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UKFF AWARDS 2013: And the winners are ...


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Best of the UKFF 2013


Poster of the Year (on topic)

Winner: IANdrew Dice Clay [48%]

Runner up: JN Lister [11%]


Poster of the Year (off topic)

Winner: Astro Hollywood [25%]

Runner up: PowerButchi [19%]


Funniest Poster

Winner: IANdrew Dice Clay [25%]

Runner up: Astro Hollywood [22%]


Best Sports Poster

Winner: Magnum [25%]

Runner up: Devon Malcolm [24%]


Please Post More

Winner: JLM [24%]

Runner up: NEWM [16%]


He's/She's A Good Egg

Winner: Frankie Crisp [37%]

Runner up: ShortOrderCook [26%]


Topic of the Year

Winner: IAN'S INDY WANK V3 featuring WrestleXpress [26%]

Runner up: The Random / Weird / Quirky Photo Thread [22%]


Post of the Year

Winner: Bray Wyatt has read Astro Hollywood's blog [35%]

Runner up: Keith Houchen's 'Erotic Adventures of Scott Steiner' [19%]




Worst of the UKFF 2013


Dolt of the Year

Loser: Richie Freebird [26%]

Runner up: C-Rock [23%]


White Noise Award

Loser: patiirc [26%]

Runners up: dangerously420 & niff [both got 16%]


The Failed Comedian

Loser: Richie Freebird [28%]

Runner up: Rey Piste [27%]


Wish You Weren't Here

Loser: dangerously420 [35%]

Runner up: Richie Freebird [19%]



Loser: Registration Form uses a rape metaphor to describe a football match [36%]

Runner up: Richie Freebird wins some money and leaves the UKFF [23%]

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Some stats regarding this year's voting:


UKFFer's who received the most combined votes across all of the Awards:

1. Richie Freebird - 163 votes

2. IANdrew Dice Clay - 128 votes

3. dangerously420 - 105 votes


Noticeably big differences in total votes made in 2013 compared to 2012:

Dolt of The Year = 44 more votes this year

Wish You Weren't Here = 22 more votes this year

Funniest Poster = 70 less votes this year

He's/She's A Good Egg = 25 less votes this year

Post Of The Year = 64 less votes this year


More people voted for the negative awards this year and less people voted in some of the positive awards.

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Best of MMA 2013


Best MMA Poster

Winner: wandshogun09 [70%]

Runner up: Supremo [12%]


Best MMA Fighter

Winner: Ronda Rousey [31%]

Runner up: Chris Weidman [22%]


Best MMA Event

Winner: UFC 168: Weidman vs Silva 2 [28%]

Runners up: UFC 166: Velasquez vs Dos Santos 3 and UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs Bigfoot [both 19%]


Best MMA Fight

Winner: Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson [32%]

Runner up: Antonio Silva vs Mark Hunt [23%]


Comparison of total votes between 2013 and 2012:

Best MMA Poster = 38 less votes this year.

There were less votes in each of these categories this year compared to last year.

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Best of British Wrestling 2013


Best British Wrestler

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr. [31%]

Runner up: Grado [25%]


Best British Promotion

Winner: Preston City Wrestling [26%]

Runner up: Insane Championship Wrestling [25%]


Best British Match

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr. vs Mark Haskins vs Ricochet (Progress) [37%]

Runners up: Kris Travis vs Chris Masters (PCW) and Mikey Whiplash vs Grado (ICW) [both 28%]


A few less votes this year for best wrestler & best match, but 19 more votes for best promotion in 2013.

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Best of Pro Wrestling 2013


Best Wrestler

Winner: Daniel Bryan [55%]

Runner up: Goldust [22%]


Best Match

Winner 1: Undertaker vs CM Punk @ WrestleMania [22%]

Winner 2: Daniel Bryan vs John Cena @ SummerSlam [22%]

Winner 3: Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins @ Battleground [22%]


Best Event

Winner: WWE Raw on 8th April (the night after WrestleMania) [24%]

Runner up: WWE SummerSlam [22%]


Best Wrestling TV Show

Winner: WWE NXT [46%]

Runner up: WWE RAW [31%]


Best Feud

Winner: Rhodes Brothers vs The Shield [45%]

Runner up: Undertaker vs CM Punk [11%]


Best Moment

Winner: Daniel Bryan beats John Cena at SummerSlam [29%]

Runner up: Mark Henry's fake retirement [25%]


Best Promo

Winner: Mark Henry's fake retirement [62%]

Runner up: John Cena on the go-home Raw before TLC [20%]


Best Babyface

Winner: Daniel Bryan [67%]

Runner up: Goldust [18%]


Best Heel

Winner: The Shield [31%]

Runner up: Paul Heyman [19%]


Funniest Moment

Winner: Brock Lesnar throws an armchair at The Miz's head [28%]

Runner up: Antonio Cesaro does the giant swing on Great Khali, who then counts "1,2,3" while being pinned [19%]


Best Tag Team

Winner: The Shield [50%]

Runner up: The Rhodes Brothers [26%]


Best Performance

Winner: Mark Henry's fake retirement [26%]

Runner up: Daniel Bryan in general [20%]


Best Bang for your Buck

Winner: Antonio Cesaro [35%]

Runner up: Brock Lesnar [21%]


Best Non-Wrestler

Winner: Paul Heyman [42%]

Runner up: Renee Young [29%]


Best Wrestling Art

Winner: WWE Best PPV Matches 2013 dvd cover [51%]

Runner up: WWE Survivor Series poster [37%]

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Worst of Pro Wrestling 2013


Worst Wrestler

Loser: The Great Khali [20%]

Runner up: Curtis Axel [18%]



Loser: Curtis Axel [20%]

Runner up: Mr Anderson [14%]


Worst Event

Loser: WWE Battleground [46%]

Runner up: WWE Payback [18%]


Biggest Anti-Climax

Loser: The Authority vs Daniel Bryan feud [35%]

Runner up: Tito Ortiz revealed as TNA's big surprise [18%]

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  • Paid Members

Great to see Magnum win the sports award, he really deserves the recognition for what a great poster he is, and he's not just great in the sports threads.


Like I say, I'm not handing over the off-topic crown until Astro calls Only God Forgives a slab of shit and he's not getting it at all if The Battery turns out to be rubbish.

Edited by Devon Malcolm
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Big thanks to anybody who voted for me in the Sports Poster event, and to Dopper for sorting the awards. I don't really deserve it because I only know about football and am massively biased to Sunderland, but then again I am pissing the UKFF fantasy league again, so it's about time I won something for it.

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  • Awards Moderator

A belated thanks to people who saw fit to click the button next to my name. Very much embarrassed about the whole thing. I shouldn't be anywhere near the nominations, let alone getting the nod. I hardly posted last year and in addition to the others who were nominated, there are dozens more top bananas on here worthy of the recognition, many of whom were kind enough to contact me at the start of last year when I was at a very low ebb. They honestly helped me more than they could know and more than most of my friends, so they deserve this kind of thing way more than I do.


But yeah, it's very nice for this to happen so, you know, ta :blush:

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