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Who's left that deserves to go into the Hall of Fame?


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In recent times the big two who were always talked about were Savage and Warrior, and with them now both in I'm wondering if there's any other glaring omissions? Or is there anyone else that you would just really like to see inducted?


Off the top of my head I'd like to see King Kong Bundy, Slick, One Man Gang, the Powers of Pain, and also Tiny Lister for the celebrity wing. I can't really think of anyone that should really be there but isn't yet.

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Shit, I'd completely forgotten about him. It would probably be nice to see him go in whilst Bret is still around and healthy enough to induct him.


That would be a lengthy speech though.

Definitely! I'd love to see it. Not sure if it'll ever happen.


Whilst we're at it we could get the Hart Foundation in there as stable.

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British Bulldog

Hardcore Holly

Mark Henry (obviously)


Al Snow


You're having a laugh right?


Can't believe Kenny Patera hasn't gone in yet actually. I wonder if that prison stint has done him in. Based on his early 80's stuff he should be a shoo-in for a spot.

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Lex and Vader and the steiners. Although I read this morning scott steiner had a go at hogans wife last weekend which resulted in a hall of fame ban. Reckon that just means last Saturdays ceremony though.

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Vader being there on camera in his mask this year seemed like a bit of a hint. I think we will see him next year. There are still loads of worthy wrestlers when you think about it.


The Freebirds really ought to be inducted in Dallas.

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I presume we're leaving out still semi-active guys like Vince and Undertaker.


Rick Rude should be in. Waltman will go in, they won't have him be the only one of the clique who isn't. DX and nWo are bound to go in as groups eventually. Bischoff is an interesting one, definitely important enough to wrestling history and I reckon they'd be fine with doing it at this point. Surely Goldberg eventually warrants a place.


Given that Inoki and Fujinami went in they'll probably induct at least one of the big AJ/NOAH guys like Baba, Tsuruta, Misawa, or Kobashi. Might be the latter given that he could still show up to give a speech. I could see Liger eventually getting a nod.


Of the really old guys it seems odd that Lou Thesz isn't in there, they might put him in as an historic inductee eventually.


They'll try to get Mayweather for the celebrity wing.


If they want to keep flashing their knickers at UFC (which I think they should, it only seems to end well for the 'E) then Ken Shamrock could be worth an induction at some point.

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