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Bellator 206: Mousasi vs MacDonald - Sep 29 - Live on Channel 5


Who wins and how?   

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I don't usually do this for Bellator and I know I'm stepping on Egg Shen's shoes here but I think this deserves its own thread, right? 

Saturday 29th September in San Jose, California. Bellator are making their debut on the DAZN platform and it's a big one. Not sure where this will air here but I'm watching this one way or another. 


Gegard Mousasi vs Rory MacDonald - Middleweight Title

Rampage Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva

Douglas Lima vs Andrey Koreshkov - Welterweight Grand Prix Quarter Final

Aaron Pico vs Leandro Higo

Keri Melendez vs Dakota Zimmerman 

Gaston Bolanos vs Ysidro Gutierrez 


Adam Piccolotti vs James Terry

Cass Bell vs Ty Costa

Arlene Blencowe vs Amber Leibrock 

Jeremiah Labiano vs Justin Smitley

Joe Neal vs Josh San Diego 

Chuck Campbell vs Joseph Ramirez 

Anthony Figueroa vs Samuel Romero 

Ignacio Ortiz vs Jacob Ycaro

Isaiah Batin-Gonzalez vs Khai Wu

Ricky Abdelaziz vs Laird Anderson 


OK, the prelims are Some Fucker City. Can't say I'm familiar with any of the names there but relevant prelim fights have never been Bellator's thing really. It's just filler for the live audience. They're really bringing it with this main card though. Interested in all 4 fights there to varying degrees and I'll be surprised if this doesn't deliver an action packed show on the night. 



Gegard Mousasi vs Rory MacDonald tops the bill. Champion vs Champion. This is legitimately one of my most anticipated fights this year. It's not a blockbuster or anything but, like Holloway vs Ortega, this is about as high level as it gets. Exciting, technical fighters who can finish fights, facing off in their primes, with titles on the line. You can't ask for much more. And despite both guys being former UFC fighters, this is no UFC cast-off fight. These guys didn't part with the UFC because they couldn't cut it. They're in Bellator because they want to be, the UFC didn't bin them. Mousasi left on a 5 fight win streak and Rory, despite losing twice at the end, was still very much in the mix and wasn't far removed from schooling today's UFC champ Tyron Woodley to a shutout. These two are bonafide elite championship level fighters in any organisation. 


Gegard Mousasi just turned 33 but he's a veteran of 52 pro MMA fights, 8 Kickboxing bouts and 13 amateur Boxing matches. He started his MMA career in 2003 and his record currently stands at 44-6-2 with wins over the likes of Dan Henderson, Jacare Souza, OSP, Ilir Latifi, Mark Hunt, Hector Lombard, Melvin Manhoef, Babalu Sobral, Gary Goodridge, Sokoudjou and Denis Kang. And he left the UFC following a streak of wins over Chris Weidman, Vitor Belfort, Uriah Hall, Thiago Santos and Thales Leites. I mean, fuck me. That's some résumé. The depth of talent and names this guy has beat over the years doesn't really get talked about much, I don't know why that is. Maybe because Mousasi himself is so laid back and doesn't brag and bring up his accomplishments all the time. I forgot myself just how many names he'd beat until I just looked at his record again now. It's impressive shit.

He's fought everywhere as well from UFC to Pride to Strikeforce to DREAM to M-1, RINGS, DEEP, Bodog, Cage Warriors...now Bellator. He's got around. And he's been successful everywhere he's fought, picking up titles in many of those promotions. He was the first and only man to win the DREAM light heavy and middleweight belts, won the Strikeforce light heavyweight title, the Cage Warriors middleweight title. And now he holds Bellator's middleweight title. 

Rory's path was a bit different. His record says he turned pro in October 2005...when he was just 16!! I knew he started young but 16?! He came into the UFC in 2010 at 9-0 with some hype as Canada's bright new prospect. But after a successful debut he hit a Carlos Condit shaped roadblock in his second fight and took a real bad beating late in the fight. He bounced back with a series of quality performances over Nate Diaz, Mike Pyle, Che Mills and BJ Penn and a not so spectacular points win over Jake Ellenberger in a snoozer. He dropped a split decision to Robbie Lawler in a decent fight in late 2013 and then in 2014 went on arguably his best 3 fight run to date. At UFC 170 in March, he survived an in-form Demian Maia's terrifying grappling and came back to win a clear decision. 

