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The first wrestling video you watched/owned


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I think. Or it might have been this one:




Never had a video player at our house until 1995. They had had them when I was younger, but I pissed in one and another one got burgled so then there wasn't one until I was twelve. By then I'd already been a wrestling fan for four or five years, so I don't have that early-fandom video memory like most people. I was just getting whatever old wrestling videos my mother found in the second-hand shops.


I don't think I ever watched that world tour one all the way through. I nearly ruined my blank tape that had "Tell Me A Lie" on though, that first Christmas I had the VCR. I watched Cool Runnings and Look Who's Talking Now (both taped off the Disney channel, which was free for a month I think, or it came free when you ordered the movie channels, which my parents did at Christmas) a million times each.

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I'm pretty sure that I saw some American wrestling on at about 3am on ITV, and I think I watched a recording of Summerslam 88 before, but this was the first one I owned. Christmas present at the time and I watched it again and again.

Became an instant fan of Hogan, Savage, Brutus, Haku and loads of the tag teams from the giant 20 man opener.


Never looked back.

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