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So... Who’s been to Japan?


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I’ve always wanted to go, love the culture, love the technology, love the language (which I’m trying to learn) 

Into some Anime and TV shows, of course New Japan too.  Been watching some Vlogs from Random’s on YouTube going through shopping districts and just thought fuck it, this is the next place I’m booking flights for, my Missus is on board too which is a bonus.

Any Tips for Tildes? 

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To the surprise of absolutely no-one, here's Carbomb.

Tokyo's usually the first port of call for anyone - Akihabara, the electronics district, is always worth a visit, not just for the latest electronics or video games, but there's also a lot of otaku culture there too.

Ueno is like the Camden of Tokyo, so you might want to check out Ueno market.

Asakusa is a beautiful, old Japan-type place - numerous old temples and buildings, old-style markets selling "classic" Japanese memorabilia, etc.

Ryogoku - if you want to check out the sumo wrestling, the Ryogoku hall is the place for it, though be warned: it's expensive. Same goes for seeing Kabuki in the Ginza district (which is also Japan's version of Bond Street/Knightsbridge/Mayfair in that it's an expensive, high-class shopping district).

The Edo-Tokyo Museum in Ryogoku is also really good, as is the Imperial Palace (though you won't get to see all that much).

Odaiba is sort of the Docklands of Tokyo, with its own light railway, and a number of newbuild attractions, like the Fuji Television Studios, Toyota's Megaweb Showroom (which is both a car sales place and a sort of fun showcase for their technology), Sega Joypolis (sort of the original Segaworld), and numerous others.

In Suidobashi, there's the Tokyo Dome if you want to check out the baseball, and nearby is the famous Korakuen Hall.


Then you can grab the bullet train over to Osaka, which also has loads of stuff to do, like Namco World, Shinsaibashi (which is Osaka's Camden), Umeda (shopping precinct but also has loads of attractions), Kyobashi and Nagahoribashi (a bit like the West End, without the theatres), and Den-Den Town in Nipponbashi (Osaka's version of Akihabara).


North of Tokyo is Nikko Shrine, where the Tokugawa shoguns were buried; it's very impressive. Also, Taishakuten in Chiba is a beautiful temple with a lot of ornate carvings and beautiful gardens.


Obviously, if you have time, try and get to Kyoto, the old capital - it's the quintessential "classic" Japanese city, with lots of stunning old buildings. Near to Kyoto and Osaka is Nara, the first ever capital of Japan - sort of a mini-Kyoto, but with lots of deer roaming around, coming up to you and sticking their noses in your pockets, trying to nick any snacks you might have.


If you want to see pro-wrestling, your best bet is to go to a convenience store; they have machines that vend tickets to most events going down.

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1 hour ago, Carbomb said:

If you want to see pro-wrestling, your best bet is to go to a convenience store; they have machines that vend tickets to most events going down.

Cracking idea. That'll be useful If Tokyo becomes my honeymoon destination.

"Sorry love, I went in to buy a drink but due to the language barrier I accidentally purchased two tickets to 'Big Japan: Death Mania 9'. Oh well."

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