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The 2016 UKFF Royal Rumble Lottery

Glenryck Pilchards

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Well fuck a duck it is that time of year again to pick some random numbers to get excited about winning fuck all!


To enter all you need to do is reply to this topic and pick five numbers between 1 and 30, and hope whoever your entrant is scores you a shed-load of points. The closing date for entries will be 24th January at 10pm. Entries are now closed due to what happened on Raw. Go to page 5 for more info.


Before we go through the points criteria I have decided to ditch the Chokeslam Conundrum after enduring the shitefest of Kane and Big Show chokeslamming the entire roster last year.

The criteria is as follows:

Winner - 25 points
Runner-up (last eliminated) - 15 points
3rd - 10 points
4th - 7 points
5th - 5 points

Survivor award; the most time spent in the ring
1st longest - 10 points
2nd longest - 8 points
3rd longest - 6 points
4th longest - 4 points
5th longest - 2 points

Your wrestler eliminates another: 2 points

The Bushwhacker Luke award; If your wrestler is eliminated within 60 seconds of entering the ring you are deducted 4 points.

Skinning the Cat Award - If your wrestler skins the cat and returns into the ring you will gain two points. However if he is eliminated whilst attempting it or within three seconds of returning into the ring he will be deducted four points for being a dickhead.

The Tiffany Award - If your wrestler is by himself in the ring (after entrant number two enters the ring) then he will receive three points. It is possible for your wrestler to score more than once ala CM Punk from a few years ago and Bray Wyatt last year. Obviously the winner is not included in this.

The "You Stupid Twat" Award - If your wrestler volunteers to climb the top rope but then gets knocked off and eliminated you lose 10 points.

The "Well We Weren't Expecting You!" Award - If your pick is a WWE Hall of Famer or someone who is not a member of the active wrestling roster you will gain 3 points. (My decision will be final if the person qualifies for this award)

NXT Newbie award - In the last few years there have been a couple of NXT wrestlers who earned the opportunity to compete in the Rumble (Dallas and Rusev) So if your pick is a member of the active NXT roster you will score 3 points (Zak Ryder and Sami Zayn are classed as NXT roster members despite competing on Raw before) If it is Tye Dillinger you will get a bonus of 10. 


The Double Bubble Award: If your selection competed earlier on the card = 4 points

Hide and Seek Champion 2016: If your entrant decides to hide under the ring he will get 1 point for every minute he avoids getting in the ring.


 The "In Like a House on Fire" Award: If your entrant eliminates someone within 60 seconds of entering the ring they will get an additional four points as well as the normal elimination bonus. If they eliminate more than one person within sixty seconds 

And just to give me even more of a headache a new award for this year:


The New Day Pay Day: If you have picked a member of New Day you will get a bonus of 5 points. If you get Xavier Woods and he plays on the trombone after he enters you will get 2 points every time he busts out a tune. If anyone uses the trombone as a weapon they will get 4 points


Before you post your selections please read these couple of rules to help me out:

1. Make sure you only pick FIVE numbers from 1 to 30
2. Make sure they are in numerical order
3. If you fail to adhere to these rules I will make you look like a chump.

Also if you have any suggestions to add to the scoring criteria,I am all ears. If there is a decent suggestion I will add it to the mix.

My picks are 2, 10, 12, 19, 28,

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6, 18, 25, 28, 30


I sincerely hope New Day are all in together and throw out, ooooooh, at least five of the scrubs.


Also - BOLD PREDICTION - Cena wins.

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*chants* u cant count! u cant count!


I must have been drunk at the time. Did we do 6 a previous year?


Will retcon.


We did six picks when there was 40 entrants in 2011 I believe but I can't double check as that thread has been put into internet purgatory. Other than that it has always been five.

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