At UFC 174 in June came what perhaps is still his most impressive night's work. 


He completely dominated current UFC champion Tyron Woodley en route to an easy decision victory. This was a ridiculously good performance and really showed that Rory had all the necessary skills to be the champion one day. He closed out 2014 with a technical and clinical dismantling TKO of Tarec Saffiedine in Canada. Which set him up for a title shot rematch with Robbie Lawler in 2015 at UFC 189. 

What more can be said about Robbie Lawler vs Rory MacDonald 2? It turned out to be one of, if not THE greatest fight in UFC history.

This gif tells the story better than my words ever could...


They both put it all on the line and fought with more heart and bollocks than anyone knew they had. Rory fought valiantly and very nearly put Lawler away several times but in the end it wasn't to be. Lawler got the TKO in the 5th round of an absolute epic. 


From there Rory wisely took some time off, but came back a year later and lost a lacklustre decision to the always tricky Wonderboy Thompson. It would be Rory's last fight in the UFC.

In August 2016 Rory signed a contract with Bellator. He made his promotional debut in May 2017 on Bellator's first London show and dominated and submitted Paul Daley. 

In July 2017, it was announced that Gegard Mousasi had signed with Bellator. In October, he made his Bellator debut against Alexander Shlemenko. Mousasi suffered a broken orbital early in the fight and struggled through the rest of the fight. He took a controversial decision which many felt Shlemenko won. Including Rory MacDonald;


Mousasi took exception to that. 

"He's a weird guy. Let him talk. Let him win his fights. He has his own bad performances, so he shouldn't talk about me. He shouldn't talk, he's an idiot. He looks like a mass murderer. He should shut his mouth." - Gegard Mousasi

Reading between the lines just a tad here but I think what he was getting at is he wanted Rory to shut the fuck up. 

In January this year in just his second fight with the promotion, Rory got a shot at the Bellator 170lbs title held by Douglas Lima. 

It was a punishing 5 rounds but Rory proved just that bit better and took the unanimous decision and the title.


Rory MacDonald, Bellator welterweight champion. 

In May this year at Bellator 200 in London, Mousasi got his chance at Bellator gold, taking on 185lbs champ Rafael Carvalho. Mousasi, orbital intact this time, looked much better than in his debut and TKO'd Carvalho inside a round. 


Gegard Mousasi, Bellator middleweight champion. 

Recognising that a fight with each other would be the biggest option out there for both, they both started campaigning to Bellator and Scott Coker for a champ vs champ fight. Thankfully Coker listened and delivered. 


The great thing about this is, both men seem as up for it as anyone. Neither are the type to show much excitement, they're both very dry personalities, but you sense that they're both counting the days to get in there. 

"When you get a champion wanting to fight another champion, you've got to jump on those things because it doesn't happen often in our sport. Guys want to stay in their division and hold their belt for a while." - Rory MacDonald

This is going to be some fight. Can't decide who I think will win or who I even want to win but I can't wait to see how it plays out. It's Rory's first time at 185 so that'll be a question mark, especially against a killer like Mousasi, but I'm kind of 50/50 on this one.



Rampage Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva...motherfucking 4!! At heavyweight. In 2018. I can't believe this is happening. As much as I love the main event, needless to say this is ***WAND'S ONE TO WATCH*** on this card. These two throwing down on any card is probably going to be my personal highlight. One of the greatest, most violent and savage rivalries in the history of MMA. Spanning 15 years and 3 major MMA promotions. The feud that will never die. 

You can trace it right back to March 16th 2003. It was Pride 25 and Rampage had just knocked out Kevin Randleman (RIP). Pride champ Wanderlei Silva was at ringside and with the big Middleweight Grand Prix tournament looming, Rampage couldn't resist calling Wandy's name out post-fight. 

Wanderlei didn't appreciate that. 


