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(Indy) Pro Wrestling on demand | PWG, ICW, wXw, RPW etc..


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Is Noam Dar a gimmick name or the lads real name? It's fucking terrible

Think that's his name. He's Scottish of Israeli descent. It's memorable.


He comes out to Oasis and his "first name" is an amalgamation of Noel and Liam...


Parents were obviously fans!

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Chikaratopia in someways is good but has faults. It has lots of back catalogue. However the season finale from season 15 and none of season 16 so far are included in the subscription and you have to pay $10-12 for the events. I could understand them waiting 3 months and then putting an event up but this is a long time. I am unsure how long it takes to get a show on the site.


edit: I emailed them and it is 6 months from the date of the show.

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So I subscribed to Progress Wrestling. It's on Pivotshare. The only way for me to watch it is with my PC so I hook up an HDMI cable to my TV.

The content is amazing but I really am dissapointed in the bitrate of the stream. Not fluent at all. Gives me headaches just to watch even though it is in HD. Vimeo is so much better to watch shows.


Anyone out there who knows how to optimise Pivotshare streams?

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Pivotshare is bloody awful, it's a shame as most indy companies use it for their streaming services. It's overheats my laptop within minutes and it's allways buffering. Terrible platform.

Their customer serviceis shite too. If you raise an issue and its not resolved - say within 14 days - they send you an email to ask if it's still problem.If you dont respond they close it.

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Generally if you have a decent internet connection, Roku is the way to go for Pivotshare services. PROGRESS, ICW, Rev Pro and Highspots are all on there. 


Their support blames it on a bad internet connection.... It's bullshit.


VIMEO, WWE Network, streaming movies, YouTube etc.. everything works great. But Pivotshare streams are a disaster. Such a shame.

Considering to binge-watch a few shows and just cancel my subscriptions. These choppy streams really give me headaches.

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