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Dumb shit Brendan Schaub (and other fighters) says

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Thanks for that Guy, just watched it.

I’ve never liked Schaub. It started on TUF and gradually got worse when he called out knackered versions of Cro Cop and Nogueira (with hilarious results in the Nog case) and it’s been downhill each year ever since. Rogan and co convincing him he’s funny is, ironically, the best joke any of them have ever come up with.

Did Rogan and Schaub really try to get that taken down? 😂 How pathetic. Especially when they’re the first to talk about ‘freedom of speech’ and routinely rip the piss out of others on their podcasts. Not so funny when they’re on the receiving end, I guess. 

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Anything about jesus helping them KO someone

The McGregor quote from Twitter actually reads: "No easy feet." Christ. At least we know he's not handed his Twitter off to a social media team.

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The big wally. Imagine the size Mount Rushmore would have to be to fit his massive head on it, let alone the other 47 names he wants on there. 

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