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Chris Jericho's boob job gone wrong?


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the last few years he didn't look too good, he went from failry buff when he still had his long hair to looking like some kinda "strong construction worker" build, he lost his definition and nice v shape but somewhere in there you could still see he had muscle, just like older guys who have never been to a gym in there life but got strong by doing hard physical work everyday, i used to know people like that,my dad was a construction worker as well for 30 years. with y2j his tits did indeed start to hang.


i thought he looked fantastic in his return tho, he had some serious abs going on again,didn't look as bloated and just looked great to me, then i read an interview and a videoclip of him and ddp working out and doing yrg yoga and supposedly that got him in shape again so i'm not sure if plastic surgery played a part in it ?


some people also lose some muscle mass in the pectorial region during muscle tears tho and it never comes back no matter how hard they train afterwards,it's a shame really cause some look quite buff and muscular overall and the weird chest kinda ruins a lot.


kofi does indeed have that flat spot between his pecs too, also, somewhere down the line scott steiner got a really ugly pectorial region as well, i was shocked when i noticed it in tna and than he got that silly tattoo right there ( maybe to try and camouflage the lack of muscle there ?) which made it even worse to me.

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