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The 2016 UKFF Royal Rumble Lottery

Glenryck Pilchards

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So the results are in:



Firstly here is the confirmation of the scores:


http://d.pr/i/wBug  (Sorry but the image link isn't working)







I can confirm that for the first time ever in the history of the UKFF Rumble Lottery we have a draw!
















That's right; we have two people scoring a magnificent 103 points. What is annoying I have never conceived that there would be a possibility of a draw so I have no tie-breaker in case of this situation. This will be duly noted for next year.



So your joint winners for this year are......


JonCarr92 and The Four Horsemen! Which sounds like a great name for a rubbish band.



Please click the following links for a full breakdown of the score and where you have ended up:


Top Half - http://d.pr/i/12KX0


Bottom Half - http://d.pr/i/15Ytf



Our winners had a massive Tye Dillinger advantage over the 3rd placed Callum93. kidkris and Really Big Shoe made up the Top 5.


Special mentions to sj5522 who was the highest scorer without picking no1 with Harmonic Generator just behind with his patent pending 5X formula. Fanny Pack was the highest scorer without picking no1 and no30.


He may talk a good game (after all he is the winner of the Best Podcast of 2015 in the UKFF Awards) but our Wooden Spoon winner this year is Liam O'Rourke who narrowly edged out patiirc to the basement position. May your co-hosts bury and bully you on your next episode!



UKFF Royal Rumble Honours Board


2011 Lancastrino

2012 Chilli Dog

2013 Vince Russo

2014 Silky Kisser

2015 Seph

2016 JohnCarr92 and The Four Horsemen


So this is wrapped up for another year, roll on 2017!

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After seeing Axel then Harper I thought I'd get tanked, but Show got involved. Quite happy with 5 eliminations getting a mid-table finish.

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From Joint 30th from last year to Joint 1st this year! Beyond chuffed! Made me update my signature accordingly (for those wondering why I've put the TNA tapings I've attended, I'm a member of the Iron Maiden Fan Club and Forum users tend to put the Maiden gigs they've attended on theirs and thought TV Taped shows would be a fun idea)


Also Glenryck. I found the 2013 Thread no problem. vince russo won that year. Copied and pasted for your reading pleasure



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