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Bellator 206: Mousasi vs MacDonald - Sep 29 - Live on Channel 5


Who wins and how?   

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2 hours ago, Chunk said:

Moussasi looks unstoppable, doesnt he! Lovato Jr is a great fight for him next but you have to heavily back him to win that too.

Moussasi is now 10-1 in his last 11 fights and that loss to Uriah Hall he avenged. Good for him for going to Bellator and (I assume) making good money, but how great would it be to have him in the mix in the UFC WW division right now? Woodley / Moussasi, Till / Moussasi, Wonderboy / Moussasi ... yes please!


But I don't think Mousasi could make 170lbs. I would love to see him mix it up with the UFC's 185lbs division again. He could very well be the best middleweight in the world at the minute. 

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Shit that there were some issues with the live broadcast on 5. The issue with timing on the show might be a result of the DAZN thing though, ive seen Eddie Hearn talk about it and he said the good thing about a streaming show on DAZN is that you aren't nailed down my timing restrictions, handy for the people running the show but it could mean a slog for fans. The Demand 5 version is spot on though.


185 was just too much of a leap for Rory. Classic example of a good big guy always beats a good little guy. Rory was just outgunned and he was taken apart. Mousasi/Lovato is a hell of a fight, people still sleeping on Lovato but that's a great title fight at 185.

Enjoyed Rampage/Silva. The size like in the main event was the difference, you just knew Wanderlei was getting clipped. Until Wanderlei started winging hooks though it looked like someone had stuck Wanderlei's head on a different blokes body. Fun fight though.


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16 hours ago, Guy Bifkin said:

I was looking forward to this main event but the Peppa Pig fiasco confirmed my suspicions that Belllator are TNA to UFC's WWE circa the last time I cared about wrestling. Bush league.

The event is well worth watching to be honest, even the Rampage vs Wanderlei fight was a decent tussle between two guys who are well matched. Forget Channel 5, get a torrent or something.

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