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Found 1 result

  1. Lets have a chat about those wonderful TV specials and one-offs that really make the Christmas season worthwhile. Whilst we're at it, lets have a classic vote-in contest, complete with the entertaining blurbs that this place does so well! There's something really warming about a Christmas special. Whilst a movie dedicated to Christmas can be good (your Home Alones and National Lampoons) seeing established characters thrust into a festive period is the ultimate festive ride and can be charming, memorable and stick with you forever. The same goes for those mini one-offs that just appear for Christmas for a mulled wine and chat before fucking off for another year (The original version of The Grinch being the perfect example of this). As a kid, I loved the Christmas telly schedule. Yeah, the films were great but it was the specials that I was really eager to see. I remember doing my annual bit of circling all the stuff I wanted to watch in the TV Guide and being so traumatized with the choice that I taught myself how to program the VCR (which became a great skill years later when stealthily taping the CH5 mucky movie). I also had these two Disney videos that were based around the antics of the Disney gang. Mickey, Goofey and Donald just fucking around in the snow and getting tangled up in Christmas lights. I've always associated Disney with Christmas ever since then and I've sourced out those two VHS tapes to whack on every year as a warming nostalgia blast. As you can guess, I fucking love Christmas. As it's Christmas, there are of course some rules and notes; - Send in your picks to me (up to 10) via DM. The number one spot will get 10 points, number two will get nine points and so on and so forth, with the number ten spot netting 1 point. Descriptions, memories and reasons are actively encouraged! - What qualifies as a Christmas Special? If it was released at the cinema, it's not a Christmas Special. If it was first broadcast on TV, then you're onto a winner. Obviously, with a subject so broad there's bound to be exceptions so it'll be a case-by-case basis (but as it's Christmas, I'll probably let you off). - Deadline for nominations will be the end of Sunday 9th December, with the first entries being posted the following week, with staggered announcements all the way until Christmas! Yay! If this is a success, hopefully it will lead to the UKFF's Favourite Christmas Movie, the UKFF's Favourite Christmas Song and the UKFF Christmas Celebrity Twat List. Lovely stuff! Please slide into my DMs like Mrs Clause after a few glugs of brandy.