And Rampage really didn't appreciate that shove. Not long after this little set of handbags, Rampage put this video out. It's classic Rampage. Playing video games, rap music in the background, and he's talking mad shit about Wanderlei. In 2 or 3 different languages, and not one of them fluent. 

They were on a collision course after that and Pride being Pride, they were going to be all over this shit. 

They both entered the Grand Prix on opposite sides of the bracket, with the possibility of them meeting later in the tournament. In the first round at Total Elimination in August, Wanderlei knocked out Kazushi Sakuraba and Rampage decisioned Murilo Bustamante. Both would advance to the semi finals at Final Conflict in November. Where the eventual tournament winner would have to win 2 fights in one night. 


In the semis, Wandy beat Olympic gold medalist Judoka Hidehiko Yoshida on points in an expectedly difficult fight. Rampage beat down the UFC's Chuck Liddell to the point his corner threw the towel in. Ruining the UFC's, and fans hopes, of a Wandy vs Chuck final. 

But the stage was set. And Rampage and Wanderlei in the finals was nothing to be disappointed about. 


Rampage did well early on. After an early guillotine attempt gone wrong by Wandy, they wound up on the ground with Rampage on top. Unfortunately for Rampage, the referee decided he wasn't being active enough on top and not only stood them up, he yellow carded Rampage. 


As you can see, Rampage was NOT pleased. And with good reason. A yellow card for inactivity in Pride meant more than just losing top position. It also cost you 10% of your purse. It was a harsh standup as well. Rampage was active from the top, landing punches and some good knees. He was never Jake Shieldsing it. He still occasionally complains about this standup and yellow card to this day, saying Pride officials wanted Wandy to win and did whatever they could to stack the odds in his favour. 

Regardless, they were stood back up. And business was about to well and truly pick the fuck up. Almost immediately, they're trying to take each others' heads off and Wand gets through with a big knee and a right hand that sends Rampage on a downward spiral. Being as granite tough as he is, Rampage absorbs a LOT of strikes here and somehow stays upright. But it's looking bad. 


After a prolonged, absolute barrage of knees and punches, finally Rampage goes down and the ref calls it.

Winner - Wanderlei Silva by TKO. Round 1 - 6:28.

The onslaught Wand puts on Rampage here is insane. The 15 years that have passed since have done nothing to lessen the impact of just how brutal it is. Watching it back here, from the start of the final flurry to the ref waving it off, I counted 17 unanswered knees to the head and body, as well as a bunch of punches and a few soccer kicks thrown in for good measure. Just all-out assault. Rampage's face was all lumped up after the fight, looked grotesque. 

Having firmly established himself as the top dog in Pride's 203lb division, Wanderlei followed this Grand Prix win with two more vicious quick knockouts over Ikuhisa Minowa and Yuki Kondo. While Rampage bounced back with his own win over Minowa plus a highlight reel powerbomb KO on Ricardo Arona. 

And the rematch was set for Pride 28 on October 31st 2004. How fitting after the horrifying finish the first time, that the rematch would take place on Halloween night. 


The bad blood had only intensified since their first fight and with the title up for grabs this time, the stakes were even higher. 

Like their first fight, Rampage started strong. Clinching up and peppering Wand with dirty boxing and knees. Didn't take long for it to break down into a brawl though and it became more back and forth and competitive as it went on. They both had their moments in the first round but I felt like Rampage had more of it and then he dropped Wandy in the closing minute which really put an exclaimation point on it. 

Sense of urgency from Wanderlei as the second round begins and he's just windmilling big hooks at Rampage's head. After a brief spell on the floor Wand stands back up and starts going to town with soccer kicks. Rampage back up, they trade bombs and Wand slips a thudding right hook through and you hear it connect clean on Jackson's head. Rampage is badly rocked and Wandy just swarms all over him with strikes. He throws about 5 knees from the clinch, most of them hit arms but the last one lands flush in Rampage's face, sending him flying through the ropes unconscious. 


One of the most iconic images in Pride's history and one of the most savage knockouts ever in MMA. The replays show it in an even more barbaric light as you see close up shots of Rampage lifelessly falling through the ropes with blood pissing out of his head. 


