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(Indy) Pro Wrestling on demand | PWG, ICW, wXw, RPW etc..


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(I've seen some random VOD links posted, but I'd like to dedicate a proper topic to this)


As a long time pro wrestling fan the WWE Network gave my passion new life in the last few years.

Despite having kids and a fulltime job, it is quite easy to stay updated with the help of a Smart TV, an Ipad and your smart phone. 


However...I'm also a big fan of "independant" pro wrestling (for the lack of a better word). Unfortunately it's impossible to physically attend all these shows and buying DVD's and waiting for them to arrive just feels inefficient. Our time in this world is limited and my spare time is pretty rare. So whenever I get the chance to sit on my ass for 210 minutes, I need to instantly grab it with both arms.


Video on Demand has been my new holy grail when it comes to watching indy wrestling. And I'm willing to pay for it.



Vimeo seems to be the front runner when it comes to supporting indy wrestling on Demand. Highspots (PWG etc..) is on there, wXw, Revolution pro and PCW. The thing I love about Vimeo is the fact that they have a SMART TV APP. I have two smart Tv's (living room/bedroom) No downloading needed, no HDMI cables.. I just open the Vimeo app on my TV, and login to my account and it gives me acces to all the shows I've purchased. All in HD quality.




The list (please send me a message if you know more):


Watch Highspots OD (PWG, local indies etc..) 



Watch wXw Germany



Watch Preston City Wrestling:



Watch Revolution Pro Wrestling:



Watch Progress, Southside etc..



Watch Insane Championship Wrestling



Watch DragonGate: UK, FWA, NOAH



Watch Grand Pro Wrestling



Watch Progress Wrestling

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I have a Roku box in my living room.


There's apps for the aforementioned WWE, Vimeo, Progress and ICW along with CZW, WWN and an indie wrestling channel which covers 20+ smaller companies from around the world including Ricky Knight's WAW and Bellatrix.


My favourite is WWN as it saves a heap of time and money over blu-ray, plus their on demand release schedule is about 9 months ahead of where they are with physical distribution.


The only thing it really seems to be missing is a New Japan app.


What a time to be a wrestling fan!

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Can vouch for both Demand Progress and www.CZWStudios.com. Both are great at getting new shows up and both have extensive back catalogues, all included in the subscription price. GPW's VOD service was way ahead of the curve with this stuff too, their site has been running for a few years (plus if you go back to 2007 you can watch me get beat up on it in a couple of job matches, who doesn't want to watch me get beat up).


Just need Lucha Underground to get online somewhere and you can legally watch pretty much any wrestling company of note if you want. As you say, a great time to be a fan.

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You've got the show-by-show digital download link for PROGRESS listed, but not their $7.50 subscription service 'Demand Progress':




Coinciding with their increased schedule of shows across 3 regular venues now, Manchester based FutureShock Wrestling launched their own on demand service last year too:



Others have already mentioned WWN (EVOLVE, SHINE, FIP, etc.) and New Japan World, but of course the likes of Chikara have their own service too, and Smart Mark Video have been offering downloads for numerous promotions for years (now including, I think, the UK's own TIDAL Wrestling).


Aside from WWE Network I don't bother with any of them...

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Just paid about 50 bucks for 10 PCW shows on Vimeo. So many great matches. From Noam Dar VS John Morrison to Chris Masters VS Kris Travis.


Huge bargain!


Check it out @ vimeo.com/prestoncitywrestling

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Please also check out the brand New www.rpwondemand.com. Zack Sabre Jr. VS AJ Styles, Balor/Devitt VS Liger etc..


Rpw was featured on WWE in Nakamura 's promo videos. Impressive.

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Is Noam Dar a gimmick name or the lads real name? It's fucking terrible

Think that's his name. He's Scottish of Israeli descent. It's memorable.

He comes out to Oasis and his "first name" is an amalgamation of Noel and Liam...

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