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2nd UKFF Fantasy Booking Cup

Fatty Facesitter

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At the tail end of 2011 I organised Fantasy Booking tournement. It was well recieved by most of you at the time and I've been asking one or two of you about a possible follow up to it. With Wrestlemania fever well and truly in the air now, and this being the only time of year where I religiously stick with wrestling, hopefully your creative juices will be in full flow. Here's the link to the original thread if you're looking for some inspiration: Fantasy Booking cup '11




What I propose is the UKFF's equivalent of a fantasy booking FA Cup. Depending on the numbers that are interested, I'll be pitting you all against each other with different scenarios in each round. In no more than 1000 words I'll get you to pen some creative genius on the subject of choice. It could be re-booking an old angle, it could be booking something coming up in the future. It could be booking a return, a retirement, a new arrival, anything. Then, once a 'match' of sorts has been completed, the best booking idea for that scenario progresses to the next round, and so on until we have an overall winner. The winner will bag a trophy* and who knows, there may be other prizes in the offing throughout the tourne.


In terms of voting, a panel will be rounded up to help me wade through the earlier rounds and in addition, the latter stages will also see more chances for the rest of the forum to vote!



Simple, old school names out of the hat jobbie. You'll all be assigned numbers and then drawn into the respective brackets. In the event of odd numbers, I might throw in the odd triple threat or bye to even out the playing field.



Simple, be creative. Ideally you'll stray away from going to 'dark' and murky and 'deep'. In other words don't go all emo on me.


I'm not asking for deep character profiles here; I want colourful, vibrant, entertaining stuff. Stuff that people will read, enjoy and will enjoy reading when the log on. If you want to keep Ryback as a savage beast and keep him as a serious badass, then that's grand, but there's no need to write a bunch of spiel about a dark past, harsh childhood or any of that shit.


Otherwise, there's no preference in style. Each to their own, different styles are welcome and encouraged.


Remember, though I've put up a 1000 word limit, the emphasis is more on quality rather than quantity. Just because you've penned 100 more words than the other guy doesn't mean you'd be sailing through to the next round.


The whole point is this thread is for people to exercise their creative brains. As is par for the course with most UKFF tourne's or things of this nature that get organised, they don't often get finished. But even so, there should at least be scope in this thread for a good few pages of literary goodness.



Last year we opened up to 32 spots, which made things nice and even. In the event of cancellations then we'll open the entry back up on a first come, first serve basis.


If you're interested, confirm your entry by posting a picture of your most favourite wrestling storyline ever. Like this!




*Actually true. NEWM has admittedly been waiting a while for his, but he's finally had it sent to him! The next winner won't have to wait as long. I promise.




<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler


Benoit Is Innocent

Harmonic Generator

scott 2k16



Charles goodwill



Toilet Rapper






Dearly Devoted Dexter

Dirty Eddie



vince russo


Teedy Kay

Adam 619

Billy The Follower



Rule One

Up Chuck






[close spoiler]



**1st Round entries**

Harmonic Generator vs Teedy Kay


Rickfest vs RuleOne


billyhefollower vs unfitfinlay


BradyisGod22 vs Cobra1000


Dirty Eddie vs omgmarc

Hallicks vs Stunstone316


Up Chuck vs Slapnut

Scott2K16 vs Charles Goodwill


Heald vs spotlightmagnet1


vince russo vs Dexter


Callum1993 vs Sphinx


Mim vs BenoitIsInnocent


Dingbat vs Mynameis


adam619 vs Forrest


PSF vs ShortOrderCook


Tiolet Rapper vs Nexus

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