Winner - Wanderlei Silva by knockout. Round 2 - 3:26.

With the scoreline at 2-0, the rivalry seemed dead. Both finished out their Pride runs with mixed results. By 2007, they were both in the UFC. 

Rampage got off to a great start. After knocking out Marvin Eastman in his UFC debut, he bagged a rematch against the UFC's light heavyweight king Chuck Liddell. Once again, Rampage came out on top, KOing Chuck in the first round to win UFC gold.


He successfully defended his title once against Dan Henderson before losing it in July 2008 to Forrest Griffin in a somewhat controversial decision. It was shortly after this fight where Rampage went a bit nuts, didn't sleep for days, got all tanked up on energy drinks and got into a high speed chase with the police. In a truck which had his fucking face plastered on it! 


Wanderlei had signed with the UFC in August 2007. Made his debut in December, finally squaring off with Liddell in a Pride vs UFC dream fight years in the making.


He lost but it was such a great fight it actually raised his stock with UFC fans. He returned in style in May 2008 at UFC 84, knocking out Keith Jardine in just 36 seconds. 

At this point, with Rampage needing to redeem himself after losing the title and then going all GTA, he needed something big. And with Wanderlei coming off the quick KO against Jardine, it all just fell into place. Didn't make a lot of sense from a trilogy perspective as Wandy was already 2-0 up, but for the UFC's title picture at the time, the situation called for Wanderlei vs Rampage - Part 3. 


It was announced in September. UFC 92 on December 27th 2008 would host the fight that was on everyone's lips. I was seriously buzzing for this when they announced it. But at the same time worried as I knew Wandy had lost a step and Rampage had improved since their second meeting 4 years earlier. Plus...2-0. Wandy had already proven his dominance in their blood feud. Why should he have to fight him again? Then of course I'd flip back to 'ahh sod it this is going to be great'. 


Tempers flared in the buildup as expected. Shit talking, intimidation tactics and weigh-in shoving aplenty. 

Fight night finally arrived. It was such a stacked card that this was only the second fight on the PPV! 

The bell rung and everyone was just waiting for the explosion. They circled, and circled, and waited, and circled, fuck all. Then they finally collided and...


Just as it started, it was all over. A monster left hook from Rampage just flattened Wanderlei and he was out cold, legs stiffened, the lot. 

Winner - Rampage Jackson by knockout. Round 1 - 3:21. 

So Wanderlei 2 - Rampage 1. 

Rivalry over, right? I mean, there have been a couple of situations in MMA where two guys have fought 4 or even 5 times but it's very rare. 

Wanderlei Silva vs Rampage Jackson was put in the history books as a legendary rivalry between two nailed on Hall Of Famers and that was that. The feud even had its own retro merchandise. 


They both went on very patchy, up and down runs after that third clash. Wanderlei fought 6 more times in the UFC, went 3-3 but did win a couple of absolute barnburners against Brian Stann and Cung Le on the way out. He also disgraced himself at the end by running from USADA when they showed up at his gym to random test him :/ 

Rampage fought 7 more times in that UFC stint, going 3-4. He signed with Bellator in 2013, won 3 fights. Then briefly reappeared in the UFC, beating Fabio Maldonado in April 2015, before heading back to Bellator and outpointing Satoshi Ishii. He'd gone 5-0 since leaving the UFC in 2013. But he's since dropped two decisions in his last two fights against King Mo and Chael Sonnen. 

Wanderlei also signed with Bellator, finally got his USADA 'lifetime ban' lifted and returned to the cage on Bellator's MSG show last June to face long time nemesis Chael Sonnen. Sadly the fight didn't match the hype and Chael outwrestled Wandy to a bit of a dull decision. 

And here we are. Only in Bellator. 


In June this year, it was made official. Rampage vs Wanderlei 4 is going down. It's been almost a decade since their last fight but just seeing them face off again at that DAZN press conference thing the other week still got the old juices flowing. I'm way more excited by this than I should be in 2018. 

There's been points over the years when they've been sort of respectful and cordial to each other but that was when it looked like the series was done. You just knew that as soon as a fourth fight became realistic they'd start getting arsey again. 

