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Wrestlers you rated but never saw in action


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Back in the days of TNM and the like (E-feds and stuff for others I'd imagine) I'd always give pushes to guys I was convinced were good only because of seeing their pics or reading about them in Powerslam or the internet.


Saw mention of Bob Sapp in another thread. He was a monster heel champion of mine who I always expected to turn up in the WWF at some point. Purely because he looked incredible. Standing still at any rate.


Superstar Steve would regularly get a massive babyface push despite the fact that I've still never seen his work to this day. He was my next Kurt Angle.


Ron Waterman was my alternative to Brock Lesnar. Sure he was for many people. From reading PS he was going to be Lesnar + Orton * Batista.

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I didn't necessarily rate them, but when I used to do a compilation of wrestlers' official websites for the TWC forum, I ended up including people like a Reckless Youth, April Hunter, and other pre-ROH indy names purely because so many other sites linked to them, I assumed they must be a big deal/famous even though I'd never seen a match featuring any of them.


I later caught matches with some of them and generally, they weren't very good, but they all got their names about a fair amount.


Edit: Lodi and The Maestro, they were two others. Got everywhere on the web, never seen a single match. LuFisto as well.

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The Backseat Boyz, they were the Young Bucks before the Young Bucks were Young Bucks.


I had actually seen them and somehow still rated them highly... I'll always have a soft spot for Trent Acid.


I used to bum a ton of the FMW guys like Onita, Hayabusa and even Mr Pogo without ever watching them, The crazy deathmatch shit I read about them just sounded so cool to my teenage self.

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