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Accident Prone

The UKFF's Favourite Christmas Telly Special - 5 Days Left To Vote!!!

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I like me some Quantum Leap as well. I bought them all for my mum on DVD one Christmas.I'm surprised it's not on Netflix or Amazon or something. Maybe they are. Turns out it isn't..

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On 11/22/2018 at 3:58 PM, Gus Mears said:

I won't spoil anything else on my list, but I will shamelessly be pulling for the Chas and Dave Xmas Knees Up, especially this year. The gold standard of Xmas specials. 

This is a highlight in my home over Christmas too!

Found this on twitter. Christmas TV was special then


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Still a bit of a slow turnout so far so here's a lovely dollop of inspiration! I'll also extend the voting cut-off by another week so the Christmas cheer can really set in. Massive thanks to those who have sent their votes in, it's very much appreciated.

Top 100 Christmas Specials  - Den Of Geek


Top 30 Christmas Specials - Digital Spy


Best Christmas Specials - Vanity


List of Christmas Specials -  Wikipedia




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