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The UKFF's Favourite Christmas Telly Special - Final Result On Page 6!

Accident Prone

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5 minutes ago, Armitage Shanks said:

Was Jim Davidsons bit cut on Dave? 

It's on their catch up if you want to check.  However, I don't know if this is the broadcast version or not.  Either way, It's Chas and Dave on tap.


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On 12/24/2018 at 6:09 PM, Onyx2 said:

I watched Father Ted last night, and while a good hour would've been an AMAZING half hour. Drags a bit at the end. The lingerie section is always shorter than I remember. 

My thoughts exactly. It's overly-long and feels a bit drawn out in the middle, almost paperthin at some points. If you trim this down to half an hour then you're looking at an incredible episode of comedy, not just a good Christmas special. 

On 12/24/2018 at 7:39 PM, Devon Malcolm said:

These results are a national disgrace.

I didn't see your voting slip in the sack, Dev old boy.

Some extended thoughts after watching a LOT of Christmas specials the past three weeks; 

- Vicar Of Dibley hasn't aged well. At all. Really cringe stuff, that's trying hard to appeal to every comedy norm at the time.

- On the flip-side, the 'Heros And Villains' episode of OFAH is surprisingly good. A lot falls flat and it too tends to suffer from Spinal Tap Syndrome (see my Mr Bean write-up) but 75% of it hits and hits well. Trigger's broom, Rooney, the interactions between Del and Rodney in the broken down Reliant ("Yes! And I'll ask to be put through to the 'Broken Down Whilst Dressed As A Couple Of Prats' department!"), Boyce's comic timing, there's loads going on. Cassandra is still a stuck-up arsehole though, she sucks joy out of every scene that she's in.

- The Hey Arnold special is unlike any other kid's cartoon Christmas special out there. A really heartwarming episode that genuinely brought a tear to my eye.

- The likes of Parks And Rec and 30 Rock have great Christmas episodes, well worth seeking out.

- Have you seen the Family Guy special from Season 3? It's almost nothing like the awful shite monster it is now and is actually a rollicking good time. American Dad have a pretty good batch of them too.


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