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Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle at WM 19

Tommy Atkins

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Hart/Smith doesn't count IMO, Davey Boy was always billed simply as the British Bulldog during his solo run.

No he wasn't. He was as much the British Bulldog as Steve Austin was "Stone Cold". Davey Boy Smith was used throughout his first run. The Royal Albert Hall show where Alfred Hayes yells "DAVEY BOY, YA PULLED IT OFF AHHHHHHH THATS TREMENDOUS" sticks in my head to this day.


EDIT: Just watched the start of the Bulldog vs Hart match at SummerSlam. People talk about WrestleMania III or WrestleMania X7, but its hard to think of anyone more over than Smith on that night. The pop never seemed to stop as he walked to the ring.

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