round (I know, I know, but it's that or the bloody Carabao). As with the two Manchester giants, nobody will be punished for sitting out the first matchday. 

After that, you're kicked out if you miss 3 weeks in a row.

It is intended to end on May the 23rd with Week 38, pending how the global pandemic is being handled by then and provided the forum itself stays intact.

Monday fixtures will be allowed in Weeks 1, 6, 11, 17, 30 and 31. Those last two will also have Friday matches. Otherwise all games should kick off no earlier than 14:00 on Saturday and be scheduled to finish before Sunday is done.

Weeks 17 and 31 are Christmas and Easter, so they'll have 20 matches each. Weeks 19 and 38 are 'bumper' weeks with as many matches as I see fit. All other rounds will consist of a set of 10 matches.

Sign-ups will remain open until the end of September. Everyone must have three valid D2D teams assigned to them by transfer deadline day, which is the 5th of October.

What the heck is D2D, then? "Dare 2 Disagree", invented by @seph, is a chance for people to earn bonus points. 

In a D2D week, one player predicts a team's result as usual and can gain 2 bonus points for every participant who guessed a different way. As an incentive for everybody else to bet against them, if the participant in question gets it wrong, everybody who disagrees with them gets 2 bonus points instead.

To make it fair, everyone gets an equal number of goes. This used to be one turn each, but we've found time for a second go-around in recent seasons, so your second and third choices do matter.

Teams are assigned in secret so you'll need to PM me a minimum of 3 choices, and **NOT** post them here.

Teams cannot be assigned to more than one person either. They could be a team you support, a favourite in a lower league or abroad that you have a soft spot for, or one that you find by throwing a dart at a world map (good arrows, @RoryFice).

Any senior international team (male or female), or a club that plays in a division without reserve sides, is a valid pick – but keep in mind that a side playing in a league where most matches are played on Friday night/Saturday lunchtime/Monday night could be discarded. This includes, for example, the second and third tiers in France and Germany.

There's also an FPL Cup competition running on occasional non-D2D weeks. I'll decide the format for that once we know how many participants we have. I promise there'll only be a maximum of one group stage this time!

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I've already three PMs, with seven divisions covered across three continents among the D2D picks so far. Thanks for the interest. Keep them coming!

24 minutes ago, Shy Dad said:

With my work load nowhere near as bad as trying to teach and complete a a degree at the same time, I'd be up for returning this year for the full run if you're happy to have me back? 

Of course we are. A new season is always a chance for people to return or to enter the contest for the first time. 

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On 8/22/2020 at 4:43 PM, Vegeta said:

Im back in 

I'll pm the d2d choices now 

Thanks for running it again @Fog Dude

You're welcome. The pleasure's all mine.

I've had one PM from somebody who hasn't posted in this thread, and one person who has posted here hasn't PMed me yet, but with such a short close season, joining in either way is equally valid this time.

There's just over a week to go until the main season-long thread goes live, but there's no hurry to get D2D choices assigned since the deadline for that is when the write-up for Week 5 is posted in early October.

Ten different divisions covering seven separate countries are now represented in people's D2D picks. No international teams have been selected, as per usual.

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Right, one last bump of this before a new season-long thread goes up in a few days.

There are still no new names down to take part, but almost everybody who finished last season is back.

I've only had one more PM since the last update. Two further countries are now represented among people's teams.

Two people have signed up but not sent in any D2D choices yet. You've got 5 more weeks thinking time should you need it, but do try to get those picks in sooner rather than later if possible.

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