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What famous (or infamous) people went to your school?


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Peter Mullan (Film Maker), Tommy Sheridan (Politician), David O'Hara (Actor), Tommy Coyne (Footballer), Barry Douglas (Footballer) all went to my school Lourdes in Glasgow. Some of these may just be famous in Scotland, but Peter Mullan & Tommy Sheridan are big enough names to be UK wide known.

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Peter Saville, the man responsible for many of Factory Records' most iconic album covers, including these:






He might not be a 'celeb', but he's the most well know person that I am aware of having attended the same school as me.


Considering I was a keen art student at school, I was pretty pissed off when I discovered this news about ten years after I had left. Shit like this would have been super inspirational for me at the age of 16, but never once was Peter Saville mentioned during our art classes.

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