"I can't stand Wanderlei. He's an asshole. He likes for people to be scared of him. And he's never liked me because I've never been afraid of him."

"He beat me twice, I only beat him once. I owe him two more ass whoopings to be one up on him, right? But I know a fifth fight would probably be unheard of. I would be happy with just evening the score. I guarantee you if I beat Wanderlei again, the way that I plan on beating him, he's not even going to want to fight anymore. So I doubt that he'll sign to fight me a fifth time." - Rampage Jackson 

And Wanderlei isn't pulling any punches either. 

"People ask me if I don't like him. To like...I really like my mom but even the old lady annoys me sometimes. He really hit me with that punch last time, knocked me out, then gave me an extra punch on the ground, so that gives me room for maybe giving back the kindness.

This time, I face this fight as more of a brawl. The difference between fighting and brawling is a fine line. Sometimes the guy is losing a fight but the other one is bigger, had better cardio, is more technical. But you start a brawl and it takes his spirit. Makes him feel pain. When the guy feels pain his spirit goes away, and Rampage is like that. I know that if I make him feel pain his spirit will run away and I will win the fight." - Wanderlei Silva 

Can't we just get this fight on now before one of them gets injured or popped for something? 



Oh yeah, nearly forgot there are two other fights on the main show. 



Lima vs Koreshkov 3 kicks off the welterweight tournament. Happy to see how the brackets have worked out because we get this rubber match right out the gate. 


Lima vs Koreshkov 1 went down back in July 2015 at Bellator 140. Bellator's 170 division was in a rebuilding phase at the time due to previous champ Ben Askren parting ways with the promotion. The title became vacant and Lima ended up winning it. His first defence would be against Koreshkov. 


Both had already lost to Askren but it looked a good fight on paper, albeit one I think most expected Lima to win. They'd both been on good winning streaks since losing to Askren but Lima was coming off 5 stoppage wins in a row and was looking like a beast. But he'd been injured and sidelined for over a year before this fight. And it showed. 


Lima looked rusty and Koreshkov comfortably outscored him to a unanimous decision. 


Andrey Koreshkov was the new Bellator champ at 170. 

Koreshkov defended the title in April 2016 with a tremendous performance against Benson Henderson. Lima was out another year but eventually returned with a strong points win over Paul Daley in July 2016. 

That set up the rematch. 


Koreshkov vs Lima 2 took place November 2016 at Bellator 164 in Israel. 

After two tough opening rounds which probably went against him, Lima pulled out a left hook of doom that just wiped Koreshkov the fuck out. 


A brutal finish and crucial as it tied them at 1-1. 


Lima was back on the throne. 

Since their last fight, Lima defended the title against Lorenz Larkin at MSG but then lost it to Rory MacDonald in January. Koreshkov has won his two fights via first round knockouts. Very interesting rubber match here. 



Aaron Pico vs Leandro Higo rounds out the main card. Pico will obviously be the focus here. He's the big time prospect. 21 years old, standout amateur wrestling phenom, seems to be developing fast in the striking but it's early days. He couldn't have got off to a much worse start in his MMA career. After all the hype surrounding his debut, to go out and get submitted in 24 seconds, at MSG of all places, was a bit of a disaster. But he's handled it as well as you could expect and rattled off 3 first round KO/TKOs since, moving to 3-1. In some ways, getting that first loss out the way might've been a blessing in disguise. Not everyone is destined for a perfect record and now that pressure is off for him.

He's in with Leandro Higo this time. This is easily Pico's toughest opponent to date. Tougher than Zach Freeman who spoiled Pico's debut. Higo is 29 years old with an 18-4 record, trains with the Pitbull brothers and was RFA 135lbs champ. He's taken Eduardo Dantas to a split decision and holds a submission win over current UFC fighter Terrion Ware. Might not be a world beater but for someone like Pico in just his 5th pro fight, it's a real test.


And that's Bellator 206. Rampage vs Wanderlei 4. Rampage. And Wanderlei. Part 4. Only a few weeks! 


