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Wrestlers singing, beware - awful stuff within.

Bellenda Carlisle

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Hi all, I thought this would be amusing for a Sunday evening, here's some links to Wrestlers singing, it's almost all bad across the board but fun none the less. Sorry if it's too much like a thread by that dude here who does cool threads with lots of pictures. I'm sure everyone knows most of these but thought it might be fun to have them all together.


I've only put one link for each person despite some of them having multiple songs, if you know any others I'd love to hear them, feel free to post other links to people I've already done too.


Alright, we'll start with the "professionals"





Chris Jericho as I'm sure everyone knows has always been a big rock music fan and is the front man of the fairly successful metal band Fozzy, here's one of his vids.


Fozzy- With the Fire video





John Cena went as far as to record a whole album a few years ago with his cousin, don't know how popular it was but he never did a follow up. This song is pretty awful, but commercial light Will Smith style rap isn't exactly my thing, I knew one cunt who loved this album.

John Cena -





WWE Originals


I'm sure as you all know in 2004 WWE had the brilliant idea of releasing a whole album of songs by some Superstars on the roster, it was a great idea and the result was hilariously bad, I love shit like this and I wish they'd do it again, of all the strange things WWE has done this still stands out as a great little oddity. I'm certain you all have this album but it never hurts to revisit some of the classics.


Booker T -


Los Guerreros -

This one is barely a song, no tune, no singing, fucking hell.


Kurt Angle -

This one is barely a song either but it always creases me up, Kurt's "rapping" is abysmal and the lyrics are painful, here's a good example of the lyrical content, unbelievable;


Anything you can do, I can do better

Even when I rap, I rap more better

It's like this body, when wrapped in leather

Perfection - and it gets no better

I rap like I wrestle, the envy of others

The ONLY white rapper in tune with the brothers


I love Kurt but I have no idea how he could let himself rapping those words poorly be committed to recording forever, what a good sport.


Lita -

Bless her she tries but she's fucking tone deaf, at least this one is structured like a song, and is catchy by these incredibly low standards. She's in a terrible punk band now.

Dudley Boyz -

I guess this could be worse, it's certainly not good but I think Bubba's trying quite hard.


Rey Mysterio -

Shit Sandwich


Stacy Kiebler - Why Can't we just Dance? I don't know what they were going for with this one but they didn't achieve it.


Trish Stratus -

Trish Stratus does 90s light pop RnB in 2004, 'nuff said.


Rikishi -

I definitely saved the best for last, if you don't like Rikishi doing a Barry White style soul song about putting "Ass on it" then I have nothing more to say to you.



Other stuff



K-Kwik (R-Truth) raps his own entrance music - Gettin' Rowdy


Okay, here's some WTF shit now...





Hulk Hogan released a whole album called Hulk Rules with his wife and Jimmy Hart in 1995, the whole album is Wrestlecrap gold but my favourites are Hulk Rapping about the beach in "

" and his legendary tribute to a dead English child in the stirring





The late great Randy Savage inexplicably went the Rap route in 2003 with the album "Be a man" as well as a diss song to Hulk Hogan he also did a tribute to Mr Perfect with the briliantly bad "Perfect Friend" - by all accounts he took his rapping fairly seriously even doing live shows (I'd kill to have been at one of these)





Jillian Hall had a gimmick of being a terrible singer and WWE actually went as far to release a novelty Christmas EP for download, I thought it was a really cool thing to do despite it being obviously terrible (on purpose no less). Here's


Curt Hennig and the West Texas Rednecks - I hate Rap (video) Wow, Mr Perfect wasn't perfect at everything.

Jerry Lawler -

Jerry Lawler actually release a whole album ages go called Memphis' other king, it featured a cover of Brown eyed Girl and it's terrible, I couldn't find anything from that so enjoy this bizarre Ghostbusters parody





Alright, here it is, the fucking oddest one of all, it seems terry funk released an album in Japan in 1984, all the songs on it on are fucked but this is truly one of the oddest things I've ever heard, a "Beat It" rip off complete with guitar solo, about a girl with Barbra Streisand's nose, it includes the dodgy lyric "She Liberace's smile that drives men wild" What the fuck? Also she had Herschel Walker thighs, I had to look him up on Google to see who he was, very strange person to compare a lady's thighs to.


Terry Funk -


Let me know if there are any other Wrestler singing oddities, if you didn't enjoy that here's

for you.
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This charted in the Christmas 93 charts. Think it got to number 25 or something. Fuck you Fozzy.


Hogan had a mini-boom period over here in 93/94. Jonathan Ross did a half hour interview special on his 'thriving' acting career, where Ross (a wrestling fan, probably blinded by fandom) was on his cock throughout the whole thing. Rock n Wrestling was still on a regular spot on Wednesday afternoons as well, and Thunder in Paradise found a home on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Watching Thunder in Paradise just before going to the town with my Mam and my late Nana is something that could bring tear to my eye if I had a really good think about it. Nothing ever beats watching wrestling when you weren't jaded.


Great thread. Wrestlers singing was a big part of the business.

remains the best ever song put on record. Written by Jimmy Hart as well. Hart was of his time, but when he was in his time he had his stuff down well. The Wrestling Album and Piledriver Albums were excellent entertainment. Land of 1000 Dances blinds you with the characters of the time.
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I usually hate wrestling related albums but I think ill need to go onto ebay and hunt down that Funk album.

He does a cover of Jimmy Hart's We Hate School on it as well, complete with the superb line "Up your nose with a rubber hose".
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by Sam Cooke on Jay Leno highlights that he's to good for pro wrestling. He's fucking brilliant. No wonder he's a bit of a parody of himself these days. He progressed from the "lady parts" shite. Its a much watch. Cool as fuck. No wonder everyones jealous of him. I would be/am as well. He said he plans on eventually bringing an album out, possibly a soundtrack for a biopic for some bloke The Rock's playing in the future. Hope he does.
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