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Wrestler mash-ups


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Those of a TWCF descent might remember this being quite entertaining a few years back. Can't remember who started that thread - but they in turn might have nicked it off UKFF. Anyway, it's been a while so it's high time to give it another go.


The principle is simple. Wrestler's name + other similar-sounding name. Mash 'em together and create a picture of that mash-up.


You can use Paint, or Photoshop, or whatever technology you have at your disposal. I'm using Paint, and I'm not very good at it, but it ain't about your technical skills, thankfully.


Your mashups can be obvious, like


Mark Henry VIII


(He'll split thy wig, like he did Anne Boleyn's)


or like


Alberto Del Boy-o



You could cross gender lines, and have mash-ups like


Sin Kara Tointon



You could go really tenuous, and have something like


Jack Swagger Jagger



And finally, you could just have something awesome like


Paul Bear-er




I reckon with the creative types we've got on here (the 'Draw a wrestler in Paint' threads attest to this), there are some cracking mash-ups waiting to happen. Get on it, UKFF. Don't make me a one-post loser.

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