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I quite like Mousasi. It's been nice to see him recover from his mid-career slump. I thought his best days might have been behind him after he was out-classed by Jacare and Machida. But he's certainly rallied back. Lee Murray considers him to be the best Middleweight in the world. Hyperbole? Perhaps not. Would it really be a surprise if he beat Whittaker or Romero? I have never taken to Rory. He's a very good fighter and been in some incredible fights. But there has always been something a bit off about him. He is a bit weird and does indeed look like a mass-murderer. 

Jordan Breen considers the Rampage vs Wanderlei rivalry to be one of the best in MMA history. However, it never really registered with me until years after their second fight. I got into MMA in 2005 and worked backwards with Pride's tape library. I could get a kick out of the brutal finish to their second fight, and all of the theatrics that occurred between them. But as I was watching their interactions in retrospect, they didn't leave the same impression on me that they would have done in real time. I already knew that Wanderlei had dominated the rivalry up until that stage. It also didn't help that I liked the loser more than the winner. I liked Rampage much more than Wanderlei when I first got into MMA. 

Rampage took a while to recover from that second defeat to Wanderlei. He was gifted a decision against Ninja Rua, was blown away by Shogun, and finished his Pride career by winning on points against Yoon Dong-sik in a fight I can't remember (I presume it was shite). I remember some thinking that Wanderlei had ruined him. A bit like how some think Calzaghe ruined Jeff Lacy. However, Rampage did eventually recover. It's possible to argue that he was better than ever in 2007 with his wins over Chuck and Hendo. For Wanderlei, his career probably peaked when he beat Rampage that second time. His stock was certainly never higher than it was in the aftermath of that fight. The Arona win probably meant more to him, due to Chute Boxe's rivalry with BTT. But the second victory over Rampage is probably his most memorable victory. At least it is in the west, it's possible his wins over Sakuraba are better remembered in Japan.

As for their upcoming fight. It could be depressing. It could be mildly entertaining. But I will be watching regardless. Purely for the nostalgia. 

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4 hours ago, jimufctna24 said:

I quite like Mousasi. It's been nice to see him recover from his mid-career slump. I thought his best days might have been behind him after he was out-classed by Jacare and Mousasi.

They often say a man's worst enemy is himself.

EDIT: I ain't changing it, Jim!¬†ūüėú


Believe it or not, I've not actually seen much of Mousasi - at most a couple of matches. I quite like the guy from what little I've seen, so I'd like to see him win this match. I don't hate Rory, I have a lot of time for him since the Law(ler) Is War, but Mousasi's just a little more likable for me.

It wasn't enough for me to tell from what I saw, but did someone on here once say he was a bit like Bisping in that he's good at everything, but great at nothing? Or have I misremembered that?

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Big factor here may be the size, because Rory plans on fighting at 170 pretty soon after this fight because hes in the 170lb Grand Prix, so he must plan on fighting at his walk around weight really.

Fascinating fight though, two real cerebral fighters. I cant split em.

I'll stick my Bellator fanboy hat on here though and pick out a prelim (which may/should end up on the main card if they make a 5 fight card). Gaston Bolanos is one of the top muay thai fighters in the world whos recently cross to MMA. He was a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast recently, i aint seen much of him but any time a high level guy from another sport cross over i get excited.



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Bellator 205 sneaks in tonight before the big one 206...


Good lil card too.

Pitbull vs. Huerta and and excellent middleweight fight Lovato/Salter,  Two guys who've just been wrecking everyone at middleweight. Winner likely gets the first crack at the winner of Mousasi/Rory.


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Is this going to air over here? Just looked on 5Spike, 5USA, all the 5's listings for the weekend and not one of them is showing it. Even delayed on Sunday night.

I'm going to have to piss about Sunday morning, aren't I? Pain in the arse. In 2018, with a billion different channels, you'd think one of them would be showing it. 

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That's the problem. I don't know where to look. Hook a brother up @Egg Shen

I can never usually be fucked with streams/torrents but there is no way I'm waiting a week for Wandy vs Rampage 4, or having to make do with watching it in Russian on YouTube. Fuck that. 

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